The Bear Facts ... January 13, 2007

Good morning! I'm Brent Michael Kajewski!

And I'm Shane Patrick Koob! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", the radio show where each week we keep you up-to-date on everything that's news at Bishop Garrigan High School.

Last weekend was a great success for the Golden Bear quiz bowl team. Garrigan went up to Swea City to compete in the Cougar Invitational Tournament at North Kossuth, and they ended up having two teams among the top eight that made play-offs. The team of Joe Dailey, Ethan Dahlhauser, Shane Koob, and Joe Straub had a perfect record in the preliminary rounds, with victories over Sioux Central, North Kossuth, Clay Central Everly, and West Bend Mallard. They beat Humboldt in the opening round of playoffs to advance to the final four. They then lost to Class 4-A Ankeny and Southeast Polk to take fourth place out of forty-seven teams in the tournament.

A second Garrigan team also made playoffs. Sam Norland, Rebeccah Erdman, Brittany Berte, and Katrina Even defeated North Kossuth, Clay Central Everly, Sentral, and Armstrong Ringsted in preliminaries. They lost in the opening round of playoffs to the top-seeded team from Boyden Hull and officially finished in eighth place overall. The Bears will be in action again next weekend when they play at Eagle Grove. Congratulations to Coach David Burrow and the quiz bowl team!

It's intramural basketball time again. Numbers are down a bit this year, but it still should be a great season of competition. There are five teams vying for the top spot in 2007. Adam Finley is captain of the senior team, which also includes Chris Loebach, Tony Rouse, Chris Scobba, Joe Dailey, Dustin Tindall, Spenser Eischen, and Chris Cassmann. Their biggest competition will probably be from a junior team captained by Nick Berte. Nick's teammates include Dylan Freking, Chris Gelhaus, Kent Recker, Shane Koob, Peyton Schindler, Jake Grein, Ben Golwitzer, and D.J. Thompson.

There are two different sophomore teams. The first includes captain David Miller, plus Dan Thilges, Brian Funk, Chris Kellner, Jack Bradley, Brad Richter, Richard Forburger, and Ethan Gisch. Chris Hansen's team is a mixture of sophomores and juniors and includes Ben Hellman, Alec Boeckholt, Jacob Zittritsch, Sam Norland, Holly Byrkeland, Randy Kenyon, and Jake Lane. The final team is a group of freshmen, with Mike Mergen as their captain. Other team members are Luke McCall, Devin Tindall, Elijah Gelhaus, D.J. Belleti, Dylan Kollasch, and Ryan Wakefield.

Intramural games are played Sunday afternoons in the Garrigan gym. The regular season consists of a double round-robin, with every team playing all the others twice. The fun begins tomorrow at 12:30 and continues until after Easter. Garrigan's varsity basketball players referee intramurals. Brian Capesius is in charge of things this year. We'll keep you up to date on how intramurals are going as the season goes along.

Have you ever wondered just how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? That was a question four Garrigan students attempted to answer for their Statistics project. Logan Wood, Scott Kollasch, Chris Cassmann, and Tony Rouse presented their results this past week as part of their final exam, and now we know the answer to that age-old question. 

After doing a careful sample of thirty-two people, they found that boys take an average of 304 licks to reach the center, while girls on average take 490. They compared their results to a survey they found on the Tootsie Roll website where a mechanical tongue was used. The electric licker averaged 364 licks-right in the middle of the results we got at Garrigan. They did statistical tests on their results and found that while there was a significant difference between how hard boys and girls lick their pops, there really wasn't much of a difference between Garrigan students and the mechanical tongue. You can see pictures of the Tootsie Pop project on the Garrigan website.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Joe Dailey and Liz Erdman. Here to tell you about him is Lee Chester Brashear.

If you ask Joe Dailey, he'll tell you he's a gangsta from the O.C. in California. While he was born in Anaheim, Joe has spent most of his life in Iowa. He lives with his aunt and uncle in Algona. Joe's main sport is football, and he also enjoys intramural basketball. He went to all-state in speech last year, and he also keeps busy with choir and quiz bowl. When he graduates, he'd like to go back to California, at least for a visit. 

Liz Erdman is one of two members of the Garrigan Class of 2007 who will be graduating at semester time. While she's been involved in a number of things in high school, Liz is probably best known for her accomplishments in art. She hopes to continue using her artistic talent after high school. We wish both Liz and Joey all the best after high school.

Back to you, Brent Michael Kajewski.

Thanks, Lee! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, the math team is in action today in Iowa Falls. Then tomorrow intramural basketball begins.

Monday the freshman boys host Emmetsburg. The school board meets on Tuesday, and that night there's a basketball quad with Clarion Goldfield. The math team will be serving a spaghetti supper at the games.

We'll dismiss at 12:45 for teacher inservice on Wednesday. The health occupations group will meet that afternoon. Then on Thursday the freshman and JV basketball teams face West Bend Mallard. The boys are at home, while the girls play at West Bend.

Friday the varsity hoopsters travel to Webster City. Then on Saturday there's the district large group speech contest at Laurens and a quiz bowl tournament at Eagle Grove.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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