The Bear Facts >>> May 13, 2006

Good morning! I'm Alex Elbert!

I'm Josh Rahm!

And I'm Shane Koob! Welcome to our next-to-last episode of the "Bear Facts" for this school year. Thanks for joining us for the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

It's play-off time for spring sports. Today nearly half the school is over in Laurens competing in the district track meet. In the girls meet, the winners at each district site advance to state, and so do the top twelve times or distances statewide. The Bears have a lot of girls hoping for state bids. Individually Bridget Murphy should do well in the discus, Kelly Schmidt is looking for success in the high jump, and Abbie Bradley is looking for a place at state in the 400. Macy Fickbohm has a shot in both the 200-meter dash and the long jump, and Tami Lallier hopes to do well in both the 1500-meter and 3000-meter runs.

Garrigan's girls also hope to do well in relays. The 4 by 800 with Alison Brandenburg, Maria Kohlhaas, Allison Blocker, and Carrie Courtney and the distance medley with Kelly Schmidt, Kayla Reding, Emily Behr, and Maria Kohlhaas, both stand a good shot of qualifying for state. So does the 4 by 200 with Kelly Schmidt, Kelli Black, Macy Fickbohm, and Abbie Bradley; the sprint medley with Cindy Reding, Emily Funk, Kelli Black, and Maria Kohlhaas; and the 4 by 400 with Kelly Schmidt, Abbie Bradley, Emily Behr, and Maria Kohlhaas.

On the boys side, times don't matter; place does. It's just the top two places from each district site that advance to state. In field events, Spenser Rahm should qualify in the discus and Jeff Lappe stands a good chance in the long jump. Jeff also should do well in the 200-meter run, John Reding should run strong in the 400, Brian Capesius is hoping to qualify in the 1600, and Chris Scobba hopes to place well in the 3200.

Garrigan's relays are where the core of our team's strength lies. The 4 by 100 features John Reding, Scott Kollasch, Jeff Lappe, and Chad Meyer. In the 4 x 200, Scott Kollasch hands off to Jude Studer, followed by Jeff Lappe, with Chad Meyer anchoring the race. Jesse Studer, Jude Studer, Nate Pierson, and John Reding will be running the 4 x 400; and the 4 x 800 features Jesse Studer, Peyton Schindler, Brandon Rowley, and Brian Capesius. Garrigan also should do well in the distance medley, which includes Scott Kollasch, Chad Meyer, Nate Pierson, and Brian Capesius. Good luck at districts to all our track athletes!

It's also time for golf playoffs, with both the boys and girls teams hoping to return to state. The defending state champion Golden Bear girls include Sarah Kunkel, April Wolf, Amanda Shaw, Alyssa Gisch, Anna Bormann, Andrea Richter, and Laura O'Kane. The boys, who are the defending state runners up, include Bob Geelan, Dan Garman, Ross Froehlich, Matt Kollasch, Colby Krieps, and Jim Geelan. Good luck, golfers!

Service is always an important part of Catholic education, and almost every class and activity at Garrigan includes some opportunities for service. In addition to the service everyone does, fourteen senior girls were recently honored for going above and beyond by volunteering as part of the Christian Leadership in Action group. Monica Schiltz, Jennifer Vaske, Amanda Shaw, Jenni Miller, Alison Brandenburg, Samantha Arndorfer, Bridget Doughan, Kelly Schmidt, and Andrea Arndorfer each put in more than 100 hours of volunteer service. Denise Kohlhaas, Melissa Hilbert, Ashley Waller, and Amanda Golwitzer completed over 200 hours of service each. The top service hours in the school belong to Allison Even, who volunteered 311 hours of her time. 

This week's Senior Spotlight shines on Nancy Syharath, Hope Grein, and Melissa Hilbert. We'll all be telling you about them.

You may have seen Nancy Syharath working at Hy-Vee. This Algona native is a cheerleader, and over the years she's also been very active in band and speech. Next year she plans to attend Kirkwood, and she's hoping for a career in radiology.

Hope Grein was a basketball cheerleader. When you first meet her, she may come across as quiet, but she's really a very outgoing person. When she's not at school, she works at the Java Bean. She'll be off to NIACC in the fall, where she'll major in physical therapy.

Melissa Hilbert is best known for her many accomplishments in dance. She was also part of the flag corps, and she's involved in Christian Leadership in Action and the National Honor Society. Melissa will be at Iowa State next year. Good luck to Melissa, Hope, and Nancy!

On our Golden Bear calendar, there's district track today. Both the boys and girls are over in Laurens hoping to qualify for state. Then tomorrow at 2pm is commencement for the Class of 2006.

Monday the girls golf team plays in the district meet at West Bend. Softball practice also begins that day. The school board meets on Tuesday, and there's boys golf districts Friday at Cedar Falls.

The state track meet is next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and we're hoping to have a lot of Golden Bears down in Des Moines for the event. Friday is the last "real" day of school, with only final exams after that.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. We'll be back with one last show next week, so be sure to join us then as we look forward to summer here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

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