The Bear Facts
May 14, 2011

Good morning! I’m Amelia Golwitzer!

I’m Noelle Vitzthum!

And I’m Sydney McNertney! Welcome once again to the “Bear Facts”, the radio show where each week we keep you up to date on all the news at Bishop Garrigan High School.

Two weeks ago we told you about the student council elections at Garrigan, but we never told you the final outcome. There was no competition at all in next year’s senior class. Grant Reding and Alex Boisjolie will be the student council co-presidents for 2011-2012. Eli Marlow and Mitch Rahm are next year’s senior class co-presidents, and the class representatives will be Lizzy Hohmeister and Rachel Berte.

Amelia Golwitzer and Dustin Miller were re-elected co-presidents of the BGHS Class of 2013. The junior class representatives will be Melanie Mergen and Matthew Fakler. For the sophomores-to-be the co-presidents are Nathan Krieps and Nicole Behr; and Sydney McNertney and Neal Koob will be class representatives for the Class of 2014. Congratulations to all these student council officers!

Yesterday we held our annual Stewardship Day here at Garrigan. This year we actually had two different service days, because a week ago Wednesday we had a special day where both we and Algona High helped clean up around town. Our own Stewardship Day focuses on different projects in the school and at our area parishes. It also includes community service activities like the student council’s adopt-a-highway project.

A lot of the work for Stewardship Day focused on getting things ready for the 7th and 8th grade to move to the Garrigan building. Many changes have already taken place in preparation for the move. Art teacher Steve Brosnan and English teachers Mary McCall and Erin Miller have all moved to new classrooms. Clean-up and asbestos removal has taken place in their old classrooms, to empty them out so the middle school can take over.

Over the summer there will be major construction in the music wing. The hallway will be extended, and the current band room and teachers lounge will be completely renovated to create new storage space for all the fine arts activities. A lot of the work has already been started this spring, and it will be good to see it done when we come back in the fall.

Garrigan junior Austin Salz received a big award a week ago. Austin collaborated with Scott Haas from Algona High on a promotional video for the Algona POW Museum. The video was entered in the Skills USA competition, and took first place in the state of Iowa. Austin and Scott’s production now advances to the national Skills USA contest, which will be held in Kansas City this June.

Several Garrigan activities announced their awards and letterwinners this past week. Among them was quiz bowl, where fourteen different letters were awarded. It’s no surprise that four-year national veterans Jake Rosenmeyer and Anna Kollasch were named the 2011 quiz bowl MVPs. Other letterwinners include frshmen Levi Bernhard and Jake Hamilton; sophomores Allison Frideres, Matthew Fakler, Zach Scobba, and Dustin Miller; juniors Rachel Berte, Philip Detrick, and Craig Kohlhaas; and seniors Alex Hamilton, Michael Hellman, and Michael Fakler.

Honors were also announced for the “Bear Facts” radio show. Most of our announcers this year have been seniors, and all the “Bear Facts” letters went to seniors this year. Aimee Dahlhauser was named the Outstanding Broadcaster for 2011. Also receiving broadcasting letters were Kelsie Berke, Kristin Berte, Michael Fakler, Michael Hellman, Anna Kollasch, and Becca Molsberry.

Numerous awards were presented for speech and drama this past week as well. The top honors went to Jake Rosenmeyer, Anna Kollasch, Michael Fakler, Becky Jennings, Michael Hellman, and Zach Zittritsch. In choir Nora Krahenbuhl won the Achievement Award, Hannah Bode and Michael Hellman shared the Senior Award of Merit, Jake Rosenmeyer earned the Director’s Choice Award, Anna Kollasch won the Iowa Choral Directors Association Award, and Becky Jennings and Alex Hamilton split the National School Choral Award. In band Becky Jennings received the John Philip Sousa Award, Kayla Blocker won the Marching Band Award, Nora Krahenbuhl and Anna Kollasch shared the Director’s Award, and Zach Zittritsch and Alex Hamilton were honored for Service Above Self. Congratulations to these fine arts honorees.

The football spirit squad and danz squad recently held try-outs for next year. The varsity football cheerleaders for next fall will be Melissa Kellner, Kim Schiltz, Logan Kumm, Nicole Behr, Mariah McCall, and Jessica Springer; plus Mallory Schiltz, Savanah McNertney, McKayla Foertsch, Noelle Vitzthum, Sheridan Berte, Sara Poeppe, and Sydney McNertney. On the JV squad you’ll find Hunter Theesfeld, Anna Hohmeister, Sabrina Book, Aisha Miller, and Megan Lappe; as well as Sydney Elbert, Paige Berte, Maddie Keith, Emily Berte, and Sophia Kaduce.

The 2011-2012 danz squad will feature Kim Schiltz, Sara Poeppe, Lizzy Hohmeister, Makayla Foertsch, Sam Kollasch, and Melissa Kellner; together with Logan Kumm, Erin Reedy, Sydney McNertney, Cassidy Vitzthum, Maddie Keith, and Megan Lappe. Alternates for the danz squad are Sophia Kaduce, Sydney Elbert, and Paige Berte; and Keni Roethler will be the team manager. Congratulations to the new cheerleaders and danz squad members.

School is almost out for the year. Graduation for the class of 2011 is tomorrow. For the rest of us, there’s review on Monday and then semester tests on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is a test make-up day, and a lot of the staff will be busy that day grading tests and getting things cleaned up in advance of the middle school move.

On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there’s graduation tomorrow at 2:00. KLGA will be carrying the ceremony live. Monday is locker clean-out day, and also that day the girls golf team will be playing in districts.

Tuesday and Wednesday we’ll have semester tests. When we don’t have tests scheduled, students will have open campus. State track is next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and also on Friday is boys district golf at Spencer.

That’s the “Bear Facts” for this week. We’ll be back one more time next week to wrap up the year and preview all the summer events here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

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