March 14, 2020

Good morning! I’m Jack Snyder!

I’m Amanda Thilges!

And I’m Noah Bronk! Welcome to another special edition of the “Bear Facts”, where we’re celebrating March Madness here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

The vast majority of schools never make it to the state basketball tournament. In fact, out of 147 schools in Class 1-A, only eight made the cut to head to state. So it really is big news that this year both the Golden Bear boys and girls not only made it to state, but they advanced all the way to the championship game.

The Garrigan girls drew the #3 seed at state. Then beat Martensdale—St. Mary’s by a score of 55 – 40 in their opening round and then blew past Bellevue Marquette 69 – 37 in the state semi-finals. The Bears led through most of the state championship game, but the defending champions from Newell—Fonda came back in the fourth quarter, to edge past the Bears by a score of 65 – 63.

While that game was a heartbreaker, we’re extremely proud of our state runner-up Golden Bear girls. The whole team played well at state, and their 23 wins and conference championship makes this the Bears’ best season ever. Two Golden Bears were named to the all-tournament team at state. Freshman guard Molly Joyce was an all-tournament honoree, and freshman post Audi Crooks was named captain of the all-tournament team. Congratulations to them and to the entire Golden Bear girls basketball team!

When the girls were done, it was time for the Golden Bear boys to head down to Wells—Fargo Arena, and they also made the most of their time at state. While the #1, #3, and #5 seed were all upset in the opening round of state, and the #4 team was upset in the semi-finals, the Bears showed that they were at least as good as the #2 seed they were given. They won a hard-fought game against Springville 55 – 52 in the opening round, and then in the semi-finals they handily beat West Fork 66 – 52 to advance to the state championship game.

We had to record this week’s “Bear Facts” before the Bears took on Wapsie Valley in the state final match-up. Garrigan’s athletes were confident going into that game, though, and we know that—as they do in every game—they played hard from beginning to end and gave it everything they had. The state championship game is a fitting conclusion to the best basketball team in Golden Bear history.

Because of the state championship the final performance of the spring play has been postponed until tomorrow afternoon. “Runaways” tells the story of young people in need and the people who try to help them. The cast includes seniors Bailey Kollasch, Jordan Hansen, Amanda Miller, and Jenna Heinen; plus juniors Joe Trainer, Jack Snyder, Noah Bronk, Ava Bartolo, Kelle Bormann, Derrick Krisch, and Reese Rosenmeyer.

Younger cast members include Riley Rosenmeyer, Savannah Waechter, Meredith Tigges, Drew Casey, Isabel Casey, Nate Bronk, Mya Kemna, Marguerite Fakler, and Ava Eisenbarth. Your last chance to see “Runaways” is tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. Be sure to head out to Friedmann Auditorium for the Garrigan spring play.

Today Garrigan has fourteen entries at the state individual speech contest, which is being held at Kuemper High School in Carroll. While all the basketball games have kept us from getting as much practice as we should, we’re hoping some of the entries will still end up doing well.

Just a few minutes from now Joe Trainer will perform in Solo Musical Theatre. Later this morning Abbi Heying will present a Literary Program, Jack Snyder will perform in Radio News Announcing, Jenna Heinen will present a Prose selection, and Noah Bronk will compete in Improvisation. In the early afternoon Marguerite Fakler performs an Acting piece, Riley Rosenmeyer competes in Spontaneous Speaking, Jordan Hansen will present her Literary Program, and both Meredith Illg and Marguerite Fakler will compete in Poetry.

Later in the afternoon Abbi Heying presents a Reviewing selection, Savannah Waechter competes in prose, and Ava Eisenbarth is entered in both Prose and Literary Program. Best wishes to everyone entered at state speech. Break a leg, everybody!

Fifty-three members of the Bishop Garrigan band and choir were scheduled to leave on a week-long trip to New York City tomorrow night. When we recorded this week’s show on Thursday things were still up in the air with that trip, because of issues caused by the coronavirus outbreak. We hope things are able to go on as scheduled, because it sounds like a fun and worthwhile trip.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Emma Hamilton. Emma is one of many seniors who comes to Garrigan from the Bancroft area. She has been part of the Golden Bear girls basketball team. Away from school, she’s also helped out with Bear Care at Seton. Emma plans to attend college next fall, and we wish her all the best in the future.

On this week’s Golden Bear calendar, there’s state individual speech contest today at Carroll Kuemper. Tomorrow at 1pm we’ll have the final performance of the spring play, “Runaways”. Then on Monday golf practice begins, and that night there’s the preschool concert at Garrigan.

There’s parish busing at Garrigan next Wednesday, because we have school that day, but the Algona Community Schools are not in session. Then on Thursday the school board meets.

That’s the “Bear Facts” for another busy week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to catch the show again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.