SEPTEMBER 15, 2001

Good morning! I'm Rebecca McGuire!

I'm Andrea Schiltz.

And I'm Steven Kellner! Welcome to another episode of the "Bear Facts", the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Like all Americans, we at Garrigan were shocked and truly saddened by the tragic events that took place this past week. Both students and teachers spent most of the day Tuesday just staring at TVs in their classrooms. We all felt numb; it was hard to believe that what we saw was really happening. It's a truly unthinkable tragedy, and our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims and the survivors-as well as with their families. We pray that God may help us to find some kind of sense amid this senseless terrorism.

One special concern for us at Garrigan was that former BGHS English teacher Amanda Stewart was in New York at the time the hijacked planes hit the World Trade Center. She was scheduled to have surgery that morning at a Manhattan hospital. We were certainly glad to hear word that Mrs. Stewart was okay. Her surgery was postponed, but she and her husband had a shocking, close-up view of the horrible devastation. 

As sad as the news this week was, even our President reminded us that life must go on in America. High school sports continued their regular schedules, and the Golden Bear cross-country team had another good week. Last Wednesday at Clear Lake the Bears finished in fifth place overall. Matt Studer and Jeff Hellman both medalled-finishing in 8th and 9th places overall. Matt also medalled at the first-ever CYO cross-country meet last Saturday at Holstein.

Next week will be Homecoming at Garrigan. This year's Homecoming theme is "Garrigan's Animated Party", which is a celebration of the world of cartoons. Tomorrow we'll be putting up hallway decorations around the school. The seniors will be decorating the gym lobby, while the juniors will spruce up the main lobby. The sophomore decorations will be in the science hallway, and the freshman will decorate the English hallway.

 Tuesday night we'll build floats for the Homecoming parade. The freshman will build their float at Buscher Brothers Implement, with the sophomores at Algona Marine and Sport. The junior float site is Reding's Gravel, and the seniors are at Ernie Williams. Something different this year is that the parade will be next THURSDAY afternoon, rather than Friday. We'll be parading down State Street in Algona on Thursday at 4pm.

Thursday night we'll have the traditional Homecoming coronation. This year's queen candidates are Ashley Arndorfer, Allison Courtney, Stephanie Hilbert, Jamie Loebig, and Monica Studer. The king candidates for Homecoming, 2001 are Joe Bartolo, Luke DeWaard, Andy Kardoes, Andy Meyer, and Nolan Thilges. We'll fill you in on the winners and tell you more about Homecoming on later "Bear Facts" shows.

Last week the cast was announced for Garrigan's fall musical Fiddler on the Roof. Jeff Hellman, Rebecca McGuire, Amber Golwitzer, Keshar Nadkarni, and Janel Richter will be among the stars in this year's play. Other cast members include Kim Frideres, Rose Mayer, Autumn Thompson, Steven Kellner, Mandy Rahm, and Bob Brandenburg; as well as David Murphy, Josh Broesder, Chris Kohlhaas, John Kohlhaas, Jacob Richter, Zac Lickteig, Amanda Wolf, and Rosalind Kirsch. Rounding out the cast are Matt Courtney, Eric Cassman, Mike Loebach, Chris Buscher, Andrea Schiltz, and Cathy Hellman. Good luck to everyone involved in Fiddler on the Roof.

This week's Senior Spotlight shines on Kyle Wieland and Adam Cink. You probably know Kyle best as a starter on the Golden Bear football team. Kyle is also active in track and intramural basketball. He enjoys lifting weights and spending time with friends. Kyle plans to attend college next year, and we wish him all the best.

Adam Cink loves to golf and hunt. At school he enjoys art classes, and away from Garrigan you might see him working at the Algona Theatre. He also plans to go to college next year. Good luck to both Adam and Kyle!

On this week's Golden Bear calendar, there's JV volleyball this morning at Algona High. Tomorrow the cheerleaders will be sponsoring a Belgian waffle breakfast from 8 to 12:30 at the Rochleau Center.

Also tomorrow we'll be decorating for Homecoming. Monday is "Cartoon Day" for Homecoming, and that night there's JV football with St. Edmond, cross-country at Humboldt, and volleyball with the Bears facing Clarion/Goldfield.

Tuesday will be "Nerd Day", with freshman football that night at Garner. Then next Wednesday we'll have "Twins Day" the volleyball team plays at Iowa Falls.

Thursday is the big day for Homecoming. It's "Black and Gold Day". We'll start off with a special skit assembly at 8:30am. Then at 10am there's mass, followed by the awards assembly for the calendar drive. We'll have a special pork barbecue lunch, with an early dismissal at 1pm.

The Homecoming parade will be at 4pm, with the coronation and pep rally at 7:30 Thursday night. There's no school at Garrigan or Seton next Friday, and that night we'll have the big Homecoming game, as the Bears face Rockwell City/Lytton.

As we conclude this week's show we'd again like to express our concern for everyone who was affected by last week's violence. We at Garrigan will continue to offer our prayers for all those who suffer and mourn, and for our whole country, in this time of national tragedy.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for listening, and be sure to join us again to hear all the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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