The Bear Facts
September 16, 2013

Good morning! I’m Cassidy Vitzthum!

And I’m Zac Kibby! Thanks for joining us for a special edition of the “Bear Facts”, where we’re celebrating Homecoming 2013 here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

Our Homecoming theme for 2013 is “Around the World”. As always we’ll have special dress days for Homecoming, and we’ll begin the week by celebrating the international theme with Around the World Day on Monday. Tuesday will be Opposite Day. Then Wednesday we’ll have Class Color Day—with the seniors in black, the juniors in white, the sophomores in yellow, and the freshmen in orange.

Thursday we’ll come home from our worldwide trip with America Day. Then Friday we’ll have Support Your Sport Day, with people dressing up to support the activities they’re in or their favorite Garrigan sports. It should be a fun week, with lots of crazy clothes on display in the hallways.

We’ll have our Homecoming coronation on Wednesday night. This year’s Homecoming queen candidates are Aisha Miller, Mariah McCall, Anna Hohmeister, Kristin Condoleon, and Nicole Behr. The candidates for Homecoming King are Corey Weydert, Chris Loss, Brayton Loss, Conger Langerman, and Neal Koob.

A fairly recent Homecoming tradition is that each year our royalty make a visit to nursing home residents. Monday afternoon they’ll be going to the Good Samaritan Center to meet with the residents. It’s a good way to spread our celebration into the community.

For a decade now one of the biggest parts of Homecoming has been the annual Battle of the Classes. Next Wednesday all four classes will compete in a wide range of activity. We’ll play kickball, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, home run derby, Twister, ping pong, trivia, and dodgeball. There’s also pie eating and hot dog eating competitions, a Gatorade chug, an egg toss, tug-of-war, and the traditional powder puff football game.

Most of the other special events for Homecoming week are on Friday. We’ll have our traditional Homecoming mass Friday morning at 8:40, and that afternoon the classes will present skits and have a dance-off. At 2pm on Friday we’ll hold our Homecoming parade on State Street in downtown Algona, ending with a pep rally on the court house lawn. Then after the game Friday night there’s the traditional Homecoming dance.

There are a few changes to Homecoming this year. One of the biggest is that we’re not going to be building floats. Student council discussed this, and the consensus was that they were a waste of time and money. Instead each class is making a banner that members of that class will march behind in the parade.

Another change actually revives a long-forgotten tradition. Decades ago there used to be a bonfire at Homecoming, that was even before most of our parents were in school. We’re bringing that tradition back, though on a smaller scale. It will actually be more like a campfire than a bonfire, and we’re holding it after the coronation and pep rally Wednesday night.

You can find out about Homecoming and everything else at Garrigan by checking out our school website— Garrigan was one of the first schools in America to go online, and our website is now eighteen years old. Our philosophy has always been that the website should be created by students and for students, parents, and friends of the school. This year Brayton Loss and Tyler Schnurr are helping to maintain the website as part of Mr. Burrow’s Specialized Technology Topics class. Be sure to see their work online at
Our Senior Spotlight for Homecoming Week shines on Neal Koob. Neal is a three-sport athlete. He’s lettered in basketball and track, but his favorite sport is football. He won all-state honors in speech for musical theatre, and he’s active in Christian Leadership in Action. Away from school he works at Premier Pizza, he’s on the Blue Zones committee, and he helped to train the Algona police dog. Neal plans a career in criminal justice, and he’d like to be a K9 officer in the future. Good luck, Neal!

On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there’s CYO cross-country today. The action starts in Holstein about fifteen minutes from now. Also this morning the volleyball team plays at Emmetsburg.

Monday there’s cross-country at Emmetsburg. The freshman football team will be playing at Mason City Newman that night. Tuesday we’ll vote for Homecoming royalty, and that night the volleyball team travels to Iowa Falls.

Wednesday we’ll have our battle of the classes, with games all morning long. We’ll dismiss early on Wednesday for teacher inservice. The coronation starts at 7pm on Wednesday, followed by a bonfire.

Thursday night the volleyball team plays at Algona High. Friday morning we’ll have our Homecoming mass, with skits and the dance-off after lunch. The Homecoming parade starts at 2pm.

Friday afternoon the cheerleaders will host their annual cheer clinic for girls from Seton. Friday night the football team hosts AGWSR or Ackley Geneva Wellsburg Steamboat Rock. The dance will start after the game.

That’s the “Bear Facts” for Homecoming week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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