The Bear Facts
December 15, 2018


Good morning! I’m Abbi Heying!

I’m Gabe Trainer!

And I’m Laurel Degen! Thanks for joining us for the “Bear Facts”, the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Yesterday was a busy day at Garrigan. The whole school spent time packaging macaroni and cheese meals that will provide nourishment for needy people. Students worked five shifts and bagged around 20,000 meals. The food will go to projects served by Franciscan sisters in Okolona and Morton, Mississippi, one of the poorest regions of America.

Later this winter ten Garrigan students will be making a trip down to Mississippi to help out at the missions where our meals are being sent. Students making the trip include seniors Emma Thul, Laurel Degen, Eric Thul, Billy Erpelding, Caroline Bradley, Lauren Kenyon, Sam Vaske, and Bryce Garman; and juniors Jordan Hansen and Lucas Hough. Religion teacher Jake Rosenmeyer, who has worked closely with the Franciscan sisters, will be accompanying the group to Mississippi.

This past week the quiz bowl team got the results back from the online 3—2—1 contest that they competed in shortly after Thanksgiving. Logan Heying, Hollis Bode, Xander Darling, Aric Laubenthal, Abbi Heying, and Sami Darling competed in the event. Their score of 274 placed Garrigan right in the middle of schools around the country. They were #4 in Iowa, behind Iowa City West, Davenport Central, and Carlisle.

There’s more quiz bowl action today. Alex Mammen, Bryce Capesius, Jenna Heinen, Sami Darling, Aric Laubenthal, Amanda Thilges, and Noah Bronk are up in Spirit Lake for a tournament that was postponed by snow two weeks ago. The Bears will have both varsity and JV teams competing, and we wish them all the best of luck.

Speech season is here. Head coach Jake Rosenmeyer is putting the final touches on the casts for large-group events. Among the events Garrigan students will be performing in this year are a dramatic one-act called “The Girl in the Mirror” and a fun choral reading called “The World of Animals”.

Students in large group speech include seniors Laurel Degen, Aidan Koob, Sam Vaske, Emma Thul, Caroline Bradley, Megan Bronk, Lauren Kenyon, Madison Illg, Logan Heying, and Ashlyn Harrington. Juniors out for speech are Jordan Hansen, Amanda Miller, Katie Noonan, Cade Winkel, Maddie Meister, Jenna Heynen, and Bailey Kollasch.

Sophomores in speech include Joey Trainer, Reese Rosenmeyer, Amanda Thilges, Anna Berke, Kelle Bormann, Noah Bronk, Bailey Meister, Joseph Meis, Emily Lappe, Grace DeLange, Tara Kron, Abbi Heying, and Gracie Elsbecker. There’s also a big group of freshmen in speech, including Molly Bormann, Maryanne Capesius, Meredith Tigges, Riley Rosenmeyer, Ella Muller, Isabel Casey, Katelyn Cink, Lillee Deike, Ava Eisenbarth, Allison Kramer, Mya Kemna, Meredith Illg, Emma Grandgenett, Marguerite Fakler, and Lexi Galligan. Best wishes, speech!

The Golden Bear basketball teams have a very busy stretch between now and Christmas. Next week they’ve got three games, all on the road. The Bears play Forest City on Monday, North Iowa on Tuesday, and Algona High on Friday. On the girls team sophomore Kaylyn Meyers is now back from injury and should be helping out the team. She’ll be assisting the core juniors like Katie Noonan, Emma Fogarty, and Maddie and Mackenzie Meister.

The boys team has had some slow starts in some games, but they’ve pulled it off and advanced to a 5 – 1 record so far this season. Senior T.J. Schnurr and sophomore Angelo Winkel have been the top scorers for the Bears, but ball-handling skills from John Joyce and Brad Capesius have also been important; and Tristan Furgeson, John Capesius, and Andrew Arndorfer have contributed both baskets and rebounds. Good luck in the upcoming games, Golden Bear basketball!

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Aidan Koob. Here to tell you about him is Reese Rosemeyer.

If you listen to the “Bear Facts” regularly, you’ve probably heard Aidan Koob reading the senior spotlight many weeks. Aidan is an Algona native who tied the season record for quarterback sacks in football this past year. He was also part of the championship team at the Garrigan quiz bowl tournament in October. Aidan’s other activities include track, choir, drama, and speech. He’ll be off to college next year, and we wish him all the best in the future.

Thanks, Reese. On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there’s quiz bowl today in Spirit Lake. Tomorrow is the Third Sunday of Advent, and we’ll have a prayer service at school Monday morning.

Monday night there’s a basketball quad at Forest City, and Tuesday the Bears travel to Buffalo Center for a quad with North Iowa. Then Wednesday morning we’ll have our last student mass before Christmas.

The Christmas vocal concert will be Wednesday night at St. Cecelia’s. Both junior high and high school choir students will participate. The school board meets on Thursday afternoon.

We’ll have out of uniform days both Thursday and Friday. One is to support the St. Jeanne de Chantal parish in Haiti, and the other is a joint fundraiser with Algona High to fight cancer.

We’ll get out early Friday afternoon to start Christmas vacation. That night the Bears will be at Algona High for the annual pre-Christmas cross-town classic.

That’s the “Bear Facts” for this week. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to catch our special Christmas show next week, as we get ready for the holidays at Bishop Garrigan High School.