The Bear Facts ... April 16, 2005

Good morning! I'm Anthony McGuire!

And I'm Theresa Reising!

And I'm Matt Courntey! Welcome to another exciting episode of the "Bear Facts", the show where each week we bring you all the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Today a large number of Garrigan students are over in Britt for the state solo and small ensemble music contest. Already this morning Amanda Thompson, Nancy Syharath, Rachel Byrkeland, and Kelly Schmidt performed a clarinet quartet; Emily Reising sang a vocal solo; and Kandice Reothler and JoAnn Kirsch presented a horn duet. In just a few minutes Renee Taphorn has a vocal solo and Garry Brosnan, Jude Studer, Alicia Miller, and Sheri Kenyon will perform a trumpet quartet. Then Bridget Doughan sings a song and Amanda Golwitzer has a trumpet solo.

Later this morning Maria and Krissy Kohlhaas join Amanda golwitzer for a trumpet trio; Samantha Kirsch has a clarinet solo; Gavin Freking, Tim Lind, and Spenser Rahm perform a trumpet trio; and Krissy Kohlhaas sings a vocal solo. Then Samantha Kirsch, Brittany Pfeffer, Amanda Cruise and Anna Bormann have a clarinet quartet; five freshmen are in a clarinet ensemble; Chris Kirsch and Brandon Rowley sing vocal solos; Jacob Hellman has a trombone solo; and Jacob Richter solos on baritone. Then this afternoon Allison Even, Liz Erdman, Amber Broesder, and Tony Rouse are in a saxophone ensemble; Dylan Freking has a trombone solo; and there will be vocal solos from Sadie Foertsch, Alyssa Berte, Jacob Richter, Samantha Arndorfer, Jacob Hellman, Ashli Krieps, and Casey Arndorfer.

The accompanists are an important part of contest. Accompanying the performers today are Tara Trenary, Ashley Waller, Alicia Miller, and Samantha Arndorfer. Good luck at contest to music directors Dennis Freking and Denis Greenfield and to all the BGHS music students.

Last Tuesday ten Garrigan students went down to Humboldt for the annual North Central Conference art show. The students looked at some of the best art from schools all over the area and saw presentations from professional artists. The judges were from the Amana Colonies, and they selected Chad Meyer's glass etching table on a wood and steel frame as the best entry from Garrigan. Congratulations to Chad and to all the Garrigan art students who were honored.

Next Wednesday we'll have our annual Stewardship Day at BGHS. Once a year we take some time to do a variety of service projects that help out in the school and community. Different groups of students work to complete a variety of tasks. Many involve clean-up chores--around Garrigan, in parish churches, and on area highways. There are also some construction projects and things like getting the baseball and softball fields ready for the upcoming season. All in all, it's a nice break from the normal routine, and it also gets everyone involved in helping out.

This summer twenty-one Garrigan students will be heading for sunny Spain. They'll be joining a handful of students from Twin River Valley on a trip that includes Madrid and Barcelona, as well as the island of Mallorca. Spanish teacher Linda Peterson will be overseeing things, and everyone is expecting to have a really fun trip.

Graduation is just around the corner. Just one month from now the smallest class in Garrigan history will walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. The Class of 2005 chose pink and black as their class colors and the pink rose as their class flower. The class motto is "Behind us are memories; beside us are friends; before us are dreams that will never end." The senior honor students recently met to choose the graduation speaker. This year Matt Courtney will be delivering the commencement address. We'll tell you more about graduation as the event draws closer.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Tim Richter. Here to tell you about him is Chris Reinhart.

Tim Richter is a member of the Golden Bear golf team who sacrificed a tooth to the golf course recently. In summer he keeps busy playing baseball. When he's not at school or snacking, he works three different jobs--at the Bancroft Food Center, at Aluma, and operating a tanning bed. Tim will be a college man next fall, and we wish him all the best.

Thanks, Rhino. On our Golden Bear calendar this week there's the state solo and ensemble contest in Britt today. Then tomorrow is a World Day of Prayer for vocations.

Monday the boys golf team plays at Mallard, the girls golf team plays at West Bend, and the girls track team runs at Armstrong. Then on Tuesday there's girls track at Garner and the golf teams take on Clear Lake.

Wednesday is Stewardship Day. That afternoon the quiz bowl team will compete in the Knowledge Master. Then next Friday there's boys golf here, girls golf in Fort Dodge, girls track in Estherville, and boys track at Pocahontas.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for listening, and be sure to join us again for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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