The Bear Facts ... December 16, 2006

Good morning, Garrigan High! I'm Andrew Elbert!

I'm Chase Reding!

And I'm David Frideres! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts". Thanks for joining us to hear the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Last Saturday twenty-three members of the Golden Bear math team went down to Ames to compete in one of the largest Great Plains Math League competitions around. While math competitions are theoretically classed, the "small" school division includes any high school with less than 1,000 students. That makes it especially impressive that both Garrigan's varsity and JV teams ended up in second place overall at the tournament.

Math tournaments consist of several rounds of competition. In the sprint round, each competitor individually takes a long, hard test. In the target round they focus on four lengthy, involved problems. The team round lets three students work together to solve problems, while in the relay round each team member's answer is used to help the next person get their answer. The varsity team of Dylan Freking, Maria Kohlhaas, and Tony Rouse was third in the team round and second in the relay round, tied with another Garrigan team made up of Kirssy Kohlhaas, Melanie Myers, and Kent Recker. Maria and Tony qualified for state with their target round scores, and Tony also qualified by placing well in the sprint round.

Among JV competitors, Chris Hansen, Christopher Schmidt, and Joe Straub finished second in the team round. Also earning awards wedre sophomores Danielle Rahm and Kelly Rouse, and freshmen Luke McCall, Cassie Reising, Brittany Bewrte, and Nick Kellner. Congratulations to Coach Daryl Kohlhaas and everyone involved in math team.

Also last weekend a small team from BGHS competed in the first-ever South O'Brien Invitational Quiz Bowl Tournament. Three students-Ethan Dahlhauser, Jacob Zittritsch, and Brent Kajewski-represented Garrigan at the tournament. They finished with a 2 - 2 record, including a big win over the host team. Quiz bowl is in action again today. Ethan, Jacob, and Brent will be joined by Melissa Cruise, Ben Golwitzer, and Jacob Lane as they compete at the Aplington-Parkersburg tournament. Good luck to them!

This weekend the BGHS music and drama departments is presenting their biannual madrigal. The madrigal dinner is at 6:30 tonight, and brunch will be served at noon tomorrow. The madrigal royal court includes Queen Emily Reising and King Shane Koob, together with A.J. Lane, JoAnn Kirsch, Amanda Cruise, Megan Boever, and Krissy Kohlhaas. Other members of the court are Casey Arndrofer, Becca Kramer, Ashli Krieps, Kendra Plathe, Alec Boeckholt, Rebecca Brosnan, Chris Hansen, Ben Hellman, and Sam Norland. The madrigal also includes a short play called "The Sorry Tellers", which features Garrison Brosnan, Rachel Byrkeland, Chris Loebach, Dylan Freking, Brent Kajewski, and Michelle Kollasch; as well as Brittany Stone, Holly Byrkeland, Chris Kellner, Meghan Mayer, Jenna Richter, Brittany Berte, Rebeccah Erdman, and Cassie Reising. Best wishes to the whole madrigal cast! Break a leg, everybody!

The Golden Bear boys basketball team has gotten off to a slow start this season, but they're hoping to get a streak going with three big games next week. The Bears play Sentral Monday, Humboldt on Tuesday, and Algona High next Friday. Returning seniors on this year's team include Logan Wood, Chris Cassmann, Brian Capesius, Nick Reding, Scott Kollasch, Josh Rahm, and Alex Elbert. The varsity squad also includes 6'6" A.J. Doughan and fellow juniors Colby Krieps, Lee Brashear, John Parrish, Chase Reding, and Andrew Elbert. Good luck to Coach Roger Froehlich and the Bears!

The Golden Bear girls have gotten off to a great start this year, winning all but one of their first six games. Senior veterans on the girls team this year include Maria Kohlhaas, Kelli Black, Alyssa Gisch, Alicia Miller, and Brittany Pfeffer. They are joined by juniors Macy Fickbohm, Carrie Courtney, Bridget Murphy, Melissa Cruise, and Rachel Salz; and sophomores Megan Hilbert, Allison Blocker, and Mandy Kohlhaas. We hope their success continues all through the season. Good luck to Coach Ron Patterson and the Bears!

The JV basketball teams are also important. In addition to those who suit varsity, the JV girls squad includes sophomores Jesie Rosenmeyer, Kali Smith, Shanna Miller, Kelly Rouse; plus Brandie Roethler, Ashley Beisch, Katie Molacek, Maleri Bollig, and Desiree Jorgensen. The JV boys include Kyle Smith, Brett Capesius, Jimmy Geelan, Brian Patterson, and Matt Elbert; as well as Christopher Schmidt, Brandon Doughan, Kory Wieland, and Joe Straub. Good luck to Coaches Beany Bode and Fr. Randy Schon and the JV teams!

They're back!!!!! InPulse, a vocal band from the Twin Cities that does all its music, including instrumental and percussion effects entirely with their voices, is coming back to Garrigan for another Christmas concert. They'll be performing in Friedmann Auditorium next Wednesday, December 20. Tickets are available from any Garrigan music student, and they cost just $8 in advance or $10 at the door. There was a big crowd last year, so be sure to get your tickets early.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Abbie Bradley. Here to tell you about her is our own Andrew Elbert.

Abbie Bradley is one of two seniors who will be graduating from Garrigan at the end of the first semester. She's an Algona native who has been involved in a wide variety of activities over the years-including sports, quiz bowl, speech, and music. Abbie has already taken some college classes, which will give her a head start when she attends Kirkwood Community College starting next month. We wish Abbie all the best in the future.

Thanks, Andrew! On our Golden Bear calendar today there's quiz bowl in Parkersburg. Then tonight we'll have the madrigal dinner. Tomorrow is the third Sunday of Advent, and we'll have a madrigal brunch at noon.

Monday we'll have an Advent prayer service. That night the varsity boys will host Sentral and the freshman basketball players travel to Estherville.

Tuesday we'll have a prayer service on the symbolism of Christmas traditions. There will be state nurse's aide testing that day, and at night we'll have a basketball quad, with the Bears hosting Humboldt.

Wednesday the Christian Leadership group will take kindergarten prep students to the nativity scene in the morning, and in the afternoon they'll be delivering fruit baskets. That night the InPulse will present their Christmas concert.

Thursday morning we'll have our Christmas mass at St. Cecelia's. The madrigal group will be caroling that night.

We'll dismiss early next Friday. The Bears face Algona High that night. The JV games are across town and the varsity here at Garrigan. The BGHS softball team will serve an Italian supper at the games.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. We'll be back next weekend with a special Christmas show. Be sure to join us then for all the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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