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January 16, 2010

Good morning! I'm Anna Kollasch!

And I'm Jake Rosenmeyer! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

We aired our first "Bear Facts" of the new year last week, even though we only had two and a half days of school due to the blizzard. This was one of the worst storms we've had in a while, and all the area schools were shut down. It may sound weird to say it, but just about everybody-students and teachers alike-was glad to be back at school last Monday and to have things more or less normal this week.

Whenever there's a snowstorm administrators from Garrigan and Algona always go out driving to check on area road conditions. Last week there really wasn't any question as to what decision they'd make, but sometimes there is. They almost always try to go on the side of caution, particularly because there are Garrigan students who drive as much as thirty miles to get to school each day. So far we've had four snow days this winter, which has lengthened the calendar to May 24. There are still four more possible make-up days before Memorial Day, though.

The blizzard brought chaos to our activity calendar. On last week's show we talked about a quiz bowl tournament over at Sioux Central, and that was one of numerous events that was postponed due to the storm. The event was re-scheduled for this morning, and the quiz bowl team is over in Sioux Rapids today. We wish them good luck as they compete.

Another event that was postponed by the blizzard was a math team competition. The math team was supposed to compete at Iowa Falls last Saturday, but their meet was also re-scheduled for today. Five students are making the trip for the competition. They include Alex Hamilton, Jeff Broesder, Allison Frideres, Austin Salz, and Jenny Broesder. Good luck, math team!

Try-outs were held this past week for the BGHS spring play. This year the drama department will be presenting Sabrina Fair. Rosalind Gomez and Anne Studer are directing the play, and showtime will be at 7pm on March 26 and 27. Mark your calendar, and be sure to see Sabrina Fair.

Twelve Garrigan students were selected to perform at the Sioux City Diocese Honor Band this coming Wednesday. Rebeccah Erdman, Grace Steil, Kayla Blocker, Rachel Molsberry, Beth Broesder, and Becky Jennings will be part of the group, as will Shawn Vaske, Michael Hellman, Alex Hamilton, Jeff Broesder, Austin Salz, and Nora Krahenbuhl. They'll be traveling to Buena Vista University in Storm Lake next Wednesday for the honor band.

Intramural basketball began last week, with two lop-sided games. Travis Cruise and Jake Rosenmeyer's team beat Sarah Matthews and Ashley Bode's team by a score of 53 - 21. In the late game, Mitch Rahm's team defeated Shawn Vaske's team 60 - 25. Mitch Rahm was the player of the week, racking up 21 points in his first game of the week. Intramurals continue tomorrow, with two more exciting games starting at 12:30pm.

Second semester starts next week, and for a lot of seniors that means open campus. During the second semester seniors who qualify are given the right to be in school only when they have classes. Some sleep in late, and others get an early start at activity practices or at the jobs they work at. It helps them make a transition into the sort of schedule they will have in college.

Something else that's very popular for both juniors and seniors in second semester is college-credit classes. Thanks to arrangements with Iowa Lakes Community College, Garrigan offers many opportunities for students to get college credit while they are still in high school. Some of the classes-like Mr. Burrow's Statistics, Fr. Schon's Psychology, and Mr. Kohlhaas' Math for Liberal Arts classes-can be taken right here at Garrigan, and in recent years some Algona High students have even been coming over to Garrigan for the college credit classes.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Beth Broesder and Katrina Even. Here with the details on them is Michael Hellman.

Beth Broesder is a Burt native who is keeps busy all year round. Her many activities include band, cheerleading, speech, and softball. She's on the 4-H county council, and she enjoys baton and running. Beth will be off to college next year, and we wish her all the best in the future.

You've almost certainly heard Katrina Even announcing here on the "Bear Facts". She keeps busy with both high school and college classes, she holds down two jobs, and she enjoys running for fun and exercise. She will also be continuing her education at college next year. Good luck to both Katrina and Beth!

Thanks, Michael! On our Golden Bear calendar today there's quiz bowl at Sioux Central and math team at Iowa Falls-both of which were re-scheduled from last weekend. Tomorrow intramural basketball continues.

The semester was extended one extra day due to the blizzard, so Monday we'll be finishing up semester tests. That night the varsity basketball teams host Hampton-Dumont.

Second semester starts on Tuesday. There are shortened classes that day, and we'll be seeing a special performance at St. Cecelia's in the afternoon. Tuesday night the basketball teams host Humboldt, and the National Honor Society will serve a chili supper at the games.

Wednesday is a short day because of inservice in the afternoon. The diocesan honor band will be in Storm Lake that day. Thursday morning we'll have mass, and the freshman baskertball teams host St. Ed's that night.

Next Friday the basketball teams travel to Eagle Grove. Then on Saturday there's district large group speech at Spencer.

Finally this week we want to extend our sincere sympathy to the family of Rose Ferjak, the mother of band director Ken Ferjak. Mrs. Ferjak died this past week, and we want her family to know our thoughts and prayers are with them.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for listening, and be sure to join us again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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