January 16, 2021

: Good morning! I’m Joseph Trainer!

: I’m Jack Snyder!

: And I’m Meredith Tigges! Thanks for tuning in to the “Bear Facts”, the weekly radio update from Bishop Garrigan High School.

: There was more good news last week for the Golden Bear danz squad. After winning both individual and group state championships, we learned this past week that six Garrigan dancers had been selected for the All-Iowa Honor Dance Team. The girls representing Garrigan are Cora Ricke, Grace DeLange, Halle Menke, Lillee Deike, Riley Rosenmeyer, and Meredith Illg.

: All-Iowa is the biggest honor there is for dancers in our state. The girls will head down to Des Moines in March, where they’ll prepare a special routine together with other top dancers from around the state. They’ll be performing at the boys’ state basketball tournament. Congratulations, all-Iowa dancers!

: One of the busiest groups at Garrigan right now is the Golden Bear speech team. Like so many other things this year, district speech contest will be virtual. Students are preparing events ahead of time, and they will be judged remotely next weekend.

: This year Garrigan will be performing a choral reading presentation of Dr. Seuss’ “Oh! The Places You’ll Go” that features Lexi Galligan, Annie Burns, Isabel Casey, Veronica Capesius, and Lillee Deike; as well as Maryanne Capesius, Ella Muller, Molly Bormann, Mya Kemna, and Ella Nelson.

: In Readers’ Theatre, we will be presenting “Wait ‘Til the Sun Shines, Nellie”. The melodrama stars Joey Trainer as the hero, Jack Snyder as the villain, and Katelyn Cink as the heroine. Other cast members are Meredith Tigges, Emma Grandgenett, Annie Burns, Tara Kron, and Violet Bode; plus Emily Lappe, Sam Plathe, Ella Nelson, Ella Muller, and Riley Rosenmeyer.

: There are two Ensemble Acting presentations. Anna Berke, Riley Rosenmeyer, Gracie Elsbecker, Reese Rosenmeyer, and Bailey Meister star in “The Mouse and the Raven”, while “The Eskimos Have Landed” features Ava Eisenbarth, Abbi Heying, Kelle Bormann, Eva Snyder, and Meredith Illg.

: In Musical Theatre Meredith Tigges and Joey Trainer will perform “This World Will Remember Us” from Bonnie and Clyde, and Jack Snyder, Kelle Bormann, and Marguerite Fakler are presenting “It’s Been a Long Day” from How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. Finally there’s a Group Improvisation entry with Sam Plathe, Mya Kemna, Benjy Trainer, and Brendan Plathe. Best wishes to Coaches David Burrow and Renetta Seiler and all the speech team!

: COVID restrictions have changed repeatedly throughout basketball season. One of the improvements is that we now have a full slate of cheerleaders at basketball games. This year’s Golden Bear spirit squad features Emma Bacha, Zoey Von Bank, Eva Snyder, Ella Schaaf, and Avery Berte; as well as Violet Bode, Kiana Book, Riley Rosenmeyer, Ella Nelson, and Ellie Rosenmeyer.

: Also out for cheerleading this winter are Avery Lichter, Katelyn Cink, Alaina Casey, Meredith Illg, and Ava Kemna; plus Abbi Heying, Ava Hough, Lillee Deike, and Kyra Deike. Thanks to Coach Denise Hovey and all the spirit squad for the support they give to the Golden Bear basketball teams!

: Garrigan continues to join all the Five Saints parishes in supporting their twin parish in Haiti. This winter we’ve raised money to help send cows that can provide both milk and meat to people in need there. We’re pleased to say that Garrigan alone raised $13,595.75 for the project. We’re glad to be able to provide help to those who need it.

: Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Cora Ricke. Here to tell you about her is Aric Laubenthal.

: Cora Ricke is an Algona native who is best known for her accomplishments in dance. In addition to all the team honors she’s won, Cora’s success includes winning the state solo championship two years in a row. In addition to dance, Cora also expresses her creativity through art. She’ll be off to college next year, and we wish her all the best in the future.

: Thanks, Aric. On this week’s Golden Bear calendar, the KC Free Throw Contest is scheduled for tomorrow. Then on Monday the second semester begins.

: Monday night the JJV basketball team travels to Lake Mills, and Tuesday the JV and varsity teams will be hosting Lake Mills. We’ll have a student mass on Wednesday morning.

: Next Friday there will be basketball at Eagle Grove. Finally next Saturday the district large group speech entries will be judged.

: That’s the “Bear Facts” for this week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to catch the show next week, when we’ll tell you about Catholic Schools Week here at Bishop Garrigan High School.