"The Bear Facts"

May 16, 1998

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Good morning! I'm Tim Mosbach!

And I'm Jeremy Richter! Welcome to our next-to-last episode of the "Bear Facts" for this school year. Here's the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

The school year is almost over. The seniors are done with their classes, and graduation will be tomorrow afternoon. Next week we'll have a review day on Monday, and then three days of final exams. When the bell rings at 11:15 next Thursday morning, school will be out for the year. This is the earliest that Garrigan has ever gotten out for summer. It's partly due to starting early last fall and partly from having only one snow day all year long. The Algona Community Schools have two more days at the end of the year, balancing out for starting later in the fall. Their last day will be Tuesday, May 26.

With commencement here, we'd like to take a minute to salute the BGHS Class of '98. If you talk to the Garrigan teachers, they'll tell you that academically this is one of the best classes they've taught. And, while there's exceptions to everything, for the most part the class is known for its good behavior and positive leadership. The girls of '98 have broken records in every single sport, and the boys' teams have been successful too. Members of the class qualified for national quiz bowl for four straight years, and the class has also excelled in music, art, and drama.

The class valedictorians are Carrie Kohlhaas and Brandy Youngwirth, each of whom has a perfect 4.0 grade point average. Tom Twait will be giving the senior farewell message at commencement tomorrow. In a round-about way, Tom is also being honored with this year's class gift. The class is using its money to rehabilitate a trophy case to display the many awards the quiz bowl team has won over the years. Tom is the first-ever four-year letterwinner in quiz bowl, and he was on teams that won eight of those awards.

If you haven't checked out the BGHS Website recently, be sure to stop back and see all the changes. Webmaster Tim Mosbach has been busy updating information and improving the look of the page. The site now features a new "frames" option, with a handy toolbar at the side, that lets you jump easily to all the most popular pages on the site. There's a new page with background information about the school, as well as a whole section created by counselor Lynn Miller. Just since January the site has welcomed nearly 3,000 visitors--including students, alumni, and friends of the school.

For now the easiest way to find the Garrigan website is probably to go to the Algona city homepage at "www.algona.org", and then click on "Catholic Schools". You'll probably want to choose the "break out of a frame" option when you reach the Garrigan website. This summer the site will be moving, as the school's technology improves. All of Garrigan is being networked together this summer, so computer and internet access will be available all over the building. With that update, the school will also be getting its own web server, so it can provide students with their own e-mail and internet access accoutns. When the new equipment is installed, the website will also be moving to that new server.

There will also be a change in faculty over the summer. We already told you that Sister Janet Stelken will be going to Dubuque to assume a new leadership role in the Sisters of the Presentation. Father Paul Bormann and Father Paul Eisele will assume some of her responsibilities, and Mrs. Phyllis Even will also be teaching religion next year.

English teacher Amy Matuska and her husband, coach Mike Matuska, will also be leaving this summer. They'll be moving on to new jobs in eastern Minnesota. The new English teacher next year will be Sarah Freking, who just happens to be the husband of band director Dennis Freking. We're sad to see Sr. Janet and Mrs. Matuska go, but we welcome Mrs. Even and Mrs. Freking to Garrigan.

While we've already told you about every senior that will be walking across the stage at graduation tomorrow, there's one last person we should feature in our Senior Spotlight. Here's Katie Elbert with the details.

Tony Lane was a well-loved member of the BGHS Class of 1998. Tony was a Whittemore native who loved the outdoors. He was a good student, and everyone remembers his smile and good humor. At school Tony was involved in the tech crew for plays, and he was also out for quiz bowl. We'll never forget that night at the beginning of our sophomore year, when Tony was killed suddenly in a car accident. The whole school went to his funeral, and since then we've remembered him with special prayer services. His family has established the Tony Lane Scholarship as a special memorial to our classmate.

Rest in peace, Tony.

We miss you!

Thanks, Katie! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, today there's boys' district track and boys' regional golf. Tomorrow at 2pm we'll have commencement ceremonies for the BGHS Class of '98.

Monday is girls' district golf. Then on Tuesday final exams begin. We'll have a special schedule for finals, and students will have open campus whenever they don't have a test.

Wednesday finals continue. That night at 7pm the track team will have their annual awards potluck.

Thursday is the Feast of the Ascension. It's also the last day of school at Garrigan and Seton, even though the Algona Community Schools have two more days after that.

Friday is the boys' conference track meet, and there's also boys' district golf next Friday. The girls' state track meet also starts on Friday.

Girls' state track continues on Saturday, and that's also the day for the girls' district golf meet.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Next week some of our younger reporters will be back one last time to wrap up the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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