September 16, 2006

Good morning! I'm Shane Koob!

Good morning, Shane! I'm Lee Brashear! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", the radio show where each week we bring you up to date on all the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Homecoming 2006 is now history, and everybody had a great week. One of the most fun parts of Homecoming is the annual Battle of the Classes. Last Wednesday we took the day off from academic work and spent the day competing in a variety of games. In kickball the seniors finished first, followed by the sophomores, the juniors, and the freshmen. Video football ended in a tie between the seniors and the sophomores. The freshmen were third, and the juniors finished fourth.

The seniors won the boys home run derby, followed by the juniors, the sophomores, and the freshmen. In the girls home run derby the juniors won, the seniors were second, the freshmen third, and the sophomores fourth. The seniors won boys tug-of-war, followed by the juniors, the sophomores, and the freshmen. The sophomores won girls tug-of-war, with the juniors, the seniors, and the freshmen behind them.

Backgammon honors went to the junior class, thanks to yours truly, with the sophomores, freshmen, and seniors behind them. The classes went in order-seniors, juniors, sophomores, freshmen-in trivia, badminton, volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee. In dodgeball the juniors took top honors, followed by the sophomores, the seniors, and the freshmen.

We had a hot-dog eating contest. Junior D.J. Thompson won the event by consuming 71/2 dogs in three minutes, edging past senior Alex Bradley, who only finished seven. In the pie eating contest, senior Alicia Miller took top honors. We also had pep rally games-including a grapefruit pass, a wheelbarrow race, and a dizzy bat race. The overall winners were the seniors. The freshmen and sophomores tied for second in pep rally games, with the juniors behind.

Each class performed skits at our afternoon pep rally. The judges rated the junior skit #1, followed by the seniors, with the freshmen and sophomores tying for third. In the float contest, the seniors won, followed up by the juniors. The freshmen and sophomores tied for third. Each class also designed a hoop for sports teams to run through. The freshmen and seniors tied for best hoop, with the sophomores and juniors close behind. The other big event of Homecoming week was the powder puff football game, where the freshman and senior girls beat the sophomores and juniors by a final score of 30 - 8.

The seniors also won most of the special dress days, though the freshmen had 100% participation on Class Color Day last Wednesday. The Class of 2007 also came through with the loudest cheer to win the spirit bonus from our coronation pep rally on Wednesday night. When everything was added up, the classes ended up in order-the freshmen were fourth, the sophomores third, the juniors second, and the winning class for Homecoming '06 was the seniors.

Last Tuesday everybody voted for our 2006 Homecoming King and Queen. Garrigan has students from all over the area, including six different Catholic parishes. We're pleased to say that this year all of those parishes were represented on our royal court. When the votes were counted the winners were Queen Marisa Spain from Bancroft and King Brian Capesius from Livermore. Congratulations, Brian and Marisa!

Last weekend the Golden Bear cross-country team had another great meet. The Bears ran in the Galva-Holstein Invitational, which doubles as the CYO meet. The Garrigan girls won the meet, and two Bears-Tami Lallier for the girls and Chris Scobba for the boys-won all-CYO honors. Congratulations to Coaches Daryl Kohlhaas and Greg Ahlers and all the cross-country runners!

The Golden Bear volleyball team has gotten off to a slow start, but they're working hard and looking forward to some victories. Returning seniors on this year's team include Alicia Miller, Andrea Richter, Brittany Pfeffer, Cindy Reding, Hilay McGuire, Katie Buscher, and Rachel Byrkeland. Also on the varsity roster are juniors Bridget Murphy, Emily Behr, Macy Fickbohm, Meredith Meyers, and Cassie Vautier; and sophomores Jesie Rosenmeyer and Christina Richter. Good luck all season long to Coach Dave Schnurr and the volleyball team!

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on our Homecoming King and Queen. Here to tell you about Brian Capesius and Marisa Spain is Michelle Kollasch.

Brian Capesius was part of last year's state runner-up football team and North Central Conference champion baseball team. He has won all-conference, all-district, all-CYO, and all-area honors in baseball. He also lettered in basketball and track, and he helps to organize the intramural basketball program. He's also involved in Christian Leadership, National Honor Society, quiz bowl, and here on the "Bear Facts"-all in addition to being co-president of the senior class. Brian wants to major in architectural engineering in college, and we wish him good luck.

Marisa Spain's biggest honors are in dance. She is captain of the Golden Bear danz squad that has won state and national honors, she earned a division one at the state individual dance championships, and she was named an all-American dancer. She has also qualified for state in cross-country, received all-conference honors in softball, and lettered in track. She plans to major in psychology and dance at college, and we wish Marisa all the best.

On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there's a JV volleyball tournament at Algona this morning and a freshman volleyball tournament at North Kossuth. Tomorrow the advanced biology class leaves for a field trip in the Omaha area.

Monday the cross-country team runs at Humboldt. Also that night there's JV football, with the Bears hosting Eagle Grove. Then on Tuesday the school board meets.

Wednesday we'll dismiss early for teacher inservice. Thursday the volleyball team hosts Humboldt, and then next Friday the football team travels to Britt West Hancock.

Finally this week we'd like to congratulate the newest of our Garrigan bus drivers, Mr. Beany Bode. He failed his test the first time around, but the second time he came through with flying colors.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to listen in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.


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