The Bear Facts
December 17, 2011

Good morning! I’m Alex “Danger” Boisjolie!

And I’m Craig Kohlhaas! Thanks for joining us once again for the Bishop Garrigan “Bear Facts”, the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan.

One week ago the Golden Bear quiz bowl team competed in the nationwide Knowledge Master competition. It’s only top students who compete in the Knowledge Master, and the Bears held their own against them. Garrigan’s score of 1054 points placed them right in the middle of Iowa schools—better than nearby competitors like Grundy Center, Ankeny, and Laurens—Marathon. They were also well above the average for small schools nationwide. Congratulations, quiz bowl!

Over the next few years every school in Iowa will be making changes that are part of the Iowa CORE, a program to change both what is taught in Iowa schools and how students learn it. For the past three years high school teacher David Burrow, junior high teacher Kathy Kohlhaas, and elementary teacher Nancy Nelson have worked to plan Garrigan’s transition to the Iowa CORE. These three teachers were at another meeting in Ft. Dodge this past week, planning ways to help teachers with the changes in education.

Garrigan is a Catholic school, and throughout the year we take part in liturgies, prayer services, and other religious events. This past week Garrigan and Seton students observed the Sacrament of Reconciliation—what pretty much everyone calls “confession”. We had separate reconciliation services for elementary, middle school, and high school students at St. Cecelia’s Church. Priests from all over the area were on hand, and we thank them for helping out.

Throughout this fall we’ve had some special visitors to Garrigan. One of them is Lucas Meyer, an exchange student from Brazil. Lucas is a real fun-loving guy who seems be enjoying the time he’s spent in Iowa. He’s been staying with David Klein and his family while he’s been going to Garrigan. Lucas will head back to Brazil at semester time, and we wish him well back home.

Another new face this fall has been Megan Klemm. Mrs. Klemm is a student teacher who has been working with both history and English classes. She’s both observed and taught classes under the direction of Mr. Patterson, Mrs. Miller, and Miss McCall. Her work at Garrigan finishes up at the holiday break, and we wish Mrs. Klemm all the best in her future teaching career.

We recently featured our varsity Golden Bear basketball teams on the “Bear Facts”, but the lower-level teams are an important part of building for the future. The JV girls team includes guards Sophie Behr, Nicole Behr, Aisha Miller, Haley Froehlich, Kristin Condoleon, and Emily Marolow; together with forwards Kara Eischen, Mallory Schiltz, Sarah McCall, Taylor Hovey, and Betty Straub.

On the boys’ side, the JV team includes Adam Hamilton, Jake Kollasch, Dustin Miller, Michael Berke, David Klein, Bailey Kohlhaas, Neal Koob, Brayton Loss, and Chris Loss. Coach Mick Elbert is also looking forward to another good year from the freshmen boys. This year he’s working with Taylor Detrick, Zach Kollasch, Tyler Schnurr, Reece Wadle, Tony Kollasch, Jess Marlow, Andrew Miller, and Ben Vaske. Good luck, lower-level basketball!

The basketball cheerleaders are also important throughout the winter. This year’s basketball spirit squad includes Rachel Berte, Morgan Frideres, Hannah Boisjolie, Andrea Altman, Emily Berte, and Melanie Mergen; together with Erin Reedy, Sabrina Book, Courtney Carlson, Britteny Arndorfer, Amanda Altman, Taylor Frideres, and Caroline Hamilton. Thanks to the cheerleaders for all their hard work.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Cede Forburger. Here to tell you about her is John Richter.

Mercedes Forburger is someone everyone calls Cede. She comes to Garrigan from the Wesley area, and when she’s not at school you may have seen her working at the Hillside Golf Course. Cede plans a career in nursing. She’ll be graduating early and starting her studies at DMACC right after Christmas. We wish Cede all the best of luck.

Thanks, John. On our Golden Bear calendar, for a change there’s no activities at all on the calendar today. Then tomorrow is the fourth Sunday of Advent.

We’ll begin the week with Advent prayer on Monday. That night the freshman boys host Clarion—Goldfield. Tuesday the school board meets at Seton, and we’ll have locker clean-out in preparation for the holiday break.

Also on Tuesday Christian Leadership will present their Christmas traditions assembly. That night is the big crosstown basketball showdown between Garrigan and Algona High. This year the Bears host the JV match-up, while the varsity games are across town. 

We’ll have a schoolwide Christmas mass on Wednesday. Then that afternoon we’ll dismiss at 2:15 for the holiday break. There’s no formal school activities over Christmas vacation.

That’s this week’s “Bear Facts”. We’ll be back next week on Christmas Eve with a special holiday show, featuring all the special service projects we’ve been doing throughout December. So be sure to catch us then for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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