MARCH 17, 2007

Good morning! I'm Lee Brashear!

And I'm Ashli Krieps! Thanks for joining us for the "Bear Facts," the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Last Tuesday we held our annual academic banquet at BGHS, where we honor the top students in all four classes. In addition to recognizing every student with a grade point higher than 3.5, we also honored some special awardees. Brian Capesius received the prestigious Baush and Lomb Science Award, and seven seniors-JoAnn Kirsch, Marisa Spain, Chris Loebach, Brian Capesius, Tony Rouse, Tami Lallier, and Maria Kohlhaas-were honored with the President's Education Award and North Central Conference Academic Achievement Award, which only goes to students who earn at least a 3.6 GPA and score 26 or higher on the ACT.

Also at the academic banquet, Mr. Kohlhaas reviewed the results from the American Mathematics Exam for the past two years. Last year Bishop Garrigan's math scores made us one of just twenty schools in Iowa (most of them in Class 4-A) on a special honor roll of merit. While the scoring system changed this year, we should again rank near the top. Junior Dylan Freking had the top score at Garrigan this year, followed by seniors Chris Scobba and Maria Kohlhaas. Maria and Chris have also qualified for the state Great Plains Math League competition, as have Tony and Kelly Rouse. The math team competed in their last regional math competition last weekend, and we're proud to say they took home their second first place trophy of the year.

Last week the girls basketball team held their annual awards potluck. The district champion Golden Bear girls felt a bit slighted in having only one all-conference selection: Maria Kohlhaas. Maria was named Most Valuable Player for the Bears this year, and she also received an academic all-state honor. Kelli Black won the "Miss Hustle" Award, Brittany Pfeffer and Alicia Miller were the Most Improved Players, and Alyssa Gisch won the Dedication Award. Other letterwinners include Carrie Courtney, Macy Fickbohm, and Bridget Murphy. Congratulations on a great season to the Golden Bear girls.

One fun thing we do every year at Garrigan is the student council's Computer Match compatibility project. Each spring everyone fills out a thirty-question survey. The results are processed in a computer, and we get cards that tell which people in the school we're the most and least compatible with. In addition to the matches, we also got a list of the most popular responses to each question. Among other things we learned that people people's favorite TV shows are comedies, their dream car is a Corvette, and the things they notice first in the opposite sex are eyes and figure. Most people would prefer to live in a small city, they enjoy eating meat, they don't believe in extraterrestrials, and they'd like to go to a concert by All-American Rejects.

The "average" Garrigan student doesn't read the newspaper, makes decisions based on what's right for them, and would try to talk their friends out of doing bad things. If someone saw them damage another person's car, they'd leave a note. Our favorite sport is football, our favorite season is summer, our favorite type of food is meat and potatoes, and our favorite time of day is evening. We consider ourselves optimists, and we take classes we think will be beneficial. When we're not in class, you'll probably find us at home, and we spend an average of 1 - 3 hours a week studying.

Most people said it wouldn't make any difference to them if a woman were President or Vice President. The overwhelming majority also said girls should ask guys out for dates. If they didn't live in the present, they'd choose to live in the 25th Century. When they get embarrassed, most of the students here just laugh it off. They'd like to have 3 or 4 children, they don't want to join a lot of clubs, and when they hear rumors, they spread the gossip only to their friends. Finally, when asked what their greatest phobia was, people weren't afraid of heights, bugs, school, snakes, or other people, but most students said they were afraid of "something else".

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Katie Buscher and Anna Bormann. Here to tell you about them is Elisabeth Mary Kollasch.

Katie Buscher's biggest activity is volleyball, and she's also involved in HOSA, the Health Occupations Students of America. Katie works at the assisted living facility, and she likes spending time with her friends. After high school she wants to major in nursing, and we wish her all the best.
Anna Bormann is also a HOSA member. She's placed in the state health competition in the past. This St. Joe native is also part of the girls golf team, and she's looking forward to a fourth consecutive state championship this year. Anna works at the Algona Manner Care Center, and she plans a career in nursing. We wish her the very best of luck after high school.

Thanks, Beth! On our Golden Bear calendar, there's state speech contest today. The speech team is over in Sibley for state contest. Tomorrow through Wednesday is the state HOSA competition in Des Moines.

Monday and Tuesday evening we'll have parent-teacher conferences, together with registration. This will all take place in the Rochleau Center at St. Cecelia's. Then on Wednesday we'll dismiss at 12:45 for teacher inservice.

There's no school next Friday at Garrigan, though the Algona Community Schools will be in session. Friday and Saturday night the curtain will open on the spring play, "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night". Curtain time is 7:30 each night.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School. I'm Lee Brashear. Thanks for listening.

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