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We've got a busy week coming up here at Bishop Garrigan High School. It all starts today with the state individual speech contest, which just got under way a few minutes ago across town at Algona High. Fourteen Garrigan students will be performing today at state, in fields ranging from interpretive reading to radio news announcing to improvisation. The students performing today include Chris Loebach, Garrison Brosnan, Gavin Freking, Alex Elbert, Shane Koob, Anna Bormann, and Kendra Plathe; together with Jenna Richter, Rebecca Brosnan, JoAnn Kirsch, Sam Norland, Joe Dailey, Dylan Freking, and Amanda Golwitzer. Best wishes to all the performers and to coaches Mary McCall and Sarah Freking. Break a leg, everyone!

Speech is far from the only activity going on at Garrigan. March madness has started in college basketball, and this weekend we'll have some of our own March madness right here, with the intramural playoffs getting underway. At 12:30 tomorrow the top-seeded senior team of Eric Goodman, Gavin Freking, Chad Meyer, Jude Studer, Tim Lind, Spenser Rahm, Jesse Studer, Joe Rahm, and Nate Pierson will take on sophomores Nick Berte, Mark Garman, Chris Gelhaus, Jake Lane, Peyton Schindler, Kent Recker, Shane Koob, Jake Grein, and Dylan Freking. In the nightcap seniors Brandon Rowley, Jacob Hellman, Derek Lanus, Adam Elbert, Jeff Lappe, Andrew Missal, Seth Rogers, Brad Thompson, and Chris Kirsch will face juniors Joe Dailey, Chris Loebach, Alex Hilbert, Tony Rouse, Chris Scobba, Adam Finley, Caleb DeRoos, and Dustin Tindall for the right to advance to the championship.

The teams that make it to the championship will have a lot of time to practice, because after playoffs the gym will be closed for about a month. First there's Gala, and then prom, which understandably take priority over intramurals. The time and date for the championship game has not been finalized yet, but it will most likely take place shortly after Easter. Congratulations to all the teams that advanced to the intramural playoffs, and good luck to them in the post-season.

Next Tuesday will be a special day at Garrigan. Bishop Ralph Walker Nickless will be at the school that day to celebrate mass with Garrigan and Seton students and community members. The new bishop of the Sioux City diocese was supposed to be here during Catholic Schools Week, but he had to postpone his visit when his mother passed away. Mass will be at 10:30 Tuesday morning, and Bishop Nickless will be staying at school to have lunch with Garrigan students afterwards.

Next Wednesday the music tour begins. Music students will leave in the morning for their trip to Washington, D.C. and New York City. Ninety-one Garrigan students are making the journey eastward. While on the Coast, they'll be seeing the sights of the nation's capital and largest city, seeing Phantom of the Opera, and meeting behind the scenes with an actual Broadway performer. The group will also perform on several different occasions, including special performances for retired veterans and at the national post office in Washington and providing music for Sunday mass at a church in New York City. They'll be gone a full week and will return on March 28. Bon voyage to all our musicians.

Our senior spotlight this week shines on Alex Bormann and Chae Rin Oh.

Alex Bormann is a Garrigan senior who comes from the St. Joe area. He spends much of his free time farming, and he has been in FFA for all four years of high school. After graduating he plans to attend Kirkwood Community College, where he will major in agriculture. When he's not at school, you might see Alex spending time with his friends. We wish him all the best in the future.

Chae Rin Oh is a native of Korea who has been in North America for three years now. She spent her first year in Ontario, Canada. Then last year she was a student at Corwith Wesley Luverne, and now she'll be graduating from Bishop Garrigan. This talkative student is in band, and she really enjoys what life is like in an American school. She hopes to stay in America for college, and in the future she sees herself living in a big city and working as a diplomat. We're glad to have Chae Rin with us, and we wish her good luck.

Thanks, Garry! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there's the state individual speech contest today. Since the contest is right here in Algona for the first time ever, we encourage everyone to head across town and see all the talent on display.

Tomorrow the state HOSA conference begins in Des Moines. Health occupations students Anna Bormann, Katie Buscher, Liz Erdman, Sarah Funk, Kathy Kohlhaas, Jenni Miller, and Kayla Reding will be competing for the Bears. Also tomorrow is the intramural play-offs.

Monday and Tuesday nights we'll have a combination of parent-teacher conferences and registration for next year's classes at the Rochleau Center. This is the first time we've combined those two events. We'll dismiss slightly early both days so teachers can get to St. Cecelia's on time.

Boys golf begins on Monday. Then on Tuesday Bishop Nickless will be here to say mass and have lunch. Wednesday the music tour begins.

There's no school at Garrigan on Wednesday, though Seton and Algona Community are in session that morning. That's because of faculty inservice and our reward from the magazine drive last fall.

Thursday is a normal day of school-or as normal as it can be with almost half of our students in Washington, D.C. Then Friday there's again no school, this time a scheduled day off at Garrigan and Seton because of conferences. Algona Community Schools are in session that day.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to set your dial here again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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