September   19,   1992   (First   "Bear   Facts"   Episde)

Good morning! I'm Matt Erpelding!

And I'm Nick Becker! Welcome to the "Bear Facts". This is the premier edition of our weekly broadcast on KLGA featuring news and events from Bishop Garrigan High School.

First today we'd like to tell you about our name. A contest was held at Garrigan to name the new radio show, and freshman Brian Blocker submitted the winning entry. The name, the "Bear Facts", highlights our school's pride and joy, the Bishop Garrigan Golden Bears. There's also some historical significance to the name. In the 1970s, Garrigan's school newspaper was called the "Bear Facts". So we've taken that old idea and updated it for modern-day radio.

A lot changed at Garrigan over the summer. There was major construction in the lobby and office area, and there are many new faces at the school. There are new teachers in science, English, Spanish, and home economics, as well as new football and volleyball coaches. We even have two exchange students, from Spain and Czechoslovakia. All together there are 249 students at Garrigan this fall, the highest enrollment in years.

Throughout September, Garrigan, Seton, and St. Michael's have been holding their annual calendar sale. The calendars feature photos of recent students, as well as a complete listing of events for both high school and middle school activities. They sell for $25 each, and each calendar includes a raffle ticket that allows you to win from $35 to $500, every day of the year. The money raised goes to fund transportation for students in the area Catholic schools. The calendar drive will continue through next Tuesday, and you can buy your calendar from any Garrigan student or from any 7th or 8th grader at Seton or St. Michael's. Remember, when you help BGHS, you're supporting the future leaders of the world.

The Bishop Garrigan volleyball team is off to a good start this year. The new coaching staff has definitely helped out a lot. The new head coach, Mrs. Julie Collison, coached at Iowa Lakes Community College before coming to Garrigan. Amy Auchstetter is the J.V. coach, and Kara Christianson is assistant volleyball coach. The Bears have more games on their schedule this year, so come on down and support the Golden Bear volleyball team.

Every week on the "Bear Facts" we will feature a different staff member who helps out at Garrigan. This week the staff spotlight is on Dick Krapp. Here with a report is Dawn Bormann.

Dick Krapp, age 55, has been involved with custodial work at Garrigan for about five years. Last year he was promoted to head of transportation. Dick is usually casually dressed in his pin-sriped uniform sirt with his name embroidered on the pocket. Dick, who also wears the hat of the Algona Fire Department, is known throughout the halls of Garrigan as someone who is always willing to give a friendly smile and a high five. Dick Krapp is an asset to our Garrigan family, and all of us at Garrigan really appreciate him.

Each week we will also be highlighting two members of the Bishop Garrigan senior class. This week's featured seniors are class presidents Jeff Wertjes and J.J. Andersen. Dawn...

Jeff Wertjes is a unique Garrigan student. Unlike most stdents, Jeff is a Protestant. He also lives an hour's drive away, in Buffalo Center. Jeff manages his own business, where he makes and sells gaming miniatures. He spent the summer in Idaho, working at a ski lodge. At school this year Jeff is spending most of his time in art and English classes. He is in quiz bowl and Model UN, and this year he is in football and in Student Council.

Everyone at Garrigan knows our other senior class co-president, J.J. Andersen. We've seen him playing his tuba in marching band and just thrashing around on his skateboard. He's a whiz at quiz bowl, and we've all noticed his legendary personality. In the future J.J. plans to attend either Iowa State or Iowa, where he will major in biology.

Thank-you, Dawn. The coming week is a busy one at Garrigan. There is a cheerleading clinic tomorrow afternoon, volleyball against Lakeland at Ruthven on Tuesday, volleyball with St. Edmond's on Wednesday, a confirmation retreat for the junior class on Thursday, and varsity football with Manson/Northwest Webster on Friday.

At the game on Friday the junior class will be holding its annual tailgate party to raise money for prom. The fundraiser will be held from 5:00 to 7:00 on Hall Drive, by the entrance to the Garrigan gym. We hope everyone comes early to enjoy the delicious barbecued pork sandwiches. Tickets are available for $3 from any Garrigan junior, or at the game.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Before we go, we'd like to thank our writers: Brenda Kelly, Donna Arndorfer, Jenny Nord, Bridgette Kelly, Jenny Lind, Sarah LaFleur, and Kevin Kollasch, and our faculty sponsor, Mr. David Burrow.

We also thank you for listening, and we hope you'll join us every week for the latest news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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