The Bear Facts
January 19, 2008

Good morning! I'm Meghan Mayer!

And I'm Kristina Schiltz! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", the radio show where every week we bring you all the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Last Saturday, for the second time in two straight weeks, the Golden Bear quiz bowl team reached the championship game at a major regional tournament. The short-handed three-man team of Shane Koob, Ethan Dahlhauser, and Joe Straub went undefeated in the preliminary matches, racking up 700 points in four games. Their victories included wins over Algona High and Ankeny. Their only loss all day long was by just 40 points to the overall winners from Class 4-A Southeast Polk.

The Bears' success all year long has qualified them for the 26th annual National Academic Championship, which will be held June 6 - 9 in Chicago. The Bears have accepted the challenge of facing the best teams from around the country, and tentatively eleven Garrigan students will be attending that tournament. Ethan Dahlhauser, Shane Koob, Joe Straub, Rebeccah Erdman, and Brittany Berte are likely to be starters at nationals. Others planning to make the trip are Jake Rosenmeyer, Mark Poeppe, Brent Kajewski, Jacob Zittritsch, Vince Cruise, and Anna Kollasch.

The Golden Bear math team has also been successful lately. Last Saturday the 9th and 10th graders on math team finished in second place and the 11th and 12th graders took fourth place in the Iowa Falls-Alden Invitational. Melanie Myers and Kent Recker qualified for state with their outstanding finishes in the sprint round. Others receiving medals include Alex Hamilton, Anna Kollasch, and Luke McCall in the sprint round and D.J. Belleti, Ben Hellman, and Kelly Klein in the target round. In the team and relay rounds those five all placed in the top three, as did Rebeccah Erdman, Katrina Even, Cassie Reising, and Brittany Berte. Congratulations, math team!

Today is district speech contest. Garrigan has eleven events entered in the contest, which is being held today at Spencer High School. A few minutes ago Jenna Richter, Amber Broesder, Carrie Courtney, Cassie Reising, Joe Straub, Sam Norland, Melanie Myers, Jade Kajewski, Melissa Cruise, Katrina Even, Kelly Klein, Taylor Brandenburg, Beth Broesder, Megan Boever, and Casey Arndorfer all competed in Reader's Theatre with the presentation "Wooing Wed Widing Hood". Right about now Brian Patterson and Joe Straub are competing in Group Improvisation, and Sam Norland, Alec Boeckholt, Ashli Krieps, and Rebecca Brosnan are presenting "West Side Story" for Musical Theatre.

Coming up later this morning Michelle Kollasch, Allison Missal, and Gina Rasmussen will present the group mime "Dating Times Two" and Becky Jennings and Brie Blocker will mime "Zoomania". The choral reading "January" will be presented by Amber Broesder, Carrie Courtney, Becca Kramer, Melanie Myers, Melissa Cruise, Brittany Berte, Rebeccah Erdman, and Amy Rasmussen. Right after lunch Gui Klein, Cassie Reising, and Jade Kajewski will present the mime "Kindergarten Rocks", and later in the day there are group improvisations featuring Michelle Kollasch, Holly Byrkeland, Ashli Krieps, Allison Missal, Alex Hamilton, Nora Krahenbuhl, Jake Rosenmeyer, and Anna Kollasch.

The Bears' speech entries also include the one-act play "The Great Pandemonium" with Rebecca Brosnan, Jenna Richter, Brittany Berte, Katrina Even, Gina Rasmussen, Rebeccah Erdman, Amy Rasmussen, Taylor Brandenburg, and Kelly Klein; and the freshman readers' theatre "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay", which features Jake Rosenmeyer, Anna Kollasch, Mike Hellman, Nora Krahenbuhl, Becky Jennings, Ryya Kumm, Brie Blocker, and Alex Hamilton. Best wishes to all our speech performers. Break a leg, everybody!

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Mark Poeppe and Chad Lambert. Here to tell you about them is Kristina.

Mark Poeppe is one of the quiz bowl players who will be headed to nationals in Chicago this summer. He's a letter-winner who's been in quiz bowl all through high school. Mark is also active in baseball, and he enjoys his social studies and science classes. He'll be off to college next year, and we wish him all the best.

Chad Lambert came to Garrigan, left, and came back again because at different times he's lived with family members both in Algona and in the Omaha area. Chad was in football last fall, and he's a basketball manager. He'll also be a college man in the fall, and we wish both Chad and Mark good luck after high school.

Thanks, Kristina. On our Golden Bear calendar today there's district large-group speech contest at Spencer. Then tomorrow intramural basketball continues.

Monday the freshman basketball teams travel to Emmetsburg. Then on Tuesday the Bears host a basketball quad with Clear Lake. The National Honor Society will serve a chili supper during the games.

Wednesday is Day #100 of the school year. The seniors will have their class retreat Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday night the freshman basketball teams host Humboldt.

Friday the JV and varsity Bears travel to Eagle Grove. Then next Saturday there's more basketball, with the Bears hosting Garner-Hayfield.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for listening, and be sure to join us again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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