The Bear Facts
September 19, 1998

Good morning! I'm Melanie McGuire.

And I'm Abby Rahm! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", the radio show where we keep you in touch with all the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

This past week was Homecoming at Bishop Garrigan, and we held a big birthday party to celebrate the fortieth year of the school. The heart of the festivities was Thursday night, when we had the big coronation ceremony for our Homecoming King and Queen. Natalie Salz was named the BGHS Homecoming Queen for 1998, while Phil Kramer took top honors as Homecoming King. Congratulations, Natalie and Phil.

A big part of Homecoming every year is the class competition between the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors at BGHS. Last Sunday the classes decorated hallways, with each one recalling one of the decades of Garrigan's history. The sophomore hallway, which featured news from the '80s, was voted best by the judges, followed by the juniors, the freshmen, and the seniors.

The winning float received a perfect score of "20" from the judges. It was the senior float, which featured an actual Volkswagen decorated in the '70s style. A napkin-stuffed Bear was driving the car, whose trunk had been transformed into a mouthful of viscious fangs tht were chewing up a Manson/Northwest Webster Cougar. The sophomores finished second in float, with the freshmen and juniors trailing behind.

A more recent tradition in the class competition is for each class to design a hoop for the athletic teams to run through. This year's winning hoop was designed by the freshmen, who featured a bear surrounded by highlights from the school's history. The sophomore hoop was second, the seniors third, and the juniors took last place. Each class also presentd a skit at the pep rally Thursday night. The junior skit, which saluted custodians John Bartolo and Dick Krapp, was awarded top honors. The seniors, who parodied the faculty, were second overall, and the freshmen and sophomores followed behind.

The classes also competed by dressing up for the special dress days of Homecoming Week. The sophomores had the most dressed out for Beach Day, and they tied with the freshmen for first place on Decade Day. The seniors won hands down on Nerd Day, and three classes--the sophomores, juniors, and seniors--all tied on Black and Gold Day, with 100% participation. That meant it was still almost anyone's race going into the spirit competition Thursday night.

The judges made an unusual choice in the spirit competition. While there are no official records on this sort of thing, we're pretty sure no one has ever tied for best spirit before. That's exactly what the judges decided this year, though, and making things more unusual, the class that tied with the seniors--the traditional winners--was the freshman class. Almost certainly that's the first time in forty years of Homecomings that the freshmen have won the spirit stick.

Even without the spirit stick, though, the winning class would have been the same. While they started out the week slowly, the seniors rose steadily during the week, and they ended up with a commanding victory. In the end they had 88 points, compared with the freshmen's 82.8 points, in second place. Congratulations to our class competition winners, the Class of '99!

One big highlight of Homecoming Week was the cross-country team's record-setting performance Wednesday night at Clear Lake. Both the boys' and girls' teams set new school records for the best team scores at a meet. On the boys' side, champion Adam Sundall set a new course record, and Doug Besch also medalled for the Bears. For the girls, Simone Adler's time broke a sixteen-year-old school record, and Angie Kohlhaas set a new BGHS sophomore record. So far, this is the best cross-country season ever, for both boys and girls, and we're expecting great things from our runners all through the fall.

Today the Golden Bear football cheerleaders are holding a car wash. They'll be washing cars from 10am to 2pm at Algona Marine and Sport. For just five dollars you can transform your old dirty car into a sparkling showpiece. Students can go to the Homecoming dance with a clean car, and everyone can enjoy the pride that a great car wash gives them. So come to Algona Marine and Sport today for the cheerleaders' car wash.

We're focusing our Senior Spotlight this week on our Homecoming King and Queen: Phil Kramer and Natalie Salz. Here with the details is Liz DeWaard.

Phil Kramer is unique among the Golden Bears, since he's the only athlete ever to compete in wrestling for Garrigan. He's also a football captain, and he's lettered in track. Phil enjoys band, 4-H, and intramural basketball. Phil plans to major in animal science at college, and we wish him all the best.

Natalie Salz is a captain for both cheerleading and the danz squad. She's lettered in choir, and she also enjoys speech and pep club. Natalie holds down two jobs--at HyVee and at Charlie's Supper Club. She'll be off to UNI next year, where she plans to major in accounting. Congratulations, Natalie and Phil!

Thanks, Liz! On our Golden Bear calendar today, there's the cheerleaders' car wash at Algona Marine and Sport today from 10 to 2. Tonight at eight o'clock it's time for the annual Homecoming dance.

Monday the cross-country team runs at Humboldt, while the volleyball teams play at Clarion. Also on Monday the JV football squad travels to Blue Earth, Minnesota.

Tuesday we'll get out those #2 pencils for the Iowa Tests of Educational Development. Wednesday is Picture Day, and that night the JV football squad plays at St. Ed's.

Also on Wednesday the volleyball teams host Algona High. Then on Friday the football team travels to Wall Lake View Auburn.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for setting your dial here, and be sure to tune in next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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