The Bear Facts

December 20, 1997

(Episode 191)

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas, everybody! I'm Tim Mosbach!

I'm Lynne Lappe!

And I'm Chris Miller! Seasons Greetings from the "Bear Facts". Happy holidays to all of you from all of us at Bishop Garrigan High School.

We got some news that is both good and bad this week when we officially learned that the voice of the Bears, KLGA Sports Director Scott France, was leaving to take a new position in Sioux City. While he was with KLGA, Scot broadcast every single Golden Bear football game, as well as girls' basketball, boys' basketball, baseball, and softball--not to mention all the "Coaches' Corner" and "Athlete of the Week" features or the daily sports news. Scott was extremely popular here at Garrigan. In fact, while listening to a Golden Bear game on the radio, you just might have heard some fans in the background screaming something like this:

Scott France, we love you!

We want Scott to know just how much we appreciate the job he's done the past few years. We wish him the very best in Sioux City, and all of us at Garrigan say Scott, SO LONG FOR NOW!

In other sports-related news, the Garrigan varsity boys' basketball team is off to a good sart. After losing games to top-rated teams the Bears now have a winning record. By last week they had stolen victories from St. Ed's, Clarion-Goldfield, and Clear Lake, with losses only to Iowa Falls and Webster City. The Bears still seem to stick together and win even when some of their players are having a hard night.

Co-head coach Gene Meister has this to say about his team: "I am very excited for the guys, although it would have been nice to have won against Webster City. The senior leadership this year has been outstanding, and the underclassmen get along well with one another. We have many reserve players that step up to the challenge when needed." Congratulations on the wins, and good luck all season long to our Golden Bear boys!

For nearly a month now thirty BGHS students have been rehearsing for large-group speech. This year Garrigan will have nine entries at the district large group speech contest. They include the one-act play "Why Do We Laugh" and the readers' theatres "How to Eat Like a Child" and "Bench 18". There are five ensemble actng entries: "A Knock on the Door", "Murder Will Out", "Talented Young Newcomers", "I Remember Mama", and "Little Women". A group mime presentation rounds out this year's entries. Sue Ney and Mary McCall direct large-group speech at BGHS.

Christmas is here, and we at the "Bear Facts" have surveyed some of our seniors about the holidays. The first question we asked them was "What was the best Christmas present you ever got?" The answers ranged from a shotgun to a Nintendo chair; from a miniature modified go-cart to a trip to Colorado; and from a set of tires for a pick-up to an emerald ring. Angie Dornbier's best present was an electronic keyboard, Mary Beth Stence once got a scooter, and Shanna Froehlich got tickets to see Aerosmith.

Then we asked everyone about the WORST gift they ever got. Poor Tim Mosbach got an empty box for Christmas, and Mike Cowan got a toy boat from his brother. Other dud gifts included a jar of nuts, an ugly sweater, a shirt that was two sizes too small, shoelaces, underwear, puppy dog earmuffs, the book Peter Pan (for a seventeen year old), and a brick.

We asked what people would most like to get or do for Christmas. Several seniors wanted cars--from a purple Plymouth Prowler to a hunter green Jeep Cherokee. A few wanted to get out of town: to California, Colorado, Hawaii, and Fort Dodge. Other answers included getting a nice tan, going snowmobiling, and getting lots and lots of money. Then there was basketball starter Chris Miller, whose wish for the holidays was that God let the Golden Bears have a winning record.

Finally we asked our seniors what they were planning to do over the holidays. Lots of people said "sleeping" or "hanging out with friends". Babysitting, working, partying, and eating too much were also popular answers. One girl said she'd be having a new niece or nephew, and one boy said he'd be breaking the law--we hope he's not TOO serious about that one. Most of the other answers were about outdoor activities, like ice fishing, skiing, and snowmobiling.

Our Senior Spotlight for the holidays shines on Matt Oldham and Jessie Stetzel. Here with the details on them are Nathan Fouarge and Jenni Krieps.

Matt Oldham is a senior from the Algona area. He does well in math classes, and he also enjoys art and choir. Both in and out of school Matt really enjoys spending time with his girlfriend. We wish Matt the very best of luck.

Jessica Stetzel is also an Algona native. She works hard in science classes, and she'd like to attend Iowa State University next year. Jessie's biggest activity is acting as a student athletic trainer for the Golden Bear football team. Good luck to both Jessica and Matt.

Thanks, Nate and Jenni! Because of the holidays, we've got three weeks of events on our Golden Bear calendar. Tomorrow is the fourth Sunday of Advent, and Tuesday we have a prayer service at 1:15 followed by an early dismissal for the holidays.

Santa comes down the chimney Wednesday night, and Thursday is Christmas day. Then there's a pretty dead week until the New Year's festivities on December 31st.

Sunday, January 4th is the Feast of St. Elizabeth Seton. Then school starts up again on Monday, January 5th.

the JV boys host Fort Dodge Senior High on the 5th, and the freshmen travel to St. Ed's. Then on Tuesday, January 6th, there's varsity basketball at Hampton.

Wednesday the 7th the freshmen welcome West Bend/Mallard. On Thursday, January 8th, we'll have a special Epiphany mass at 10:50. Also on Thursday some students will be receiving shots against hepatitis.

Friday the 9th some art students will take a field trip to Mason City. That night there's crosstown basketball, with the JV matchup at Algona High and the varsity playing here at Garrigan.

Saturday, January 10th, the quiz bowl team is back in action, as they play at Eagle Grove. That's also the day for the NCIBA Honor Band.

That's our last "Bear Facts" for 1997. We hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas, and we send you our best wishes for peace and happiness all through 1998.

We'll be off for the next two weeks as we celebrate the Christmas and New Year's holidays. But we'll be back with more news on Saturday, January 10, 1998. Until then, from all of us at Bishop Garrigan High School ...

Merry Christmas, everybody!!!

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