The Bear Facts ... January 20, 2007

Good morning! I'm Lee Brashear!

And I'm Bridget Murphy! Welcome to another episode of the "Bear Facts". Greetings once again from everyone here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

Today is a busy day for a lot of Garrigan students. First of all, there's quiz bowl. The Eagle Grove Invitational, which traditionally has been the second weekend of January was moved this year to the third weekend. Because of the change of date, Garrigan has just three teams competing, and biology teacher Beany Bode is filling in for the usual head coach, David Michael Burrow. Team members competing include seniors Joe Dailey and Chris Loebach; juniors Ethan Dahlhauser, Jake Lane, Shane Koob, yours truly Lee Brashear, D.J. Thompson, Mark Poeppe, Ben Golwitzer, Melissa Cruise, and Brent Kajewski; and sophomores Joe Straub, Christopher Schmidt, Brian Patterson, and David Miller. Good luck today to the quiz bowl team!

Today is also the district large-group speech contest. Garrigan's numbers are down a lot from previous years, but we're still hoping for a good showing at district. Coaches Mary McCall and David Burrow direct a group that includes seniors Garry Brosnan, Rachel Byrkeland, and JoAnn Kirsch; plus juniors Gina Rasmussen, Kendra Plathe, Casey Arndorfer, Megan Boever, Melanie Myers, Amber Broesder, Carrie Courtney, Allison Missal, Ashli Krieps, Becca Kramer, Michelle Kollasch, Sheri Kenyon, and Dylan Freking.

The large group speech cast also includes sophomores Jenna Richter, Sam Norland, Jade Kajewski, Holly Byrkeland, and Rebecca Brosnan; as well as freshmen Brittany Berte, Taylor Brandenburg, Beth Broesder, Rebecca Erdman, and Katrina Even. The students have been rehearsing since about Christmas, and they'll be showing off their work at the contest in Laurens today. Garrigan's entries include two reader's theatres. The varsity group will be performing "Romeo and Winifred", while the freshman reader's theatre is called "Flag Girls". There are also three improvisation groups and an ensemble acting selection entitled "Talented Young Newcomers".

There's also one entirely new event, musical theatre. For the first time ever Garrigan is entering a musical theatre selection, with Ashli Krieps and Rebecca Brosnan presenting material from the Broadway musical "Wicked". The musical tells what might have happened before "The Wizard of Oz" took place. Ashli and Becca are presenting a song where the good witch and the wicked witch become roommates at college in the Emerald City and end up hating each other. We wish them and all the speech students good luck today.

Last weekend a big group of Garrigan students went down to Iowa Falls for the first Great Plains Math League competition of 2007. In math competitions, Garrigan competes in a class that is called "small schools", but that class includes every school with less than 1,000 students. We're proud to say that the Golden Bear varsity team ended up in third place overall, while the J.V. team was second. Senior Chris Scobba qualified for state; while Brittany Berte, Rebeccah Erdman, Ben Hellman, Dylan Freking, Tony Rouse, and Katrina Even-as well as Chris-all brought home medals from the meet. Congratulations to Coach Daryl Kohlhaas and the math team.

Intramural basketball action started last Sunday, in spite of the snowy weather. The senior team already has two victories behind them-a 113-23 win over the freshmen and a 35-33 overtime defeat of the juniors. In what many considered an upset, Chris Hansen's team defeated David Miller's team by a score of 27-19. Chris Scobba was the top scorer in intramurals last weekend, while Tony Rouse was named player of the week. Intramurals continue tomorrow afternoon, and we'll keep you updated on the action throughout the season.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Alicia Miller and Dustin Rowley. Here to tell you about them is Ashli Marie Krieps.

Alicia Miller was born in Asia, but she's spent most of her life in Kossuth County. She keeps busy with sports like volleyball, basketball, and track, and she also enjoys music. She's one of the main accompanists for school liturgies and musical competitions. Alicia would like to attend college next year, and we wish her all the best.

Dustin Rowley is already serving his country as a member of the National Guard. At school you'll often see him behind the scenes, working with lights and sound for drama and music productions. Dustin will continue his service in the armed forces after high school. We wish both him and Alicia good luck in everything they do.

Thanks, Ashli! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there's quiz bowl today at Eagle Grove and the district large group speech contest at Laurens-Marathon. Then tomorrow intramural basketball continues.

Monday the freshman basketball teams play at Algona High. Then Tuesday the J.V. and varsity teams travel to Clear Lake. The J.V. boys will play at Clear Creek Elementary, while the J.V. girls and both varsity teams will be at the high school.

Wednesday the Sioux City Diocese will hold its honor band festival at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake. Friday there's a basketball quad, with the Bears hosting Eagle Grove. Finally next Saturday the varsity Bears will play at Garner.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. 

I'm Lee Brashear.

I'm Bridget Murphy.

And I'm Ashli Krieps. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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