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March 20, 2010

Good morning! I'm Rebeccah Erdman!

And I'm Taylor Brandenburg! Thanks for joining us for "The Bear Facts", the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Last Saturday the Golden Bear speech team competed in the state speech contest at Sibley. They had a very good day, bringing home eleven Division One or Excellent ratings and just six Division Twos. Anna Kollasch received I's in Musical Theatre and Storytelling; Jake Rosenmeyer was judged excellent in Literary Program and Prose; and Philip Detrick got top honors in Acting and Improvisation. Also earning I's were Lizzy Hohmeister in Acting, Andrea Altman and Rebeccah Erdman in Poetry, and Michael Fakler and Michael Hellman in Literary Program. Congratulations to Coaches Mary McCall and David Burrow and the speech team!

Two of these students learned Monday that they had received the highest possible honor in speech. Anna Kollasch and Philip Detrick were named Outstanding Performers and will perform on March 29 at the All-State Speech Festival at the University of Northern Iowa. Anna went to all-state with her storytelling selection "Doobie, Doobie, Moo", where farm animals enter a singing competition. Philip was judged outstanding in Improvisation. At state he showed his creativity by coming up with a skit about a maid and a plastic surgeon who were trapped in a bathroom. Congratulations to these all-staters!

The other big honors this past week were for the Golden Bear danz squad. The dancers competed last Saturday at the Champion Dance Nationals in Los Angeles. They went up against some of the best dance teams in the country, and they made an extremely good showing. The Bears took home the first place trophy for their pom routine. They also finished second with their kick routine and placed third in hip-hop. Congratulations on their awesome showing at nationals to Coaches Colleen Conway-Schiltz and Barb Stence and all the Golden Bear danz squad.

Next weekend the BGHS drama department will be presenting their spring play. This year's show is Sabrina Fair, the stage version of a popular movie from the '50s. It tells about an American girl who falls in love in Paris. Sophomore Lizzy Hohmeister will be playing the title roll of Sabrina. The play also features seniors Rebeccah Erdman, Brittany Berte, and Cassie Reising; juniors Alex Hamilton, Nora Krahenbuhl, Michael Fakler, Becky Jennings, Anna Kollasch, Michael Hellman, and Jake Rosenmeyer; and sophomores Austin Salz and Philip Detrick. Rosalind Gomez and Anne Studer are directing the production. The curtain will go up next Friday and Saturday at 7:30, so be sure to see Sabrina Fair.

While we took a couple weeks off because of the state basketball tournament, intramural basketball is back in full swing. We'll be finishing up the regular season of intramurals tomorrow, with playoffs the following weekend. It's been an interesting year, and every team now has at least one win on the season. So far sophomore Mitch Rahm is the top scorer for the season. He's racked up 145 points in six games. Mitch's team is #2 in the rankings overall right now. The #1 team has four of the top ten players: Jacob Behr with 124 points, Mike Mergen with 107, Joe Golwitzer with 97, and David Reding with 85 points. Also in the top ten are Lucas Eischen, Drew Magill, Zach Zittritsch, Tyler Lallier, and John Richter. The top girls' player is Ashley Bode, who was also last week's player of the week with 18 points in the girls win over the sophomore boys.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Jessie DeRoos and Amy Rasmussen. Here to tell you about them is Cassie Reising.

Jessie DeRoos really enjoys her health classes and has been looking at a career in health care. She has been active in HOSA, and she now works at the Algona Manor Care Center. She's learning even more about caring for people in her religion class, where she and Dana Miller are paired up. We wish Jessie all the best in the future.

Amy Rasmussen is a cheerleader who plays the clarinet in band and enjoys speech. She has also been active in track and cross-country over the years. When she's not at Garrigan you might see her working in the floral department at Hy-Vee. Amy plans to attend the University of Iowa next year, and we wish her good luck.

Thanks, Cassie! On our Golden Bear calendar, spring begins today. Tomorrow we'll finish the regular season of intramurals and the danz squad will have their clinic and spring show. 

Monday boys golf practices start. Then Wednesday the sophomore class will be touring area businesses. Thursday we'll have mass at St. Cecelia's, and that night there's a VIRTUS training session for people who want to volunteer in the school.

The third quarter ends next Friday. That night is opening night for Sabrina Fair, with curtain time at 7:30. The show will conclude next Saturday.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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