"Bear Facts" (May 20, 1999)

Good morning! I'm Sarah Reel!

And I'm Nikki Fickbohm! Welcome to the "Bear Facts," your weekly radio update from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Last Tuesday the student council honored the Class of '95 with the annual senior banquet. The highlight of the evening was the announcement of which students had been voted "tops" in different areas by their classmates. Tony Kisch and Neta Seiler were voted "Most Athletic", while Brian Mergan and Nicole Loebach won "Most Musically Talented". The "Best Dancer" award went to Tony Grandgenett and Jodi Elsbecker, and in the "Most Outgoing" category, the top girl was Farrah Garman while the boys had a tie between Tony Grandgenett and John McMahon. Tony Grandgenett was also voted the boy with the best sense of humor, while Farrah Garman and Netta Seiler tied as the most amusing girls.

In the category of "Friendliest", Tony Grandgenet and Tracy Studer tied among the boys, while the top girls were Brandie Illg and Anita Laubenthal. Steve Froehlich and Becky Berte won the "Most School Spirit" honors, and John McMahon and Farrah Garman topped the "Best Dressed" list. Jeremy Elbert and Anita Laubenthal were voted the "Cutest Couple", while a special "Odd Couple" award went to John Erpelding and Sara Thilges. Aaron Twait was the boy selected "Most Likely to Succeed", while the girls had a tie between Sara Thilges and Sara Ulses. Both of them are most likely to succeed.

In addition to all the traditional awards, some of the honors were just for fun. For instance, the seniors decided that Steve Froehlich and Darcy Weber were the "Biggest Mouths", and Chris Molacek, Steve Froehlich, and Farrah Garman were the "Silliest" in the class. Steve Bormann and Rene LaFleur won the "Craziest" honors, while Rob Cruise and Kati Lind were named "Rowdiest".

Tony Kisch and Sara Thilges were the "Biggest Brown-Nosers", and the "Bigest Flirts" in the senior class were O.J. Froehlich and Patty VonRuden. Brandie Illg was judged the "Sexiest Girl", but three different hunks tied for "Sexiest Boy". That honor was split by John Erpelding, Bill Froehlich, and Miguel Karlen.

All that's left for the Class of '95 is final exams and graduation. Over the years, they've made quite an impact on the school, though. They're the only class in recent years that won the Homecoming competition in both their junior and senior years. Class members have won a variety of honors, including National Merit scholarships and all-state awards in sports, music, and speech.

Other honors that members of this class have won include the Outstanding Female Athlete at the Drake Relays and the title of Teenage Miss Iowa. Girls in the class have won all the agricultural royalty positions in Kossuth County, and one dancer was honored with an appearance at the Orange BOwl. Class members have broken records in every sport, and the cheerleaders started a new era of advanced, athletic cheers. Finally, the Class of '95 is probably the only class anywhere, anytime with an intramural basketball team that sells its own line of officially licensed clothing.

Baseball season starts next week. While the crowds may be boycotting the major leagues after the strike last season, we're expecting them to turn out in record numbers to cheer on the Golden Bears. Last year was the Bears' first season in the North Central Conference, and they started things off right by winning the conference championship. Coach Gene Meister is looking for even better things this year, with returning players like four-year veteran catcher Jerome Schiltz. The season opens with a double-header at home featuring the Bears against West Bend/Mallard. It all starts next Tuesday at 5:30pm.

While baseball is starting up, the spring sports are winding down. The girls' state track meet is this weekend at Drake University. Senior Renetta Seiler is hoping to repeat her state championships in the shot put and discus. Netta has been recruited by colleges large and small, from Buena Vista and Loras to Iowa and Kentucky. Everybody seems to want her throwing arm. Junior Laurie Fickbohm also qualified for this year's state track meet. Coaches Julie Collison and Amy Matuska will be tracking her time as she competes in the 200-meter in Des Moines.

The boys' track team had their best meet of the season last weekend at CYO. The Bears earned a second place in the medley relay; a third place finish in the 4 by 200-meter relay; fourth place finishes in the 4 by 100, the 4 by 400, and the shot put; and a fifth place finish in the 400-meter hurdles. The Bears ended up fourth overall. They qualified two events for next week's state track meet--the medley and 4 by 200-meter relays. Ryan Ludwig, Weston Wunder, Tony Kisch, Tony Elbert, and Bill Froehlich will all run for the Bears in Des Moines. Phil Ross and Greg Ahlers coach the Golden Bear boys' track team.

As we head toward graduation, our Senior Spotlight shines on Matt Berte and Doug Janssen. To fill us in on them, here's Danielle Elbert.

You may have seen Matt Berte zipping around town in his classic Volkswagen bug. Matt is a former band member who was a stand-out on the No-Names intramural basketball team. Away from school this St. Joe native enjoys spending time with his family. Good luck, Matt.

Doug Janssen is the oldest member of the Class of 1995. He transferred to Bishop Garrigan from Algona High School, and he's said several times that changing schools was definitely the right decision for him. After he leaves Garrigan, he'll be off to join the United States Navy, so we give Doug a big military salute!

Thanks, Danielle! On our calendar today the girls' state track meet finishes up, and there's a Dance Connceciton recital in the Garrigan gym.

Tomorrow afternoon there will be a Taekwondo exhibition at Garrigan. On Monday the seniors start their final exams, and it's locker clean-out day for the freshmen. Monday night the faculty will celebrate their spring fling get-together.

Tuesday the seniors finish their finals. The sophomores will clean out their lockers, and there's a senior retreat from 1-5pm. Baseball season starts Tuesday night, with the Bears hosting a doubleheader against West Bend/Mallard.

Wednesday is the annual track potluck. It's also locker clean-out day for the juniors. Then on Thursday at 10:45 we'll have a special mass for the Feast of the Ascension.

Thursday afternoon there will be a special assembly to send off the Golden Bear quiz bowl team who qualified for the National Academic Championship. The public is invited to the Garrigan gym at 2:45 to honor the team.

Thursday night will be baccalaureate for the Class of 1995. Mass will be held in the Garrigan gym at 7:30pm, with a special reception immediately afterwards.

Friday there's boys' state golf in Iowa City and boys' state track in Des Moines. The baseball team will be playing at Spencer. We'll dismiss classes at 2:15 Friday to start the Memorial Day holiday.

State track and golf continue on Saturday. Then on Sunday it's time for graduation, with the festivities set for 1pm in the Garrigan gym.

That's the Bear Facts for another week. Thanks for listening, and be sure to tune in next Saturday for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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