"The Bear Facts"

FEBRUARY 21, 1998

(Episode #198)

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Good morning! I'm Jeremy Richter!

And I'm Tim Mosbach! Welcome to another episode of the "Bear Facts", KLGA's weekly broadcast from Bishop Garrigan High School.

It's that time of year again! You guessed it. The annual BGHS pops concert is right around the corner. This year's theme is "On Tour", and it will feature music from shore to shore. Selections will include "California Dreaming", "Kansas City", and "Sweet Home Chicago" to be performed by the concert and jazz bands. Small group performances will include such songs as "Let It Be" and "When You Say Nothing at All". The freshman choir will be singing "American Pie", and such numbers as "ABC" and "New York, New York" will be performed by the a capella and varsity choirs. As always the concert finale will be "He Never Failed Me Yet", and we remind alumni to brush up on their moves.

Be sure to mark your calendar, and join us on March 5th or 6th for an evening of music and entertainment. This year there will be a slight variation in ticket sales. Guests may either purchase table seats for four dollars or bleacher seats for three dollars. There will be a limited number of table seats available, so be sure to plan ahead. Tickets may be purchased at BGHS starting next Monday, February 23rd. Showtime is 7:30, with popcorn and beverages provided. Be sure to be there, because we're all looking forward to seeing you "on tour".

Next Thursday, February 26, twenty-six Garrigan students will be in Carroll for the Diocesan Honor Band. They will rehearse through the day and present a concert in the evening. Among those attending will be seniors Ruby Bode, Katie Elbert, Carrie Kohlhaas, Jenessa McGuire, and Jamie Schmidt. The junior honor band members are Adam Foertsch, Phil Kramer, Paul McNertney, Abby Rahm, Mike Reel, Jessica Richter, Anne Smith, and Rachel Studer.

Among the sophomores attending the honor band will be Louis Bode, Andrew Bormann, Josh Harp, Jen Reinhart, and Tyler Struck. Finally there's the freshmen. They include Tanya Broesder, Amanda Freking, Ellie Reising, Angie Kohlhaas, Annette Long, John Steier, and Marian Studer. So, if you get the chance, head down to Carroll next Thursday to see the best Garrigan musicians in action.

The intramural basketball season is half over, and so far things have been a little bit tamer than last year. Team number 4, whose members call themselves the Fire Ants, are in the lead so far, with a perfect 4-0 record. Justin Roethler is the top scorer overall. He's racked up 68 points so far. Former varsity Golden Bear Michael Courtney is in second place with 64, and close behind are Joe Lucas, Jake Sutter, Josh Forburger, Jeff Geving, Josh Kohlhaas, Mike Cowan, and Dean Boever. Each team will have four more regular season games, and then there's the big play-off at the end of March.

The intramural referees are the varsity Golden Bears. The boys will be starting play-offs next week, and according to scrappy senior Tom Twait, they'll "be taking things one game at a time". Monday the Bears will be facing Prairie Valley of Gowrie in a district quarterfinal at St. Ed's. If they win on Monday, they'll be in Fort Dodge again next Thursday, to play either Eagle Grove or St. Ed's. The boys have played hard all season, and we wish them the very best in play-offs.

The Golden Bear girls are already making their way down the play-off path. They beat Britt West Hancock on Tuesday, and tonight they'll be playing at home in the regional tournament. The Bears will be playing North Iowa tonight at Friedman Auditorium. If they win tonight, their next action will be Tuesday in the regional semi-final. If they win that night, they'll play next weekend for the right to return to state. Good luck to the Golden Bear girls!

This week's Senior Spotlight shines on Sadie Kohlhaas. Here with her life story is Katie Elbert.

Sadie Kohlhaas is a National Honor Society member who is also active in the Garrigan danz squad. Her work has earned her a selection to the All-Iowa Honor Drill Team. She is also involved in both the regular and jazz choirs, and she enjoys running in track. Sadie has also been active in large group speech, and she has been manager for the volleyball team. Sadie will be off to college next year, and we wish her all the best.

Thanks, Katie! On this week's Golden Bear calendar, there's girls' regional basketball tonight, with the Bears hosting North Iowa. Then tomorrow at 1:15 intramural action resumes.

Monday the boys face Prairie Valley in their district opener. Then on Tuesday there's the girls' regional semi-final.

The 25th is Ash Wednesday, the starting day of Lent. We'll have a prayer service here at Garrigan at 10:50am. Then on Thursday there's the diocesan honor band, and the boys' district semi-finals.

The girls' regional finals, the equivalent of sub-state, will be next Friday or Saturday. Finally, we'll have the district individual speech contest right here at Garrigan.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for listening, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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