The Bear Facts
December 22, 2018

(Jngle bells ring)

Good morning! Season痴 greetings, happy holidays, and Merry Christmas! I知 Abbi Heying!

I知 Amanda Miller!

I知 Emma Fogarty!

I知 Meredith Tigges!

And I知 Reese Rosenmeyer! Welcome to a special episode of the 釘ear Facts, where we池e getting ready for Christmas here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

Christmas is always a time of giving and helping out those in need, and we致e done a lot of that here at school. Last Friday we packaged thousands of meals that will help out needy people in the South. We致e also raised money to send goats to Haiti in a project to help our twin parish at St. Jeanne de Chantal. Student council members joined kids from all over the Top of Iowa Conference in sorting toys for the Salvation Army in Mason City, and at the basketball games with Algona High last night we helped raise money for those who are fighting cancer.

The whole building at Garrigan has been decorated for the holidays, and some of the displays are really interesting. Science teacher Beany Bode had a display that showed the difference傭oth in looks and energy use傭etween old Christmas lights and new LED lights. He also had a tree where the decorations were models of DNA produced by the biology students. There痴 more traditional displays elsewhere in the building, and they致e all gotten us in a festive mood.

For the past twenty years on the 釘ear Facts we致e done a Christmas survey, where we致e asked students questions about the holidays. We asked people what they池e doing over Christmas vacation. Some people have big plans. Abbi and Logan Heying are heading for Ireland, Mr. Burrow is going to Canada, Bailey Kollasch will be in Texas, Andrea Pacheco is off to California, and Carlie Langerman will be spending the holidays in Utah.

A lot of people are staying around home or maybe visiting relatives who live close by. Kellen Murphy says he値l be eating KFC. Jordan Hansen will be busy working at Bear Care, doing clinicals at Good Sam, and visiting with family and friends who are home from college. Kiana Book says what she値l be doing is thanking God she doesn稚 have to wear a uniform for eleven straight days. The single most common activity over Christmas vacation, though, will be sleeping.

Our next question was 展hat do you want for Christmas? Money was by far the number one answer, with clothes coming in a close second. New headphones were also a popular choice. Ashley Franklin says she wants a bag of potatoes, Bryce Capesius wants a pole for ice fishing, Collin Casey said he wants cattle supplies, Marguerite Fakler wants a dog, and Marcus Plathe says he wants to be Mr. Burrow痴 favorite student.

Several people put an Apple watch on their Christmas list. At the other end, Mr. Bode said he doesn稚 want anything for Christmas, because he痴 spoiled already. Then there痴 John Joyce. He said he wants world peace for Christmas, but we池e pretty sure he壇 be happy if he could get the big boot off his foot and get back to playing basketball.

We asked people the strangest food they致e had for Christmas. Carolyn Hough said that would be either rabbit or dove. Kelly Baade痴 weirdest holiday food was squirrel, and Sean Davis remembered one year when they couldn稚 make it to the family Christmas, so they ended up having pizza.

While a lot of people said they never eat anything weird, some other strange foods included liver pat, pickle wraps, oyster stew, herring, and pig brains. White jello, olives, fried ice cream, and Irish soda bread. Some other unique responses came from Jack Snyder, who said 田andles, and Samantha McIntire, who said her strangest Christmas food was 努henever my aunt decides to make something new.

The next question was 展hat痴 your favorite Christmas song? Alex Mammen spoke for many people when he said 的 hate them all, but there were a lot of other answers. Kelle Bormann was one of many who selected the often criticized 釘aby, It痴 Cold Outside. Derrick Kirsch said 笛ingle Bells葉he death metal version, and Julia Berte said 的 Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.

Hollis Bode痴 favorite song was 釘lue Christmas, Jenna Heinen likes 敵o Tell It on the Mounain, and both Halle Menke Angelo Winkel prefer 鄭ll I Want for Christmas Is You. Other popular holiday songs included 展hat Child Is This, 鼎hestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, 展hite Christmas, 鉄ilent Night, and 添ou池e a Mean One, Mr. Grinch. We壇 like to join Isaiah Plathe, though, in wishing all of you a 滴olly, Jolly Christmas.

Our final question was 展hat痴 your strangest Christmas memory? For Kyle Schaaf that was having his parents put up the Christmas tree in the kitchen instead of the family room. Gabe Trainer said his weirdest memory was leaving fudge in the oven so long that it started on fire. He also said his strangest Christmas food was 澱urnt fudge.

Aric Laubenthal痴 strangest memory was putting five layers of frosting on a cookie, and Andrew Arndorfer remembers being sick on Christmas as a kid, and Kurt Condoleon once got sick at Christmas while swimming in a public pool. Cade Winkel was one of several people who recalls getting coal for Christmas.

Colby Graves weirdest memory was waking up under the Christmas tree, while Austin Von Bank remembers jumping off a roof into a snowbank. Cora Ricke remembers kittens climbing up in her Christmas tree and hiding, and Veronica Capesius remembers her brother getting a BB gun for Christmas and earning the nickname 迭alphie. Then there痴 both John and Joseph Meis. For both of them the weirdest memory was when the Christmas tree fell on their grandma.

Because of the holiday, we池e skipping our Senior Spotlight this week. There痴 two weeks of events on our calendar, but it痴 light because it痴 Christmas vacation.

There痴 nothing at all on the calendar all next week, except for Christmas Day next Tuesday. Basketball practices will resume toward the end of the week.

January 1st is New Year痴 Day, and classes will resume on Thursday, January 3rd. Friday the 4th we値l have a basketball quad, with the Bears traveling to Britt to play West Hancock.

That痴 our last 釘ear Facts for 2018. We値l be off next week because of Christmas vacation, but be sure to join us again on Saturday, January 5,for our first 釘ear Facts of 2019. Until then


(Jingle bells ring)