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January 22, 2010

 Good morning! I’m Kelsie Berke!

 I’m Becca Molsberry!

 And I’m Kristin Berte! Welcome to the “Bear Facts”, the radio show where every week we keep you updated on everything that’s going on at Bishop Garrigan High School.

 The Golden Bear math team has been short of numbers at most of their meets this year, mostly because of conflicts with other events. They took just three people to a Great Plains Math League qualifying tournament last weekend. In spite of that, they had a very good day. The team of Austin Salz, Jenny Broesder, and Jake Hamilton qualified for state, which will be held in April in Iowa City. In addition, Jake won a medal for finishing in third place among all the freshmen competing. Congratulations, math team!

 Math team wasn’t the only group to do well last Saturday. The Golden Bear quiz bowl team had their best showing in any tournament ever. Two Garrigan teams played each other in the championship round, which meant Garrigan took both first and second places at the Twin Lakes Academic Festival at Sioux Central. The team of Michael Hellman, Dustin Miller, and Levi Bernhard ended up winning the championship. They beat their classmates Jake Rosenmeyer, Anna Kollasch, and Michael Fakler by just five points—200 to 195. Zach Scobba, Matthew Fakler, and Allison Frideres also did well, finishing with a 4 – 1 record on the day.

 Garrigan quiz bowl will be competing in a regional tournament in Omaha in March, and then they’ll make a return trip to the National Academic Championships, which this year will be Memorial Day weekend in New Orleans. To help raise money for nationals, the quiz bowl team is hosting a friendly trivia competition, and they’re inviting people from the community to participate.

 The entry fee is $25 per team, with additional donations accepted. Anyone in the community is welcome to compete, and we encourage families or groups from businesses or clubs to participate. The community tournament will take place Friday, March 18. You can contact quiz bowl captains Jake Rosenmeyer or Anna Kollasch for more information.

 We have school masses most Wednesdays at Garrigan, but last Wednesday’s mass was different. We celebrated “misa en espaňol” or Spanish mass. Seniors in Mrs. Peterson’s Spanish IV class read the different readings in Spanish, the choir sang two Spanish hymns, and Fr. Raemaker, who at one time served in Mexico, presented the liturgy in Spanish and did a bilingual homily. The mass helped us to be more aware of our fellow Catholics throughout the Americas.

 This morning many Garrigan students are headed over to Laurens for the district large group speech contest. Head coach Mary McCall and her assistant David Burrow have been working hard getting all the different events ready for contest. With all the snow days and late starts we’ve had, there hasn’t been time for as many practices as we’d have liked, so we’re hoping everyone has a decent performance today.

 Anna Kollasch, Michael Hellman, Jenny Broesder, Jake Rosenmeyer, and Michael Fakler are in the one-act play. The varsity reader’s theatre features Rachel Berte, Jenny Broesder, Andrea Altman, Lizzy Hohmeister, Erica Carlson, Allison Frideres, Alissa Kirsch, and Janet Kenyon. There are three acting ensembles, which include Rachel Berte, Jake Rosenmeyer, Amelia Golwitzer, Matthew Fakler, Lizzy Hohmeister, and Michael Fakler.
 Becky Jennings, Brie Blocker, Ryya Kumm, Melanie Mergen, Erica Carlson, MaKayla Foertsch, Logan Kumm, Hannah Boisjolie, and Janet Kenyon are entered in mime. The freshman reader’s theatre features Anna Hohmeister, Erin Quinlin, Sabrina Book, and Taylor Hovey. In musical theatre, you’ll hear Anna Kollasch, Dustin Miller, Philip Detrick, Shawn Vaske, Taylor Hovey, Anna Hohmeister, and Erin Quinlin.

 There’s a new short film category this year, and Austin Salz, Craig Kohlhaas, John Richter, and Sam Evers are entered in it. The final category is group improvisation, which includes Drew Magill, Philip Detrick, Hannah Boisjolie, Austin Salz, Craig Kohlhaas, Matthew Fakler, Melanie Mergen, Kara Eischen, Corey Weydert, Jake Hamilton, Neal Koob, and Sean Hart. Break a leg, large group speech!

 Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Michael Hellman. Here to tell you about him is Aimee Dahlhauser.

 Michael Hellman is heavily involved with speech, drama, and music. He has also been to nationals in quiz bowl three times, and he’s looking forward to making a fourth trip this summer. Michael is a manager for basketball and cross-country, and he’s also involved in intramurals. He’ll be off to college next year, and we wish Michael all the best in the future.

 Thanks, Aimee! On our Golden Bear calendar, there’s large group speech contest today at Laurens. Then tomorrow afternoon intramural basketball continues.

 Tuesday the basketball Bears will travel to Clear Lake. Then Wednesday and Thursday the senior class will have their retreat in Cedar Falls.

 The school board meets on Thursday. That night the freshman basketball players will host West Hancock. Friday the varsity Bears host Hampton—Dumont. Then next Saturday there’s more basketball, with Garrigan traveling to Garner—Hayfield.

 That’s the “Bear Facts” for another week. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to join us again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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