The Bear Facts ... September 22, 2007

Good morning! I'm Lee Brashear!

And I'm Allison Missal! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", the radio show where each week we keep you up to date on all the news at Bishop Garrigan High School. 

The annual Garrigan calendar drive ended this past week, and it was another great success. During the two-week event, Garrigan and Seton students sold two thousand six hundred eighty-one school event calendars. Mr. Wieland's team at Seton finished in first place overall, while at Garrigan Mr. Kohlhaas and Deacon Larson's team took top honors. Other top teams include Mrs. Even's and Mrs. Kohlhaas' teams at Seton and the team headed by Mrs. Miller and Miss McCall at Garrigan.

Garrigan sophomore Brett Capesius was the top seller overall, taking over that honor from his brother who graduated last year. Brett sold 80 calendars, edging out Casey Arndorfer, who sold 75. Bridget Murphy finished in third place, Kendra Roethler was fourth, Paige Fox fifth, and Samantha Kollasch sixth. Holly Byrkeland, Jake Rosenmeyer, and Mallory Bormann were seventh, eighth, and ninth. There was a tie for tenth place between Melanie Myers and Cassie Reising, each of whom sold 22 calendars. Other top sellers include Christopher Schmidt, Tyler Lallier, Laura Richter, Brian Patterson, and Emily Bell; as well as Emma Plathe, David Miller, Katrina Even, Jake Kayser, Dorothy Kirsch, and Lydia Reding.

The money raised from the calendar drive goes to support the school's transportation budget. Over the summer we bought a red van to help get people to and from school events. In the near future we'll be updating the school suburbans, and new buses are also in the future plans. With gas prices going higher and higher, a lot of schools are cutting back on transportation or charging students fees to travel to out-of-town events. At Garrigan, though, the calendar drive helps us to keep transportation costs reasonable.

While Homecoming is still three weeks away, this past week the senior class nominated the royal court for this year's event. The queen candidates for 2007 are Katie Boeckholt, Carrie Courtney, Macy Fickbohm, Meredith Meyers, and Gina Rasmussen. On the king side, candidates include Lee Brashear, David Frideres, Mike Garman, Shane Koob, and John Parrish. Congratulations to our Homecoming royal court!

People sometimes wonder what the teachers do when school dismisses early for in-service. This past week the teachers saw a presentation on our school's annual progress report and comprehensive improvement plan. Any report like that always combines good news and bad news. The teachers learned that there were some goals we fell short in that will need more work in the coming years, but they also found Garrigan and Seton were far above both the state and national averages on achievement test scores.

The scrip program has become well established at Garrigan. Every week parents, teachers, and friends of the school buy thousands of dollars worth of gift cards for local and national businesses. With each scrip purchase, a portion of the price is donated directly back to the school. At Garrigan, most families use this money to reduce the cost of their own children's tuition, though some people who no longer have students here put their earnings into a tuition assistance fund that supports anyone who needs help to attend our school. Jill Book and Barb Stence coordinate the scrip program at Garrigan.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Shane Koob. Here with the details on him is Macy Fickbohm.

Shane Koob is known as "Buddha" by all his friends. That's even the name on the good luck poster on his locker. Buddha is one of the returning letterwinners who is at the core of the Golden Bear football team. He's also a four-year member of the student council who is one of this year's senior class co-presidents. Shane is active in quiz bowl, and he's also been involved in choir, speech, and drama. Once football is over, he'll be competing in intramural basketball. Buddha will be a college man next year, and we wish him all the best in the future.

Thanks, Macy! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, the volleyball team is hosting the Bishop Garrigan tournament this morning. Then tomorrow autumn begins.

There's no school at Garrigan or Seton Monday, though the Algona Community schools are in session. Our teachers will be attending the Diocesan Ministries Conference in Spencer.

Monday night the cross-country team runs in the Algona meet at the Whittemore Golf Club. Also on Monday the JV football team plays at Mason City Newman.

Tuesday is picture day for the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. The volleyball team hosts Eagle Grove that night, and there's freshman football, with the Bears hosting Clarion.

Wednesday morning we'll have Healthy Activity Day, with everyone in school participating in four different activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Then on Thursday the volleyball team travels to Webster City.

Next Friday the football team travels to Manly to play Central Springs. Then on Saturday the Solid Gold Marching Band will compete in Algona Band Day.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Good day!

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