March 22, 1997

Good morning! I'm Jen Lighter!

And I'm Scott Reising! Welcome once again to the 'Bear Facts', your weekly radio update from Bishop Garrigan High School.

It's off to state for another group of Garrigan students today. The Golden Bear speech team has eleven entries in the state individual speech contest which is being held today in Manson. In Prose, Cindy Bormann will present 'The Waltz', while Jenessa McGuire will perform 'I'm the One Who Stands Out in a Crowd'. Katie Reising's Acting selection is ' Two Acts of God', and Jenni Krieps is performing 'Bubbles Goes to School'.

In the poetry category, Carrie Kohlhaas is presenting 'The Creation', while Jenni Krieps will be reading a parody of 'Cinderella'. Cindy Bormann's public address is 'The Strenuous Life', while Tiffany Meyer will present 'Stand Up!'. In Storytelling Julie Henkelvig is performing 'The Little Boy and the Giant', and Jenessa McGuire will tell the story of 'Guess How Much I Love You'. Then there's Radio News Announcing. Garrigan has two entries in that field: Katie Reising and Mark DeLange. To all our state-bound speech students, as well as Miss McCall and Mr. Burrow, we say, 'Break a leg!'

Yesterday we had an interesting afternoon at B.G.H.S. It was Alumni Career Day, a special day when past graduates came back to show us the different careers they are involved in today. Some graduated as recently as five years ago, while others go back to when Garrigan first opened in 1959. Their careers ranged from social work to architecture to nursing, and from lawyer to police officer to pilot. There was a veterinarian and a writer for the Des Moines Register, as well as a beautician and a bank vice president. It showed us that with our background from Garrigan we could go on to just about any career we desired.

The state tournament is over, but basketball fever continues at B.G.H.S. The final intramural tournament will be tomorrow afternoon, with the winners carrying home medals and the honor of being the best in the school for 1997. The top seed in this year's intramural tournament is the famous (or infamous) Screaming Stus. Half the school seems to wear the shirts and sweats of this team, which was named after 1995 graduate Tracey Studer. This year's Stus, nicknamed 'The Dream Scream', feature seniors Nick Bormann, Jake Eischen, Luke Erpelding, and Nick Frideres; together with Joe Henry, Nate Thilges, amd Mike Vaske, and sophomore Jay Servantez.

Moving up to second seed for the tournament is the group we call 'Team Anti'. Among their players are seniors Jeremy Kohlhaas, Cody Forburger, Kenny Kramer, Jeff Salz, and Jim Weber; junior Joe Bormann; sophomores Phil Kramer and Mike Reel; and freshmen Josh Forburger, Jake Kohlhaas, and Steve Grandgenett. This orange-clad team is now 5 and 3 for the season. Falling fast in the intramural standings are the Fire Ants, who were in first place, but now are third overall with a 4 and 3 record. The Ants include juniors Brian Kohlhaas, Jeff Geving, Mike Cowan, and Thad Wunder; as well as Jason Anderson and Andy Peterson. There's also sophomore Joe Lucas and freshman Eric Eischen.

Next on the list is the Atack Force, with a 3 and 5 record for the season. The core of this team is seniors Doug Mergen, Mark DeLange, Joe Lynch, Eric Reding, and Jamie Weydert. Sophomore Nick Thilges also plays for the team, and winter graduate Jeff Schneider helped them out at the start of the season. Rounding out the intramural pack is the team whose name has to do with aviation. The team includes junior Neal Elbert; sophomores Justin Roetler, Paul Richter, and Michael Bernhard; and freshmen Louie Bode, Jason Geving, Josh Harp, and Jesse Walker. This team takes a record of 0 wins and 7 losses into the playoffs.

With the pops concert over, the next big event at Garrigan is the spring play. This year Mrs. Ney and the drama department are presenting the courtroom drama 'Where Were You on the Night of January 16th?'. Seniors in the cast include Mark DeLange as Defense Attorney Stevens, Jen Lighter as Karen Andre, Cindy Bormann as Mrs. John Hutchins, Andi Mayer as Nancy Lee Faulkner, Scott McMahon as John Graham Whitfield, and Doug Mergen as Larry Regan. Among the other cast members are Sadie Kohlhaas, Beth Haag, Carrie Kohlhaas, Jamie Schmidt, and Katie Elbert. Others to watch for include Wade MacDonald, Tyler Struck, Jenessa McGuire, Brandy Youngwirth, and Tiffany Meyer. The play will be Friday and Saturday, April 4th and 5th.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on intramural stand-out Jake Eischen. Jake is the son of Rich and Kathy Eischen. He is originally from Wesley, but now he lives in Algona. Jake enjoys classes like Independent Art and Living for Singles. He also likes football and baseball, and he loves lobbing three-pointers for the Screaming Stus. We wish Jake the very best in the future.

There's three weeks worth of events on our Garrigan calendar, because of the upcoming Easter break. Today there's the state speech contest at Manson, and tomorrow--Palm Sunday--we'll have the intramural playoffs, beginning at twelve noon.

Monday boys' golf practice begins. Monday and Tuesday nights we'll have registration for next year's classes. Wednesday we'll have the Stations of the Cross at 1:00 in the Garrigan gym. That night is the annual winter sports potluck at the K.C. Hall.

Holy Thursday we'll dismiss at 2:15 for the Easter Break. We'll be off from Friday all the way through the following Wednesday, as the teachers attend a Catholic schools convention in Minneapolis.

School resumes on Thursday, April 3rd. The spring play is Friday and Saturday, April 4th and 5th. Then on Monday, April 7th, there's the All-State Speech Festival at UNI.

Tuesday, April 8th, the girls have their first track meet of the season, as they run at Clear Lake. The first boys' meet will be Friday the 11th at Clarion. That weekend, the 10th through the 12th, is the state Health Occupations convention in Des Moines.

That's the 'Bear Facts' for March. We'll be off for the next two weeks because of the extra-long Easter break at Garrigan. We wish all of you a Happy Easter, and we hope you'll join us three weeks from today, on Saturday, April 12th, when we'll bring you more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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