The    Bear    Facts

May 23, 1998

(Last Show for 1997-1998)

Good morning! I'm Brandon Donahe!

I'm Dennis Gisch!

And I'm Louie Bode! You're listening to the "Bear Facts". Welcome to our last episode of the year, coming to you straight from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Friday, May 15, is a day everyone at Garrigan will remember for a long, long time. We go through tornado drills every semester at Garrigan, but last Friday, for the first time in the thirty-nine year history of the school, the windstorm was for real. Most students spent the afternoon in the locker rooms. The power was off, and we could hear the wind rattling the heavy steel door to the parking lot. Given that nobody was hurt, it was really kind of a fun experience for most of us.

The school suffered quite a bit of damage in the storm, though. You've probably heard about the light tower that fell over on the football field and the bleachers and softball dugouts that were destroyed. Part of the gym roof was peeled away, which left a coating of sand all over the stage area. A tree fell on four of the faculty members' cars, and several students had windows blown out on their cars. There was also damage to the baseball batting cage, the softball fence, the carpet in the Spanish room, and the school's phone system. Several people worked hard to get things back in shape for graduation last Sunday, but it will take most of the summer before everything is back to normal.

Lots of awards were handed out to the Class of '98 at baccelaureate and graduation. Shelley Barth won the overall art award, while Kim Kramer was honored by the business department. The English department honored Jenny McAlpine and Carrie Kohlhaas, and Tim Mosbach and Shanna Froehlich were honored for their work in journalism. Jenessa McGuire and Katie Elbert won drama awards, and Neal Elbert was honored for technical work in theatre.

Kim Diers won the home ec award, while the foreign language department honored Jenni Krieps and Jamie Schmidt. Carrie Kohlhaas was named the top math student; Jenni McAlpine and Lynne Lappe were the top science students; and Tim Mosbach and Nate Fouarge were presented the technology award. Tom Twait received the school's social studies award, Tiffany Meyer was honored in speech, and Carrie Kohlhaas received awards for both band and choir. Religion awards went to Jamie Schmidt, Kim Kramer, Carrie Kohlhaas, and Katie Elbert; and Tim Mosbach won the achievement award from the Gifted and Talented program.

Other awards include the Principal's Award, which went to Tom Twait, and the D.A.R. award, which Jamie Schmidt received. The Bar Association award for citizenship went to Katie Elbert and Brian Kohlhaas. Nate Fouarge won the Algona Rotary's "Service Above Self" award, while Brandy Youngwirth was honored by the Bancroft Rotary. More than two-thirds of the class received scholarships from Bishop Garrigan foundations. The most prestigious among them, the Father Francis Conway Scholarship, was split by Carrie Kohlhaas, Tom Twait, and Jenni Krieps.

School may be out, but the season's not over yet for the track team. Ten girls are at the state meet in Des Moines this weekend. Ruby Bode qualified in the 3,000 meter run, while Angie Froehlich made it to state in the high jump. The 4 by 100 relay with Deanna Kohlhaas, Liz DeWaard, Lisa Boekelman, and Jill Erpelding, ran at state yesterday. Then there's the 4 by 800, which runs in Des Moines this morning. That relay includes Jenny McAlpine, Sadie Kohlhaas, Heather STence, and Angie Kohlhaas. Congratulations to Coaches Collison and Christianson, and all the girls' state qualifiers!

Boys' state track will be next weekend, and the boys have five events going to state. Junior Adam Sundall finished first at district in both the 3,200 and the 1,600 meter runs. Adam is also part of the state-bound medley relay, which also includes Mike Cowan, Thad Wunder, and Andy Laubenthal. Andy Laubenthal will also be running the 110 meter high hurdles at state. The last state qualifier was the 4 by 100 relay, which includes Mike Cowan, Thad Wunder, Paul Richter, and Tom Twait. Good luck at state to all these runners, and to their coaches--Greg Ahlers and Phil Ross.

The boys and girls of summer will be taking the field this coming week. Baseball season starts next Tuesday, when the Bears have a double-header at West Bend/Mallard. Returning seniors on this year's squad include Brian Kohlhaas, Mike Cowan, Chris Miller, Thad Wunder, and Tom Twait. The juniors on the baseball team are Mark Anderson, Chuck Rahm, Joe Lucas, and Jeremy Bartolo. Sophomores Eric Eischen, P.J. Vaske, John Mosbach, Sam Lickteig, and Tyler Struck will also see some varsity playing time. There's also a huge group of freshmen out for baseball. Among the frosh to watch are returning letterman Brad Nelson, as well as Scott McGuire and Ben Lickteig. Good luck to Coaches Meister and Matuska and the Golden Bear baseball team!

The softball girls start their season at the beginning of June. Nine seniors are returning this year. They include Ruby Bode, Lisa Boekelman, Katie Elbert, Kristin Richter, and Jill Erpelding; as well as Annie Potthoff, Jenny McAlpine, Jamie Schmidt, and Carrie Kohlhaas. Junior softballers include Katie Reding, Tracey Fickbohm, Jessica Richter, Anne Smith, and Julie Henkelvig. Then there's the sophomores, who include Angie Froehlich, Corrie Stetzel, Angie Weber, and Nicole Erpelding. Freshman Sara Reding rounds out this summer's softball team. Good luck to Coach Giles Struck and all the softball players!

There's one other team that will see some action this summer. The quiz bowl team will be busy, as they make their fourth straight trip to nationals. The team leaves Friday, June 5, for New York and Washington, D.C. Seniors Tim Mosbach, Jeremy Richter, and Nate Fouarge; juniors Abby Rahm, Rachel Studer, and Mike Reel; and sophomores Dennis Gisch, Jennifer Reinhart, and Tyler Struck will be representing B.G.H.S. at nationals. Good luck to Coach David Burrow and all the quiz bowl team!

There'll be some changes at Garrigan over the summer. Several teachers are switching rooms. Among them, math teacher Daryl Kohlhaas and business teacher Annette Vaske will be moving to rooms next to the computer lab. Also switching places are history teacher Phil Ross and math teacher Eileen Kadow. The board meeting room will also be re-located. In addition to all the moving, the building will be networked to computer computer and internet access throughout the school.

The Golden Bear calendar doesn't slow down much for summer. Today there's the girls' state track meet in Des Moines. Good luck to our 4 by 8 runners!

Monday the band will be playing for the Memorial Day festivities in Whittemore. Then on Tuesday baseball season begins, with the Bears travelling to West Bend/Mallard. Tuesday is also the last day of school for the Algona Community Schools.

Wednesday the baseball team plays Estherville, and there's a cheerleading stunt camp in the Garrigan gym. The gym is also in use Thursday and Friday for a dance school.

Next Friday the boys' track team will be heading to state, while the baseball team has their home opener against Spencer.

The summer's first softball game will be Tuesday, June 2, and on Friday the 5th, the quiz bowl team leaves for New York. CYO baseball is June 6-7, and the girls have CYO on the 13th and 14th.

Baseball play-offs begin July 14th, with the state tournament on the 30th. The softball team begins play-offs July 19, and their state tournament will be August 3.

Throughout August there are fall sports camps, as well as marching band camp. The teachers will be back at work on Wednesday, August 19, and--sad to say--school starts up again on Monday, August 24.

This show wraps up our sixth season of the "Bear Facts". Thanks to KLGA for continuing to air our show, and thanks to the sponsors for paying for it. Thanks also to all of you, for tuning in every week.

About seventy students announced or reported for the "Bear Facts" this past year. Thanks to all of them and to Mr. David Burrow, who serves as our faculty producer. We hope to be back with more news in the fall. Until then, a happy summer to all of you from all of us at Bishop Garrigan High School.

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