The Bear Facts

December 24, 2011

(Jingle bells ring)

Santa Claus:  Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, everybody! 

Thanks, Santa. I’m Craig Christmastime Kohlhaas!

I’m John Richter!

And I’m Alex Boisjolie! Thanks for joining us for a very special Christmas Eve edition of the “Bear Facts”. Happy holidays from all of us at Bishop Garrigan High School.

Service is always an important of what we do here at Garrigan, and it’s especially important at Christmas. Several groups at school have been working to make the holidays brighter for people in our area. One of those groups is student council, which adopted two families, which included four older children from the CARE Team’s list. They used part of the proceeds from the magazine drive last fall to help Santa help out those families. The Peer Helper class also adopted a CARE Team family, and they even created homemade wrapping paper for their gifts.

Garrigan students had a jeans day to raise money to help out needy kids at Christmas. The girls basketball team also got into the Christmas spirit. Each of the girls brought in toys, which Coach Brandon Schwab donated to help native American kids on the Omaha Indian Reservation. The Garrigan faculty also chipped in. They collected over $500 to buy special gifts for residents of our area nursing homes.

Probably the busiest group this Christmas has been Christian Leadership in Action. In addition to planning our Advent prayer services, back at the beginning of December Christian Leadership students helped out at the Mary’s Place mission in Minneapolis. Ever since Thanksgiving they’ve been collecting winter coats, as well as gloves, scarves, caps, and accessories. They’ve already filled three huge boxes, but donations will still be welcome after Christmas. 

Yet another group that’s been busy is Garrigan’s musicians. Choir members have been caroling at area nursing homes and in the homes of some who are sick. Members of the madrigal cast also participated in the Cornbelt Chorus’ holiday concert, and they have also provided holiday entertainment for a wide variety of community groups. Also tonight many Garrigan musicians will be performing as part of their parish church’s Christmas masses.

For many years now we’ve done a special holiday survey as part of our “Bear Facts” Christmas show. This year we began by asking people what they wanted for Christmas. Pillow pets are a popular item this year, but other answers ranged from a belt to I-pods to puppies to cars. Jonathan Berte said he wanted his toe back. World peace was on Shelby Schindler’s list, and among our “Bear Facts” announcers Craig Kohlhaas wanted six-pack abs. Then then there’s Alex “Danger” Boisjolie—who says he wants everyone in the whole wide world to be happy—and a girlfriend.

We asked people their plans over the holidays. Several people are traveling—with destinations including Florida, California, Indiana, South Dakota, and even Swea City. Most people are just resting up over the break. Adam Hamilton says he’ll be reading the Star Wars trilogy, Thomas Bradley says he’ll be watching TV all through vacation, and Haley Froehlich says she plans to spend the holidays just laying on the couch eating chips.

The other questions we asked were “What is your best Christmas memory” and “What is your worst Christmas memory”. Sometimes those went together. Alex Matthews, for instance, said his best memory was getting a sled, but the worst memory was when his sled broke. Cede Forburger’s worst memory was when no one woke her up to open presents, but Kimberly Schiltz started crying when she opened one of her presents—and found out it was Tele-tubbie in a beer box.

Snow was both a good and a bad memory for many people. Some people remember snowmobiling and snowball fights, but others remember getting stuck in ditches or at airports during the holidays. Joe Farrell says every Christmas has been a joy for him—even the one when he got stung by a man-of-war in the ocean in Florida. Lots of people mentioned delicious food they’d eaten on Christmas, but Jess Marlow’s worst memory was eating so much pie he got sick. Then there’s Philip Detrick, who said “There’s no such thing as a worst Christmas—every Christmas is the best.”

Our Senior Spotlight for Christmas shines on Jessica Springer. Jessica is an Algona native whose biggest activity over the years has been cheerleading. She was part of the competition cheer squad that won awards at state last year. In the past she was also in volleyball, and she has worked as a nurse’s aide. Jessica will be graduating at the end of the semester, and we wish her all the best of luck after high school.

On our Golden Bear calendar, we’re in the middle of our holiday break. Christmas is tomorrow, and the new year starts next Sunday.

School will start again at Garrigan and Seton on Tuesday, January 3rd. We’ll have parish busing that day, because the Algona Community Schools are not in session. That night the basketball teams host Eagle Grove, and we’ll be serving a hamburger supper to raise money to improve technology in the school.

Wednesday, January 4th is the Feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. We’ll have a rosary at Garrigan that afternoon. Then Thursday the freshman and JV boys play at Elmore, Minnesota.

Friday the 6th the Bears travel to Iowa Falls. Saturday the 7th there’s the North Iowa honor band in Mason City, and that night the basketball teams play at Corwith.

That’s the “Bear Facts” for 2011. We’ll be off next week because of the New Year’s holiday, but be sure to join us again two weeks from now. Until then, we wish the happiest of holidays to you from everyone here at Bishop Garrigan High School.


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