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October 24, 1998

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The Golden Bear cross-country team travelled all the way to the South Dakota border at Hawarden on Thursday for their district meet. They were well rewarded for the long trip, though--with two Golden Bears qualifying for state. Adam Sundall won the district championship, finishing the five kilometer course in just 16 minutes, 1 second, the fastest time of the day in the district and the fastest 1-A time in the state. Adam will be the favorite going into the state meet next Saturday in Fort Dodge. While, barring something unexcpected, he should win the 1-A championship, we're also hoping his state time is good enough to help him achieve his personal goal of being one of the five fastest runners in any class. Adam definitely has the ability to do that, and we'll all be watching to see how the state meet comes out.

The Bears' other state qualifier was exchange student Simone Adler, who had a seventh place finish at district. She completed the two-mile girls' course in 12 minutes, 58 seconds. Simone is the first BGHS girl to qualify for state. She also set a school record by earning nine cross-country medals over the course of the season. Congratulations, Simone!

Several other Golden Bears ran good races at district. Senior Doug Besch completed his high school cross-country career with a tenth place finish, while junior Nate Frideres improved his district time by more than a minute over last year. Then there's freshmen like Mike Loebach, who always runs near the back of the pack, but whose time has gone down steadily throughout the year. Mike achieved another personal best at district. On the girls' side, sophomore Angie Kohlhaas has earned five medals this season, and she has consistently been the Bears' second runner. Angie improved all year long, and she should be at the core of next year's team.

The Golden Bear football team also made school history last week. For the first time ever, Garrigan fifty-pointed another team. It wasn't like the team was really trying to dominate, but the touchdowns kept adding up, and by midway through the third quarter the game ended at 50 to nothing. The Bears continue to be rated at the top of the district, and with one game left next week, we hope that's where they'll stay when the regular season is over.

Three Garrigan sophomores are in Hampton this morning, auditioning for the All-State Music Festival. Janet Kamer and Kelly Kohlhaas are hoping to sing their way into the All-State Choir, while Angie Kohlhaas is trying out for the All-State Orchestra. The All-State Music Festival will take place in Ames in mid-November, and the festival concert will be broadcast on public television over the Thanksgiving weekend. Good luck to all our All-State auditioners.

Tomorrow, right after turning back their clocks, about fifty Garrigan students will be headed to Carroll for the annual Sioux City Dicese Yough Rally. The event is designed to help teenagers get more in touch with themselves and their faith. Among the sessions they will attend are "Christ Is My Coach", "What's Love Got to Do with It?", "A Kaleidoscope of Culture", and "Knock, Knock--Who's There ... Experiencing a Variety of Prayer Forms". There's also lots of music, two masses, and a big dance for the whole group. More than 1,500 teenagers from all over northwest Iowa will be in Carroll for the event.

Last week the Golden Bear quiz bowl team opened their season with their home tournament here at Garrigan. One team from BGHS advanced to the play-offs at the tournament. They were seeded eleventh out of sixty teams after the preliminary rounds, and they fell in the quarter-finals to Spencer, who eventually finished third overall. The Garrigan play-off team included captain Angie Kohlhaas, Nate Frideres, Ellie Reising, Louie Bode, and Brooke Buscherfeld. Congratulations!

This week's Senior Spotlight shines on Anthony Gervais and Jeremy Bartolo. Here with the scoop on them is Rachel Studer.

You may have seen Anthony Gervais working at McDonalds. At school he enjoys activities like art, and away from school he enjoys having fun and spending time with his friends. Anthony is looking at attending college next year, and we wish him all the best.

If you've followed Golden Bear football this fall, you've probably seen some big plays on special teams by Jeremy Bartolo. Jeremy also plays basketball, but his best sport is baseball. Jeremy is a catcher who set the school record for catching base stealers. He will be a college man next year. Good luck, Jeremy!

Thanks, Rachel. On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there's all-state auditions today. The BGHS musicians are auditioning in Hampton.

Tomorrow it's time to set those clocks back as daylight savings time ends. A group of ecology students will be making a field trip to Webster City, and another group is headed to the youth rally in Carroll.

Monday there's sophomore football at Clarion. Then on Tuesday the annual magazine drive begins. Tuesday night at 6:00, the volleyball team will have their awards potluck.

Wednesday the peer helper class is taking a field trip, and publications students will be selling yearbook ads. Next Friday the Golden Bear football team finishes their regular season by playing Southern Cal in Lake City.

Finally next Saturday is Halloween. There's state cross country. Also on Saturday is the Midwest Cheer Competition in Des Moines, and there's quiz bowl at Algona High.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to keep your dial set here next wee, when we'll be bringing you more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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