Good morning! I’m Hannah Boisjolie!

I'm Andrew McGuire!

And I’m Jason Reding! You’re listening to a special edition of the “Bear Facts”, where we’re celebrating Homecoming here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

The student council chose “Made in America” as our Homecoming theme for 2011, and we’ll be celebrating our country all this coming week. Monday will be “Patriot Day”, and then Tuesday everyone will dress to honor their favorite state. Wednesday we’ll have Class Color Day with the seniors in black, the juniors in white, the sophomores in green, and the freshmen in blue. Thursday is the traditional Black and Gold Day, and Friday will be dressing up to look our best.

We’ll kick off Homecoming week tomorrow when we’ll be building floats and making hoops for the sports teams to run through. The float-building sites ate Capesius Brothers Pioneer Seed, Reding Gravel and Excavating, Algona Marine and Sport, and Buscher Brothers. Wednesday is the big day for Homecoming. We’ll have the Battle of the Classes that day, with competitions in everything from kickball to trivia to hot dog eating. Wednesday night last year’s royalty, Jake Rosenmeyer and Katie Miller, will be back to crown our new Homecoming king and queen.

In addition to floats, skits, and games, for many years now our class competition has included a food drive. All through Homecoming week we’ll be bringing in cans and boxes for the Kossuth Food Pantry. We know there’s a lot of people struggling, and we hope our food donations will be able to help them out at least a little.

We’ll have a special Homecoming mass Friday morning, with Fr. Randy Schon coming back to Garrigan to celebrate. We’ll have an assembly with skits that afternoon, followed by the parade down State Street. Then following the game Friday night, the Muscle Shirts will be performing at our big Homecoming dance.

Homecoming is a time when we celebrate all our fall activities, and everyone will be in town next week. The cross-country team will be running at River Road Monday in the Algona Invitational. Volleyball has a match at Humboldt on Tuesday, but then they host Clear Lake Thursday night. The Golden Bear football team plays Belmond—Klemme on Friday. Even the band is at home for Homecoming. They’ll be marching at Algona Band Day next Saturday.

Our Homecoming queen candidates for 2011 are Shelby Schindler, Kim Schiltz, Abbey Reding, Addison Miller, and Rachel Berte. This year’s king candidates are Austin Vaske, Grant Reding, Mitch Rahm, Daniel Gelhaus, and Alex Boisjolie. We wish good luck to them, and we hope everyone has a great Homecoming week.

We wrapped up the annual calendar drive this week, and it was a great success. While sales started slow, the final few days were incredible, and we ended up setting a new record with almost 3,000 calendars sold. Every team met its goal, and every student sold at least one calendar. The top seller was senior Bethany Capesius, who set a new high for individual sales. The money from calendars goes to pay for transportation expenses, and we thank everyone who bought a Garrigan calendar this year.

Last weekend teachers Beany Bode and Annette Vaske escorted a group of science students on a camp-out in southwest Iowa and Nebraska. The group visited the Omaha Zoo and went hiking in the Loess Hills near Council Bluffs. Then they had a campout Sunday night. Everyone enjoyed the trip, and they learned a lot about the environment.

There will be more traveling coming up next spring—this time for the Garrigan music department. The band and choir are making plans for a trip to New York March 13 through 17. They’re still finalizing the details, but both groups will be performing, and they’ll also see a show and tour the sights of Manhattan. We’ll keep you updated as the plans come together.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Craig Kohlhaas.  Craig Kohlhaas comes to Garrigan from the West Bend area. He’s probably best known for his accomplishments in football, but Craig has also been active in quiz bowl, speech, drama, and music, math team, track, and intramural basketball. You’re also likely to hear Craig as a regular announcer here on the “Bear Facts”. Craig has challenged himself with tough classes all through high school, and we know he’ll do well in college. Good luck, Craig!

Thanks, Hannah!  On our Golden Bear calendar this week, the Bears are hosting the BGHS volleyball tournament this morning. Tomorrow Homecoming week begins, with float construction starting at noon.

Monday is Patriot Day for Homecoming, and that night the cross-country team runs in the Algona Invitational at River Road. Tuesday will be Favorite State Day, and the volleyball team will travel to Humboldt that night.

Wednesday we’ll have the Battle of the Classes. That night there’s the Homecoming coronation and pep rally. Thursday is Black and Gold Day, and the volleyball team hosts Clear Lake that night.

Friday we’ll have mass at 10:40am. After lunch there’s a special assembly for skits, and then at 2pm there’s the parade down State Street followed by a pep rally at the courthouse. The football team plays Belmond—Klemme Friday night.

The cheerleaders will hold a clinic before the game, and we’ll be honoring baseball and softball award winners that night. After the game is the annual Homecoming dance. Then on Saturday the band competes in the parade and field competitions at Algona Band Day.

That’s the “Bear Facts” for this week. Thanks for listening, and join us again next week when we’ll update you on who won all the different Homecoming events at Bishop Garrigan High School.

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