The Bear Facts
February 25, 2006

Good morning! I'm Kelli Black!

And I'm Garrison Brosnan! You're listening to the "Bear Facts", the weekly radio update from Bishop Garrigan High School.

If you talked to most of the Golden Bear basketball players last week, they'd tell you they weren't really looking forward to having their playoff games in Pocahontas. Poky's gym is hot and cramped, not the best place to play. This year, though, the Bears found friendly confines in Pocahontas. Last Monday the Golden Bear boys beat Eagle Grove for the third time this year to win their district opener. Then on Wednesday they went back down to Poky and got a big win over Clarion Goldfield.

With the victories the Bears advance to the Class 2-A district championship. They'll play that game closer to home, in the Bulldog Gymnasium at Algona High. The district final will be next Tuesday at 7pm, and we invite everyone to head across town to cheer the Bears on to victory. A win on Tuesday would put the Bears in the substate final, which will be next Saturday night at Mason City High School. We wish continued good luck to starters Bob Geelan, Dan Garman, Ross Froehlich, Brian Capesius, and A.J. Doughan, and to all the Golden Bear basketball team.

Last weekend eight Garrigan students braved the cold and made the trip down to Ames for the Large Group All-State Speech Festival. The Bears' improvisation group earned rave reviews from the guest critic, who complimented their characterization and the way the group worked together. The groups' characters included Chris Loebach as a Russian ballet instructor and his students-Brandon Rowley as a frail old man, Ashley Waller as a ditzy blonde, Garrison Brosnan as a hick yokel, and Andrew Missal as the classic nerd. Garrigan's mime group-Shane Koob, Joe Dailey, Lizzie Mayer, and Ashley Waller-were also honored with medals at the all-state festival. Congratulations to all these speech students.

Individual speech is just around the corner. Bishop Garrigan will be hosting the district individual speech contest next weekend, the twenty-second straight year we've hosted district contest. The Bears will have seventeen students competing at districts. Seniors in individual speech include Sadie Foertsch, Gavin Freking, Amanda Golwitzer, and Andrew Missal. Also competing are juniors Anna Bormann, Chris Loebach, JoAnn Kirsch, Garrison Brosnan, Joe Dailey, and Alex Elbert; and sophomores Dylan Freking, Shane Koob, and Kendra Plathe. Rounding out the team are freshmen Jenna Richter, Sam Norland, Jade Kajewski, and Rebecca Brosnan. Good luck to coaches Mary McCall and Sarah Freking and all the individual speech students.

The long-awaited Garrigan music trip is less than a month away. This year's band and choir tour will take about half of our school's students all the way to Washington, D.C. and New York City. They'll tour the sites of both cities and make some special performances. They'll see a performance of Phantom of the Opera and watch a wreath-laying at Arlington National Cemetery. The music tour starts on Wednesday, March 22, and the group will return on Tuesday, March 28.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Amanda Steier and Amanda Golwitzer. Here with all the details is Laura O'Kane.

Amanda Golwitzer comes to Garrigan from Wesley. She's been extremely successful in speech, where she's been an all state honoree. She's also active in band, drama, Christian Leadership, and National Honor Society, and you may have heard her announcing here on the "Bear Facts". Amanda will be off to college next year, and we wish her good luck.

Amanda Steier is a Whittemore native who is probably best known for her accomplishments as an athlete. She has played several sports over the years, but her biggest success has been in basketball, where she's been a starter for the Golden Bear girls for two straight years. She was also part of the flag line for band last fall, and she's part of Christian Leadership in Action. We wish both Amandas continued success in the future.

It's a fairly quiet week on our Golden Bear calendar. There's an honor band today, and then next Tuesday the Bears will play in the district basketball championship at Algona High.

Next Wednesday is the start of church season of Lent. We'll have a special Ash Wednesday service at St. Cecelia's to start this holy season.

Next Friday the math team will compete at North Iowa Community College in Mason City. Saturday is the district speech contest, and that night we hope the Bears will be playing in the substate basketball finals over in Mason City.

That's the "Bear Facts" for February. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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