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October 25, 2008

Good morning! I'm Joe Straub!

And I'm Christopher Schmidt! Welcome to the "Bear Facts", the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Last weekend the Golden Bear quiz bowl team began their season at their home tournament, and they had one of the best tournaments ever. Five of the fifty-one teams in the tournament were from BGHS, and all five finished in the top half of the field. All except the freshman team were among the top sixteen teams that made playoffs, and Garrigan's top team-Joe Straub, Christopher Schmidt, Brittany Berte, and Jake Rosenmeyer-won the overall championship. This is only the second time ever and the first time in fourteen years that the Bears have won their home tournament.

The winning team racked up victories over North Sentral Kossuth, Emmetsburg, Algona High, Armstrong Ringsted, Humboldt, East Sac County, Aplington Parkersburg, and Twin River Valley. They were seeded second going into playoffs, but beat top-rated Boone to keep their record perfect and take the overall championship.

The win was one of two ways the Bears qualified to make their tenth trip to the National Academic Championships. Also last weekend senior Chris Hansen submitted a response on behalf the Bears in an online quiz sponsored by the Questions Unlimited, the company that organizes national quiz bowl. The Bears are tentatively planning to go to nationals in New Orleans over Memorial Day weekend next May. We'll tell you more about that as things develop.

There's more quiz bowl action today. Rebeccah Erdman, Michael Fakler, Jake Rosenmeyer, Rachel Berte, John Richter, and Jenny Broesder are down in Ankeny for one of the toughest meets of the year. They'll be facing mostly big schools from the Des Moines area, and the questions in Ankeny are tough. We'll tell you how things came out on next week's show.

Fourteen Garrigan music students left very early this morning. They headed over to Storm Lake, where they're auditioning for the 2008 All-State Choir. Hannah Bode and Brittany Berte already performed, and Nora Krahenbuhl and Alex Hamilton will be auditioning about half an hour from now. Around 10am the trio of Becky Jennings, Kayla Blocker, and Michael Hellman will perform. Then at 10:40 there will be an audition by Sarah Matthews, Rebecca Brosnan, Chris Hansen, and Alec Boeckholt. The final group-Cassie Reising, Anna Kollasch, and Sam Norland-will be performing at 11:51am. The top performers will be selected to perform at the All-State Music Festival in November.

 Last weekend sophomore Anna Kollasch represented Garrigan at the World Food Prize Symposium. Anna was one of 105 high school students who presented at the conference, and she finished among the top fourth of the group. Congratulations, Anna!

Tomorrow seventeen Garrigan students will be heading over to Spencer for the annual Diocese of Sioux City Catholic Youth Rally. Bethany Kirsch, Meghan Mayer, Holly Byrkeland, Jesie Rosenmeyer, Beth Kollasch, and Shanna Miller will be making the trip; as are Jenna Richter, Katie Molacek, Kristina Schiltz, Danielle Rahm, Cassie Reising, and Rachel Beletti. Rounding out the group are Kelly Rouse, Molly Brashear, Alicia Richter, Kelsie Berke, and John Richter. All these students are part of Garrigan's Christian Leadership in Action group, and they'll spend the day having fun and learning about ways to share God's love. Also at the rally Rob Meister will be receiving an award as the diocesan religion teacher of the year.

Christian Leadership has some other big activity coming up. Next week they'll have prayer services for Respect Life Month and All Saints Day. Also on Thursday, October 30, they'll be Trick-or-Treating with a twist. Instead of trying to get candy, they'll be going around to houses collecting canned goods for the Kossuth County Food Pantry. If you want to make sure you're included in the drive, contact Rob Meister at Garrigan, and he'll direct a group to stop by your place.

Next Friday, October 31, the curtain will go up on the Garrigan Extravaganza. This event happens every other year, and it features the combined talents of Garrigan students, alumni, and faculty. Showtime is 7pm, and the audience will enjoy speech, drama, music, and dance presentations as part of the variety show. Miss Mary McCall is coordinating the event, so mark your calendar for next Friday and be sure to be there for the Extravaganza.

This week's Senior Spotlight shines on Ashley Beisch.

Ashley Beisch was captain of one of the quiz bowl teams that made playoffs last weekend. She's a percussionist in band, and throughout high school her activities have included student council, National Honor Society, Christian Leadership, basketball, volleyball and golf. Ashley would like to go to Drake next year. Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Thanks, Joe! On our Golden Bear calendar, there's all-state music in Storm Lake and quiz bowl at Ankeny today. Also today the autumn craft show is on at both Garrigan and Algona High.

Tomorrow is the diocesan youth rally in Spencer. Monday is the first turn in day for the magazine drive, and that morning we'll also have a prayer service for Respect Life Month.

Monday night the cross-country team will have their district/regional meet, which was postponed due to rain last week. Then Wednesday the football Bears will host the substate game.

Thursday night Christian Leadership students will be trick-or-treating for food pantry donations. Friday morning we'll have an All Saints prayer service, and that night we'll have the Extravaganza.

That's the "Bear Facts" for October, and this is Joe Straub and Chris Schmidt signing off.. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to set your dial here again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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