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September 25, 2010

Good morning! I’m Anna Kollasch!

And I’m Michael Fakler! Thanks for joining us for the “Bear Facts”, the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

We just wrapped up Homecoming week here at Garrigan, and it’s been a fun time for everyone. Wednesday night we crowned our 52nd Homecoming king and queen. All the candidates were good, but when the votes were all counted the winners were Queen Katie Miller and King Jake Rosenmeyer. Congratulations, Jake and Katie!

One of the biggest parts of Homecoming each year is the class competition. It all began last Sunday, when we built floats for the Homecoming parade. The senior and junior classes tied for best float. The seniors built a drive-in movie theatre, complete with vehicles going along behind watching the movie. The juniors built the interior of a movie theatre and actually showed a film highlighting all the different school activities at Garrigan. The classes also built hoops for the pep rally. The seniors took first place, followed by the sophomores, juniors, and freshmen.

There were special dress days all week long: Movie Character Day, Gilligan’s Island Day, Rambo Day, and Oscar Night. Almost everyone participated in all the dress-up days, but the seniors had the highest turn-out throughout the week. All four classes had 100% participation on Color Day—when the seniors wore black, the juniors white, the sophomores blue, and the freshmen red.

Six years ago we introduced a new twist to the class competition. That was the Battle of the Classes, a day of games and fun events where all four classes compete head-to-head. It started as an experiment in 2004, but it’s become a very popular tradition. All four classes won some of this year’s events. The freshman class did especially well—winning kickball, egg toss, and girls tug of war. The sophomores won the boys tug of war. The juniors were tops in the girls push-up competition and the Gatorade chug, and they shared top honors with the seniors in volleyball. The seniors were the winners in boys push-ups, archery, ultimate football, pie-eating, ping-pong, and trivia. We also played the traditional powder puff football game, with the sophomores and juniors beating the freshmen and seniors by a score of 18 – 12.

The senior class cheered the loudest at the Homecoming pep rally Wednesday. That gave them a three-point bonus in the class competition, which was enough to secure their overall win. Congratulations to the winners of the Chuck Stillman Spirit Award, the Class of 2011.

There’s still one more Homecoming event yet to come. Tomorrow night the Garrigan fine arts program will host their Extravaganza, a variety show that combines the talents of students, faculty, and alumni. Showtime is 7pm, with the proceeds going to DARTS, Bishop Garrigan’s support group for drama, art, and speech. Be sure to catch the Extravaganza tomorrow night in Friedmann Auditorium.

We had the awards for the annual calendar drive yesterday, and we’d like to thank everyone who bought a calendar this year. Sales were very good, nearly tying last year’s record. The #1 seller overall was our Homecoming King, Jake Rosenmeyer. Other top sellers include junior Bethany Capesius, freshman Dillon Walker, and Seton students Johannah Vaske and Ben Degen.. Congratulations to all the top calendar sellers.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on our Homecoming Queen, Katie Miller. Here to tell you about her is Michael Hellman.

Katie Miller is a danz squad captain who helped lead the team to three national and five state first place awards. This Algona native was also selected to participate in the 2010 All-Iowa Dance Team. Katie has been active in volleyball and track all through high school. She has been involved in swim team for ten years and served as a summer swim coach this year. A National Honor Society member, Katie served as a class leader in Christian Leadership in Action. Away from Garrigan you might see her working as a lifeguard at the area aquatic centers. Katie plans to go to Iowa State next year, and we wish her all the best after high school. Congratulations to our Homecoming queen, Katie Miller!

Thanks, Michael! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, the volleyball team is hosting their home tournament at Garrigan this morning. Then tomorrow night there’s the fine arts Extravaganza.

We’ll begin taking the Iowa Tests of Educational Development next week, taking one test a day over a two-week period. Monday night the cross-country team runs in the closest thing they have to a home meet, the Algona Invitational at the Whittemore Golf Club. 

Tuesday the volleyball team hosts Humboldt. We’ll have mass on Wednesday, and then Thursday there’s volleyball at Clear Lake.

Friday the football team plays at Belmond—Klemme. Then on Saturday the band will compete in the parade, drum line, and field competitions at Algona Band Day.

That’s the “Bear Facts” for this week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to listen again next week when we’ll give you the details of band day from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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