The Bear Facts ... January 27, 2006

Good morning! I'm Shane Koob!

And I'm Jake Lane! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", the show where we bring you all the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

It's Catholic Schools Week once again. Starting tomorrow Garrigan and Seton will be celebrating "The Good News in Education: Our Children, Our Faith, and Our Future". Monday Algona Mayor Lynn Keuck will kick off the week with an official declaration. Right after that longtime superintendent Father Cecil Friedmann will preside in the K-12 Catholic Schools Week mass. Monday's theme is "Community Appreciation Day", and anyone in the community is welcome to join us at St. Cecelia's for the special liturgy.

Tuesday is "Student Appreciation Day". All the students at Garrigan and Seton will receive small appreciation gifts. We'll have a black and gold day at school that day, and at Seton students will present jingles that focus on the week. Wednesday is "National Appreciation Day". The big event at Garrigan that night is the Speech Spectacular, where large group speech events will perform. Thursday the faculty will enjoy a special breakfast for "Staff Appreciation Day", and Seton will have their annual Education Fair. Catholic Schools Week finishes off on Friday with another black and gold day for "School Tradition Day". The chamber of commerce coffee will be at Seton and we'll have a "Pack the Gym" night for the basketball game that night.

Last Saturday Garrigan competed in the district large group speech contest at Laurens-Marathon. We're pleased to say that every single student who competed for Garrigan is advancing to state. Five of seven entries received Division One or "Excellent" ratings. They include the varsity and freshman readers' theatres, two different group improvisations, and an ensemble acting selection. Congratulations to Coaches Mary McCall and David Burrow and all the large group speech entries.

Another big event this past week was honor band. Director Dennis Freking took twenty-one high school students to the Sioux City Diocese Honor Band, which was held last Wednesday at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake. Students participating included Jacob Zittritsch, Gina Rasmussen, Brittany Pfeffer, Sam Norland, Melanie Myers, and Shanna Miller; as well as Krissy Kohlhaas, JoAnn Kirsch, Sheri Kenyon, Randy Kenyon, and Chris Hanson. Also at honor band were Dylan Freking, Matt Elbert, Ethan Dahlhauser, and Melissa Cruise; plus Amanda Cruise, Carrie Courtney, Holly Byrkeland, Rebecca Brosnan, Amber Broesder, and Ashley Beisch. Congratulations to all these honorees!

 Two Garrigan students are busy this weekend, participating in community theatre. Sam Norland and Brittany Berte are part of the cast of Blather, Blarney, and Balderdash, which the Countryside Community Playhouse is presenting. Garrigan drama director Mark DeLange is also part of the show, which features folk and fairy tales from the Emerald Isle. There are performances tonight and tomorrow afternoon, and tickets are still available from Premier Pizza.

All through this school year many Garrigan students have been helping with the Meals on Wheels program. Each school day students take food to shut-in people in the area who depend on Meals on Wheels. Health teacher Jeanne Wunder coordinates the student volunteers. The people who receive the meals enjoy seeing the students, and those who help are glad to have a chance to lend a hand. Thanks to everyone who delivers Meals on Wheels.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Nick Reding and A.J. Lane. Here with the details is Joe Straub, IV.

If you see Nick Reding, make sure you don't make fun of the New York Yankees. Nick is one of the biggest Yankee fans there is, and you'll definitely regret it if you make fun of his favorite team. Nick is best known at Garrigan for his accomplishments in baseball and basketball. He enjoys business and technology classes and is looking forward to a business-related major at college. We wish Nick all the best in the future.

A.J. Lane comes to Garrigan from the Whittemore area. He is a talented musician who has added to both the Garrigan band and choir. When he's not at school, A.J. enjoys spending time with his friends and cheering on the Golden Bears. He'll be off to college next year, and we wish him good luck.

Thanks, Joe Straub, IV! On our Golden Bear calendar the varsity basketball teams play at Garner. The action starts earlier than normal, with the girls game at 5pm.

Intramurals resume tomorrow. Then on Monday we'll head over to St. Cecelia's for the Catholic Schools Week liturgy.

Tuesday there's a basketball quad with St. Ed's. The National Honor Society will serve a chili supper at the games. Then Wednesday there's the Speech Spectacular at 6pm in Friedmann Auditorium.

Thursday the freshman and JV boys host Mason City Newman. Friday we'll have the annual Blessing of the Throats for St. Blaise's Day. That night will be "Pack the Gym Night" as the Bears host Iowa Falls. The danz squad will serve a waffle supper at the games.

Next Saturday the speech team will travel to Fort Dodge for the state large group contest. Then Saturday night at 8pm we invite you to watch the state champion Golden Bear danz squad on Iowa Public Television.

For Bishop Garrigan, I'm Shane Koob.

And I'm Joe Straub.  That's the "Bear Facts" for January. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in next month for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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