The Bear Facts
February 28, 2009

Good morning! I'm Ashley Beisch!

And I'm Danielle Rahm! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts". Thanks for joining us to hear all the latest news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

For the past twenty-two years, Garrigan has hosted district individual speech contest for this region of Iowa. The experience pays off, and people almost always comment on how well organized our contest is. This year there are about 370 entries at speech contest, with students coming from as far away as Spirit Lake, Okoboji, Spencer, and Sioux Central. The competition just got started, and it will continue until about 3:00 this afternoon. The public is welcome to watch, with a small three-dollar suggested donation for admission.

Garrigan has twenty-six entries at district speech contest. Jake Rosenmeyer is our first performer of the day. He's reading the prose selection "Girls" right about now. In just a few minutes Lizzy Hohmeister will read "The Waltz". At 9:30 Rebeccah Erdman will compete in Radio News Announcing. Then Anna Kollasch has a literary program on Political Correctness. Later this morning Jake Rosenmeyer presents the public address "Made in the USA: Spoiled Brats", Brittany Berte acts out the scene "Was It a Dream", Michael Hellman performs in radio, Sam Norland presents the musical theatre selection "Confrontation from Jekyll and Hyde", and Jade Kajewski tells the story "The Great One".

Around lunch time Cassie Reising will act out "The Scarlet Ibis", while in Poetry Rebecca Brosnan reads "Nellie's Prayer" and Rebeccah Erdman reads "The Creation in Reverse". Then Philip Detrick competes in Improvisation, Jenna Richter performs in Prose, and Brittany Berte does Radio News Announcing. Then in the afternoon Alex Hamilton will present the public address "The Great Dictator", Abby Hannah reads "I Fall in Love" for Prose, Rebecca Brosnan will act out "Love Is a Place", Sam Norland will read the Literary Program "Mind Games", and Anna Kollasch will tell the story "Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type".

Toward the end of the day Cassie Reising will read a poetry version of "Cinderella", Craig Kohlhaas will present the poem "The Ballad of Blasphemous Bill", and Philip Detrick will act out "Romeo and Juliet in the Style of Andy Griffith". Wrapping things up Jade Kajewski presents a literary program called "Death", Michael Fakler will read a politically correct version of "Chicken Little", and Rachel Berte will perform the prose selection "Guys". Best wishes to all these contestants and to speech coaches Mary McCall and David Burrow.

Unfortunately basketball season is over for the Golden Bears. The Golden Bear boys cruised through their first playoff game last Thursday but then fell in a double-overtime struggle to North Iowa on Tuesday night. The final score was 73-65. The girls finished their season last Friday when they fell to #2-rated Newell-Fonda 77-48.

As we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Bishop Garrigan High School, our technology students have created lots of retrospective features for the Garrigan website. Just this week we uploaded special sections saluting 50 years of worship, 50 years of prom, and 50 years of classes. Those join features on sports, drama, and Homecoming through the years. This spring Joe Golwitzer, Nick Foertsch, Brett Capesius, Mark Garman, Richard Forburger, D.J. Beletti, and Tyler Lallier are working on the website. You can check out their work by going to garrigan - dot - unlimitedweb - dot - net.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Jenna Richter and Danielle Rahm. Here to tell you about them are ... themselves.

Jenna Richter will be performing at speech contest today, and she's also in the cast for Winnie the Pooh, which you can see next month. Jenna is also active in choir, and her other activities have included softball and volleyball. When she's not at school she keeps busy working at a nursing home. Jenna will be off to college next year, and we wish her all the best.

(Jenna Richter): Danielle Rahm is a Wesley native who is active in Christian Leadership in Action. She was one of the volunteers who helped out at the Mary's Place mission earlier this month. Danielle was also a volleyball player, and in the past she was active in dance. She'll also be a college girl in the fall, and we wish her good luck.

Thanks, Jenna and Danielle! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there's district speech at Garrigan today, and then tomorrow is the first Sunday of Lent.

Next Tuesday another group of Christian Leadership students will be headed up to the Mary's Place mission in Minneapolis. Then on Wednesday night there's a meeting for people going on the music trip.

Thursday afternoon sophomores will be touring area businesses. We have reconciliation that day, and also the danz squad leaves for Des Moines, where they'll perform as part of the All-Iowa Honor Drill Team at the state basketball tournament.

That's the "Bear Facts" for February. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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