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March 28, 1998

Good morning! I'm Tim Mosbach!

And I'm Jeremy Richter! Welcome to another episode of the "Bear Facts", your weekly radio update from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Last Saturday was a big day for the Golden Bear speech team. Five Garrigan entries earned Division I, or excellent, ratings at the state individual speech contest in Manson. Tom Twait and Carrie Kohlhaas earned I's in Radio News Announcing, while Ruby Bode and Tiffany Meyer received their I's in Storytelling. The final Division I rating went to Jenessa McGuire for her Prose selection.

The good news didn't stop there, though. Monday night we checked the Internet and found Carrie Kohlhaas' name posted on the All-State program. Out of over 1,200 contestants at state contest, Carrie was one of just 100 who were named Outstanding Performers. Her selection means she will perform at the All-State Speech Festival next month at the University of Northern Iowa. This was Carrie's fourth year in individual speech, and it's good to see that the hard work paid off for her. Congratulations!

Carrie, and almost all the other speech award winners, are also part of the cast of the BGHS spring play. Tonight is your last chance to catch the Garrigan production of Steel Magnolias. The story is set in a beauty parlor, and it portrays the lives of six Southern women. Director Sue Ney describes the all-female show as both a comedy and a drama. The opening night performance last night was very well received, and we know that the follow-up show will be just as good. So head on down to Garrigan tonight at 7:30 to catch Steel Magnolias live on the Friedmann Auditorium stage.

Last week we had try-outs at Garrigan for the 1998-99 cheerleading squad. Ten girls were chosen to be next year's varsity football cheerleaders. Among them are Val Besch, Anna Erpelding, Sarah Foth, Jenny Hall, and Mandy Hilbert. The other football cheerleaders are Melanie McGuire, Abby Monson, Natalie Salz, Jillian Trenary, and Libby Wingert. Mindy Erpelding and Nicole Vaske were named alternates to the football cheer squad.

In basketball season, you'll be seeing Val Besch, Heather Forburger, Holly forburger, Amanda Freking, and Kristin Grunwaldt among the cheerleaders. The rest of the basketball cheer line is Nicole Kollasch, Sherri Kollasch, and Amber Missal--with Tricia Eischen and Janet Kramer as alternates. JV cheerleaders were also named last week. Tricia Eischen, Amanda Freking, Heather and Holly Forburger, Deanna Kohlhaas, and Sherri Kollasch will all be cheering at the JV football games. congratulations to all of next year's cheerleaders!

It's not just the cheerleaders who are looking ahead to 1998-99. Last week we officially announced next year's school calendar. The year will start early next fall, with the first day of school on Monday, August 24, a full two weeks before Labor Day. The Algona Community Schools will start two days later, on the 26. We'll be off for Christmas vacation from December 23 through January 3. Graduation for the Class of '99 will be Sunday, May 16, and the last day of school is scheduled for Thursday, May 20.

In recent years more and more Garrigan students have taken non-traditional schedules. For years a handful of Garrigan courses, such as "Human Anatomy" and "Nurse's Aide" have been available for college credit, but this semeser sixteen Garrigan seniors are taking classes on campus at area colleges. There's even one student with so many college classes that he spends just two hours a day at the high school.

Thad Wunder is enrolled in science at Iowa Lakes; while Kelly Elbert, Mary Beth Stence, Thad Wunder, and Bobbie Jo Smith are taking social studies. Jeff Geving and Katie Vaske are in a fine arts class, and Jeff is also taking college-level English. Then there's Jessi Stetzel, Emily Muller, Andy Laubenthal, Amy Goodman, Jill Erpelding, Andy Peterson, and Katie Elbert--all of whom are taking math at Iowa Lakes.

While most of the college classes our students take are through the Algona Center of Iowa Lakes Community College, there are some other choices, too. Andy Laubenthal and Tom Twait are taking a math class through the University of Iowa. They fax their assignments down to Iowa City, and take their tests with local proctors. Molly McGuire is also enrolled in a college class. She's taking cosmetology at LaJames.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Angie Berte and Alycia Besch. Here to tell you about them is Katie Elbert.

Angie Berte comes to Garrigan from the St. Joe area. She's an honor roll studen who especially enjoys her science classes. She's active in 4-H, and in the past she was also out for sports. Next year Angie will be off to college, and we wish her the very best of luck.

Our other featured senior this week is Alycia Besch. You may know Alycia as a cheerleader or as manager of the track team. This Whittemore native is also in choir, and she manages to maintain an honor roll grade point. Next year Alycia plans to attend Iowa State, and we wish her all the best.

Thanks, Katie! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there's a middle school music contest today at the Rochleau Center. Then tonight the curtain closes on the BGHS spring play, Steel Magnolias.

Monday and Tuesday nights we'll have registration for 1998-99 in the Rochleau Center. Monday's schedule runs from 4-6pm, with registration on Tuesday from 6-8pm.

Wednesday there's a business competition at Iowa Lakes. Then on Thursday the Variations in Literature class will celebrate ancient Greece with a Greek meal.

Friday night the gym will come to life, with the preview party for Gala '98. Then next Saturday it's time for the real Gala, the biggest fundraising event of the year.

We'll give you all the details of Gala next week. Until then, thanks for listening, and be sure to tune in every week to hear all the news from Bishop Garrigan High School!

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