The Bear Facts
March 29, 2008

Good morning! I'm Gina Rasmussen!

And I'm Melanie Myers! You're listening to the "Bear Facts", the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Today the Golden Bear danz squad is down in Fort Worth, Texas, where they're participating in a nationwide competition. Coach Colleen Conway-Schiltz left Thursday night with the fifteen-member squad. They will be competing today and tomorrow in the hip-hop, jazz, and pom divisions against the best dancers from all over the country. The Bears took the Iowa state championship in two different divisions last December, and they're hoping to bring home a national championship trophy this weekend. Good luck, danz squad!

Today is your last chance to see the Garrigan spring play. The Great, All-American Musical Disaster has been in rehearsal for about two months, and it opened to the public last night. The final performance will be at 7:30 tonight in Friedmann Auditorium. The fun-filled show stars Shane Koob and Michelle Kollasch. Others in the cast include Ben Hellman, Rebeccah Erdman, Katrina Even, Rebecca Brosnan, Carrie Courtney, and Christopher Schmidt; as well as Allison Missal, Ashli Krieps, Anna Kollasch, Jenna Richter, and Alec Boeckholt. Other cast members include Brittany Berte, Gina Rasmussen, Holly Byrkeland, Kelsie Berke, and Kelly Klein, plus Michael Hellman, Alex Hamilton, Brent Kajewski, Becky Jennings, Lee Brashear, and Sam Norland. Rounding out the cast are Chad Lambert, Joe Straub, Nora Krahenbuhl, Cassie Reising, and Stephanie Kajewski. Mark Delange is the drama director at Garrigan.

The quiz bowl team has been busy lately. On Holy Thursday the ten students who are headed to nationals this summer competed in the Golden Bear Trivia Challenge. The team combined their wits and managed to answer 167 out of 200 tough questions correctly. Today there's more quiz bowl action. Garrigan has three teams entered in the Boone Invitational Tournament. Then in the coming month the quiz bowl team will compete in the spring Knowledge Master and in a contest at Iowa State University.

The Peer Helper class is going to jail! ... Not literally, of course, but next week Mr. Miller's Peer Helper students will be taking a field trip to visit the North Central Correctional Facility in Rockwell City. Brian Funk, Desiree Jorgensen, Alyse Meyers, Cassie Reising, Amy Rasmussen, Kelly Klein, and Alicia Pfeffer will be making the trip to find out what prison is like and why it is that some people end up there.

Last weekend we had the Final Four playoffs for intramural basketball. Unlike in the real "March Madness" tournament, there were no upsets at Garrigan. Nick Berte's team, the top seed and defending champs, defeated Ben Hellman's team 98 - 36. Then the #2 seed, Mike Mergen's team, beat David Miller's team 70 - 58. There's three weeks off before the intramural championship, which will be held on Stewardship Day, Wednesday, April 23.

A fun activity we do at Garrigan every year is the Computer Match compatibility project. A few weeks ago we all filled out surveys with responses to thirty different questions. Right before Easter the results came back, showing who in the school everyone was the most and least compatible with. In addition we got a listing of the top responses to each question. We found out that people's dream vacation would be in Hawaii, they handle embarrassment by laughing it off, their favorite season is summer, and they'd rather have happiness than fame, health, or money. Also, when asked what vegetable best described their personality, the #1 answer was "hot pepper".

Most Garrigan students classified themselves as Democrats. When asked how they felt about having a woman as President, about half said it makes no difference, and the other half said they're OK with the idea-but not with the one that's running this year. They said if they won $25,000, they'd put the money toward college, they flirt only with people they feel comfortable with, and their favorite place to sing is in their car. The most popular career choices were health care and business, people said their interest in current events was medium, and the first thing they notice in the opposite sex is the person's face. Finally, when asked if they considered themselves good athletes, the top response was "sort of".

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Casey Arndorfer and Nick Berte. Here to tell you about them is Jake Lane.

When the danz squad performs at nationals this weekend, they'll be helped out by their manager Casey Arndorfer. In addition to working with the dancers, Casey keeps busy with activities ranging from choir to speech and drama to track to Christian leadership and National Honor Society. She'll be off to St. Ambrose in the fall, and we wish her all the best.

Nick Berte is captain of Garrigan's top-seeded intramural basketball team. His team won the intramural championship last year as juniors, and everyone is expecting a repeat in the championship game next month. Aside from intramurals, Nick's biggest activity over the years has been golf. He'll be attending Hawkeye Community College next year. Good luck to both Nick and Casey.

Thanks, Jake! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there's quiz bowl today in Boone. Then tonight there's the final performance of the spring play.

All weekend long the danz squad will be performing at nationals in Ft. Worth, Texas. They'll return on Tuesday, which is also the day for the North Central Conference Art Show in Ft. Dodge.

Tuesday the girls track team runs at Clear Lake. Wednesday there's a recital of music students who will be performing in the Solo and Ensemble Contest. Then next Friday there's an alumni basketball tournament at Algona High.

Finally next weekend is Gala 2008. There will be a preview party Friday night, and the big event will be next Saturday in Friedmann Auditorium. We'll give you all the details about Gala on next week's show.

That's the "Bear Facts" for March. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to join us again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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