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MAY 29, 1993

Good morning! I'm Arron Twait!

And I'm Matt Erpelding! Thanks for listening to the "Bear Facts. Here's the latest news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Tomorrow is graduation day for the Class of 1993. Commencement starts at 1:00 in the Garrigan gym, and the ceremony will be broadcast over KLGA radio. The program features the traditional fanfare from the band, followed by the National Anthem. Then senior choir members will sing their farewell song, "It's Time for Moving On". The seniors selected Doug Schoo to deliver the commencement address, and the class gift--a table for the gym lobby area--will be presented by senior president J.J. Anderson. Garrigan President Father Faierfeil will present scholastic honors, departmental awards, and scholarships from colleges and organizations. Then the diplomas will be conferred by Father Leo Riesberg of St. Joseph Parish in Bode. The ceremony will end with the class prayer--with the seniors thanking God for their accomplishments and successes, and for comfort and strength, and asking for insight, energy, and generosity to use their abilities well in the future.

The Class of '93 is the thirty-fifth class to graduate from Garrigan, and it is a unique and interesting class. Every class has its own personality, and most teachers would probably say that the Class of '93 was devious, opinionated, and a bit too fun-loving; but over the years they've contributed a lot to the school. The class is probably best known for its athletic talent. The seniors led Garrigan to our first state basketball tournament ever, they led the baseball team to its best season in history, and they've also racked up records in football, volleyball, and cross-country.

It's not just sports where the Class of '93 did well, though. The same boys who excel on the basketball court are at the top of their class academically. Fully one-third of this year's seniors have a grade point of 3.5 or above, and most of the rest are close behind. It's interesting that this class stands out as one of the first in years where most of the top students are boys, not girls.

The Class of '93 also brought Garrigan its first ever trophies in quiz bowl, as well as all-state music appearances and Division I ratings in speech. The class also has more than its share of artists, who have put their talents to work for the school--with projects ranging from elaborate decorations for Homecoming, prom, and Madrigal, to caricatures for the band and choir, to trading cards for the baseball team. Over the years the Class of '93 has probably been known a bit too often for their arrogance and mischief, but they're a really talented bunch, and we wish them the very best in the future.

At our Ascension Thursday mas last week, a number of special athletic awards were presented, including the Pride Award, the Officials' Award, and the Scholar/Athlete Award. Among the girls honored were Charlene Sundermann, Donna Arndorfer, and Christie Brunsen. The boys who earned awards were John Syharath, Shane Schoby, Matt Ringsdorf, Doug Schoo, and Torrey Wingert. Congratulations to all of them!

There's one non-senior who deserves a special mention this week. Sophomore Netta Seiler plowed over the competition in the field events at the girls' state track meet last weekend. Netta was the champion overall in the shot-out, and she finished second in the discus. The boys' track team is competing at state today, and we hope they're just as successful as Netta.

Our staff spotlight this week shines on the lunch room. Since it's the end of the year, next week's menu is "cooks' choice", so it seems appropriate that we're featuring our cooks--Sharon Kenne and Betty Berte. It's no small job preparing lunch for 250 people everyday, and Garrigan's cooks try their best. While some people will complain about lunch, no matter what they serve, the cooks really do work hard to whip up interesting and tasty selections. Mrs. Berte is a St. Joe native, while Mrs. Kenne is a parent of Garrigan alumni who lives right here in Algona.

Each week this year we've told you about members of our senior class. There's two other students who aren't seniors who also deserve a special mention, so this week we're featuring our exchange students--sophomore Petr Dokoupil and junior Suki Prieto-Campos. Petr's country has changed over the past year. When he came to Garrigan it was called Czaechslovakia, but now it's split up, and his home is in the Czech Republic. Petr was a stand-out on Garrigan's cross-country team last fall. He's been living with the Dennis Cink family in Wesley, and while he started out the year quiet and shy, lately we've noticed him just goofing around like any good American.

No one would ever call Suki shy. In fact, from Day 1 she fit right in with her American host sister, junior Beth Ludwig. Suki came to Garrigan from Spain, and the trendy European fashions she wore definitely turned some heads this year. Suki has taken lots of challenging classes at Garrigan, and she's also been involved in many activities. We wish the best to both Suki and Petr--as well as to our third exchange student--senior Melissa Cortat.

On our Garrigan calendar tonight the baseball team opens its home season with a varsity double-header against West Bend/Mallard. Graduation receptions also begin tonight, and we encourage everyone to party smart and drive safely.

Tomorrow is graduation. There will be special masses in several parishes in the morning, and be sure to listen to the commencement ceremony on KLGA at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon.

Monday is Memorial Day, and the Garrigan Solid Gold Band will be featured in the festivities here in Algona. On Tuesday semester tests begin. The softball team opens its season that night by hosting Eagle Grove, and the baseball Bears will be travelling to Britt to play West Hancock.

While the Algona Community Schools are in session all next week, we're delighted to say that Wednesday is the last day of school at Garrigan and Seton. We made up snow days earlier this year, so we've got two extra days of summer vacation. We'll finish semester tests on Wednesday, and then "we're outta here".

The baseball team is busy, with ten games in a week. Wednesday night they'll be hosting Humboldt. Meanwhile, it's the girls' chance to travel to Britt, as the softball team faces West Hancock.

Thursday the students will be sleeping and the teachers will be cleaning things up. That night there's a home softball match with Humboldt and home baseball with North Kossuth. Then on Friday the JV baseball team travels to Eagle Grove.

Next weekend is tournament time for the batters and fielders, with the Algona Classic Softball Tournament and the CYO Baseball Tournament.

Finally, while the main thing on everyone's mind right now is summer, the Student Council is already looking ahead to next fall. They've already chosen a theme for Homecoming, '93. Get out your ten-gallon hats and cowboy boots, because when the Bears take on the Lakeland Raiders next September, we'll be celebrating the "Showdown at Conway Corral".

That's "The Bear Facts" for this week. Next week--even though school is out--I'll be back one last time, to re-cap the events of the year and look ahead to next year. Be sure to tune in then for our final report from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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