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May 30, 2009

Good morning! I'm Christopher Schmidt!

And I'm Anna Kollasch! Welcome to a very special episode of "The Bear Facts". This week we and a bunch of other people are broadcasting our 700th show on KLGA, bringing you the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

In addition to being a milestone episode, this week's "Bear Facts" is special because we're recording it down south in New Orleans, Louisiana, site of the 27th Annual National Academic Championships. Bishop Garrigan was one of thirty-four teams competing in New Orleans this year, the Golden Bears' tenth trip to national quiz bowl. We left a week ago and made a 1200-mile drive south. During the trip we passed through parts of Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Here to tell you more a bout the trip are Brittany Berte, Jake Rosenmeyer, and Michael Hellman.

The competition was last Saturday and Sunday. We played a lot of fairly close games, but honestly we got a little spooked going up against the top teams in the country and didn't do as well as we might have liked. We did answer a lot of questions right, though-like the fact that a tessellation means covering an entire plane with a single shape or that Queen Wilhelmena was the Queen of Holland during World War II or that Milwaukee has Major League baseball and NBA basketball teams, but they don't have NFL or NHL teams there.

We also had a lot of fun on the trip. It's taken New Orleans a long time to recover from Hurricane Katrina, but the Big Easy is definitely back and we can all personally vouch that it's a great place to visit. We spent a lot of time checking out the sights and sounds of the French Quarter, we rode the streetcars along the waterfront and through the Garden District, went to mass at the oldest cathedral in America, saw the National World War II Museum and the Aquarium of the Americas, and had an awesome supper of Cajun-Creole food.

We also spent a day checking out the beautiful beaches of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We were expecting that wouldn't exactly be the highlight of the trip, because it was pouring rain when we left. The sun came out, though, and it turned out to be a great day. Then after that we had to rush back north so that most of the group could take semester tests with our classmates at Garrigan. It was a great trip, and we're proud to represent our school at the national level. There's been other news at Garrigan, too, and now here to tell you about it are Alex Hamilton, Rebeccah Erdman, and Michael Fakler.

The boys and girls track teams competed in the state track meet last weekend. The Golden Bear boys did especially good, finishing in seventh place statewide. Garrigan's 4 x 800-meter relay finished in third place, the 4 x 400 was 4th, the 4 x 2, 4th, and the 4 x 1 ended up 5th at state. Brian Patterson finished 7th in the open 800-meter run, while Brett Capesius was 9th in the 400-meter. Rounding out the team, Joe Straub got a 9th-place finish in the discus. Congratulations to the Golden Bear boys track team!

The Golden Bear girls also competed at state. Like us in quiz bowl, they didn't do quite as well as they would have liked, but they did get some respectable finishes. Addison Miller finished in 14th place in the 400-meter hurdles, while Shanna Miller was 18th overall. The 4 x 400-meter relay took 19th place. That event included Mackenzie Schindler, Mallory Bormann, Shanna Miller, and Addison Miller. Congratulations, girls track!

It's also on to state for the Golden Bear golfers. Last week the Golden Bear boys won the district championship with a score of 318 and earned the right to compete at state. Jimmy Geelan, Mike Mergen, Brandon Doughan, Bryan Berte, Jordan Springer, and Andrew Schiltz will all be representing Bishop Garrigan at the state golf meet, which is being hosted right now at Spring Valley Golf Course by St. Joe. Good luck at state, Bears!

Baseball and softball seasons have started. This year's Golden Bear baseball team features seniors Jack Bradley, Matt Elbert, Brian Patterson, Kyle Smith, and Daniel Thilges; juniors Brett Capeius, Mark Garman, Brandon Doughan, Joe Golwitzer, Dana Miller, and David Reding; sophomore Zach Price; and freshmen Alex Boisjolie, Lucas Eischen, Joe Farrell, Zach Keith, Eli Marlow, Grant Reding, and Austin Vaske. On the baseball schedule this summer is a trip to Sec Taylor Stadium on Tuesday, June 9. Good luck all summer to the Bears!

The softball team for 2009 includes senior veterans Holly Byrkeland, Jenna Richter, and Rebecca Brosnan; juniors Beth Broesder, Katrina Even, Kelly Klein, and Alicia Pfeffer; sophomores Laura Richter, Becky Jennings, Alicia Richter, McKayla Loss, and Kelsey Rahe; and freshmen Shelby Schindler, Abbey Reding, Addison Miller, Carly Loss, Lana Larson, Emily Bell, and Andrea Altman. Good luck, softball!

The big event coming up this summer is Garrigan's big 50th anniversary celebration. The festivities are timed to coincide with Founder's Day weekend, July 8 - 12. We're expecting literally thousands of people for the all-school reunion. Other activities that weekend include an alumni quiz bowl tournament, alumni baseball and softball games, tours of the school, a barbeque, a dance, and a mass featuring all the priests who have been associated with the school over the years. We encourage everyone to mark your calendar for July 8 - 12 and join us in celebrating Bishop Garrigan High School's fiftieth anniversary.

"The Bear Facts" has been a part of school history for sixteen of the past fifty years. Our show first went on the air in the fall of 1992, and today we're proud to be airing our 700th episode. We want to thank KLGA and all the sponsors who have supported our show over the years. Several of our past announcers have gone on to careers in communications, ranging from part-time DJs to a big-city TV newscaster. No one thought sixteen years ago that we'd ever get to 700 shows, but we're proud of what we've done over the years and we hope to keep on going years into the future.

So that brings us to the end of another year of "The Bear Facts". With school over for the summer, we'll be putting our show on hiatus until August. School will start again on Wednesday, August 19th, and we plan to start up our show in the fall August 22nd. So for now, thanks for listening and be sure to tune in again next fall to hear more news from Bishop Garrigan High School!

Have a great summer, everybody!

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