March 21, 2020 - The "lost" episode

This script was written, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic it was not recorded or aired.

Good morning! I’m AAAAA!


And I’m CCCCC! Thanks for joining us for the “Bear Facts”, the weekly radio update from Bishop Garrigan High School.

The big news everywhere in the world right now is the Novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19. That’s also been dominating the news at Garrigan for lots of different reasons. The BGHS band and choir were supposed to be in New York City this week, but last Thursday we learned that the trip had been cancelled because of the pandemic.

Of course everyone was upset that the trip was cancelled. But within twenty-four hours a state of emergency was declared in New York. All the Broadway theatres were shut down, as were most of the city’s other attractions. By this week even many restaurants and hotels had closed, which would make for a very difficult visit. While we still wish we’d have been able to go, we understand that safety is the most important thing.

There have been a lot of other closures and cancellations due to COVID-19. The national DECA conference in Nashville was also cancelled, which means Garrigan’s national qualifiers will not be able to go there. Last Saturday’s state speech contest was also cancelled, and there will be no all-state speech festival either.

Another trip that was cancelled was the mission trip to Mississippi that we were scheduled to make at the end of March. Unfortunately we will not be able to directly help out at the missions. We will, however, provide packaged meals for the missions, and we’re also collecting cash contributions to help out the people in who are in need down South.

We’ve also suspended school masses, and there have been changes in parish masses to limit exposure to the virus. A number of local events have also been cancelled, and more are likely to be in the coming weeks. School kids are actually the least likely people to get sick with COVID-19, but the big concern is that we could pass the virus along to more vulnerable people.

Garrigan’s teachers have also been scrambling in the wake of the corona virus. As we heard that schools in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Nebraska were all closed due to the outbreak, it seemed that it would be only a matter of time before school was cancelled in Iowa as well. Teachers have been working hard to come up with lessons that can be done online so students can keep learning even when they are away from the school building.

Probably the biggest effect we’ve felt so far from the coronavirus happened at the state basketball championships last week. While all the pro sports leagues and the NCAA cancelled or postponed their seasons, we’re glad that the Iowa High School Athletic Association went ahead with the state tournament. Because of COVID-19, though, the final game was played with only minimal spectators. Each school, including Garrigan, was allowed to bring just 100 people—including the players, cheerleaders, coaches, and fans. That meant most almost everyone had to follow the game at home, either on the radio or by streaming it online.

In the championship game the Bears faced Wapsie Valley, a team from the town of Fairbank, which is east of Waverly. They were the Cinderella team of the tournament, having already upset two higher seeds. While the Bears led through much of the game, unfortunately they would get upset as well. Our shots just didn’t fall in the second half, but Wapsie Valley’s did, and they ended up with the championship trophy.

While of course we all wanted the Bears to win it all, we’re all proud that both the boys and girls teams had the best basketball season in Golden Bear history. Not only did both teams make it to the state tournament for the first time ever, both were the state runners-up. What’s more both Angelo Winkel and Audi Crooks were named captain of the all-tournament teams at state—a huge honor, especially for members of teams that didn’t take the championship. Congratulations to our outstanding Golden Bear basketball teams!

Honestly, our Golden Bear calendar is kind of up in the air at the moment, so we’re going to skip over that. Meanwhile, we hope all of you will stay safe and healthy. Remember to wash your hands and maintain distance from other people.

We hope things will be back to normal soon. As soon as they are, we’ll be back bringing you more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.