Gala History

Over the years Gala has brought in almost $8 million.

Previous Gala themes include:


2024 "A Winning Tradition" $430,000.00
2023 "Cornerstone" $430,000.00
2022 "Masterpiece Ball" $413.000.00
2021 "Reflections" (virtual due to COVID-19) $305,000.00
2020 "Vision" (virtual due to COVID-19) $285,000.00
2019 "Vintage" $370,000.00
2018 "The Big Apple" $410,000.00
2017 "Harvest Moon" $391,000.00
2016 "Rio Revealed" $314,000.00
2015 "Mad Hatters Ball" $335,000.00
2014 "Silver Celebration" $337,000.00
2013 "Phantom of the Opera" $302,000.00
2012 "Jewels of the Nile" $295,000.00
2011 "Deep Blue" $301,000.00
2010 "Zen Gala" $252,000.00
2009 "Roaring 20th Gala" $242,000.00
2008 "The Greatest Show on Earth" $250,000.00
2007 "Gala Down Under" $220,000.00
2006 “Gala on the Riviera” $218.000.00
2005 “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” $217,000.00
2004 “A Heavenly Celebration” $219,000.00
2003 “GALA Magic" $193,000.00
2002 "Sea To Shining Sea” $197,000.00
2001 “A Time to Shine” $181,000.00
2000 “Cruising Through Time” $196,000.00
1999 “Tropical Evening in Paradise” $183,000.00
1998 "A Night at the Oscars” $202,000.00
1997 “Evening Under The Stars” $184,000.00
1996 “Evening of Elegance” $198,000.00
1995 “GALA International” $163,000.00
1994 "GALA “Extravaganza” $160,000.00
1993 “Evening on the Mississippi” $137,000.00
1992 “Emerald City” $126,000.00
1991 “Spring Time in Paris” $110,000.00
1990 “GALA” $85,000.00


The above list illustrates the monetary impact of the wonderful annual event we call “GALA.” The idea for GALA originated through contacts with other Catholic Schools at the annual NCEA convention.  The school board approved the idea and GALA was initially started to raise money for endowment and operations. In fact, for the first five years fifty percent of the profit was invested in the endowment fund and the other fifty percent was used for planned classroom purchases.  Since 1995 between $90,000.00 and $125,000.00 (depending on the year) has been used for planned classroom purchases, including computers, software, books, and supplies. In addition, $15,000.00 each year has been set aside for professional growth, staff endowment, and classroom purchases.


- There are benefits from GALA that cannot be measured in dollars and cents and pleasantly, the event has had more non‑monetary gains than ever imagined. Each subsequent GALA has been a huge success involving more and more people each year. After the approval from the school board a small core group of volunteers was enlisted to organize the event. That small group of ten has now grown to 40 committees and three chair couples. The camaraderie and unity within the Bishop Garrigan family has evolved to where virtually every family, student, and staff member contribute to, or are involved in, GALA.  The participation of the organizations and individuals in Algona and the surrounding communities is overwhelming.  The proceeds each year comes from over 1500 businesses and individuals and it is not the same 1500 people each year. Consequently, the event is not dependant upon a few but is the culmination of teamwork, generosity and commitment of many kind people.

C.W. 3/29/2023