Individual Speech 2019

Coaches Ashley Meyer & David Burrow

Congratulations to Jordan Hansen on being selected for
the All-State Speech Festival!

Congratulations to the speech team on earning
7 Division I ratings at state contest!


Jordan Hansen (1-District 1-1-1 at State - OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE)
Literary Program - "Images of Women"
     Riley Rosenmeyer (1-District 1-1-2 at State)
Storytelling - "Three Feathers"     
Meredith Illg (1-District 1-1-1 at State)
Poetry - "Cinderella"
Logan Heying ( 1-Dstrict 1-1-1 at State)
Radio News Announcing
Gabe Trainer (1-District 1-1-1 at State)
Prose - "My War with Machines"
Ashlyn Harrington (1-District 1-1-1 at State)
Prose - "The Waltz"
Marguerite Fakler (1-District 1-1-1 at State)
Storytelling - "The Sneetches"
Ava Eisenbarth (1-District II at State)
Poetry - "Mind Games"
Joey Trainer (1-District II at State)
Prose - "The Great Outdoors"
Bryce Capesius ( 1-Dstrict II at State)
Expository Address - "I Had Cancer Once"
Abby Heying (II at District) - Literary Program  
Noah Bronk (II at District) - Radio News Announcing  
Mya Kemna (II at District) - Literary Program