Football Awards
Defensive Player of the Year Garrett Heying
Offensive Player of the Year Cal Birkey
Scout Team Player of the Year Brody Ludwig, Ben Trainer
Grant: Tate Foerch, Ethan Marso, Jack Grandgenett, Andrew Lichter, Carter Schwabb,
Larry Weier Scholastic Achievement Award Andrew Fogarty
Bill Higgins memorial award Caleb Bormann
Denis Cruise Memorial Award Matt Kollasch
Most Improved Offensive/Defensive Keaton Helleseth, Aiden Hovey
Team MVP voted on by players Cal Birkey
Deacon Larsen Fire in the Belly Award Caden Roethler
Special Teams Player of the Year Jack Grandgenett, Brody Ludwig
D.E.F.E.N.C.E. Award Nate Bronk

All District

First Team

Cal Birkey, Garett Heying, Nate Bronk

Second Team

Aiden Hovey, Caden Roethler

Honorable Mention

Jack Grandgenett, Drew Casey

Academic All District First Team

Cal Birkey, Garrett Heying, Drew Fogarty, Drew Casey, Benjy Trainer, Sam Plathe

Academic All District Honorable Mention

Nate Bronk, Justin Bauer

All District

Bishop Garrigan

1st Team: #28 Nate Bronk, #9 Cal Birkey, #7 Garrett Heying

2nd Team: #20 Caden Roethler, #13 Aiden Hovey

Honorable Mention: #2 Jack Grandgenett, #52 Drew Casey

Bishop Garrigan Academic All District

1st Team (3.5 and above): Garrett Heying, Cal Birkey, Drew Fogarty, Drew Casey, Sam, Plathe, Benjy Trainer

Honorable Mention: Nate Bronk, Justin Bauer

CD 11-15-22