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Please note:  The names shown here are what are on the school records.  However, particularly in earlier years, some records are missing.  We apologize for any names that are missing.  If you can help add to the record, please contact BGHS Activities Director Ron Patterson at


1991- Dan Buscherfeld- 2nd Team

1992- Dean Menke- 1st Team

1997- Eric Scobba- 2nd Team

1998- Brad Nelson- 2nd Team

1999- Jeremy Bartolo- 2nd Team

1999- Brad Nelson- 1st Team

2000- Brad Nelson- 1st Team

2003- Aaron O'Kane- 1st Team

2004- Aaron O'Kane- 1st Team

2004- Ben Geelan- 1st Team  

2010- Brett Capesius 2nd Team

2010- Austin Vaske 2nd Team

Boys' Basketball

1967- Bill Reding- 3rd team

1984- Chris Winkel- 1st Team

1987- Dan Winkel- 1st Team

1993-Torrey Wingert- 1st Team

1995- O. J. Froehlich- 1st Team

2000- Brad Nelson- 1st Team

2001- Brad Nelson- 2nd Team

2004- Adam Arndorfer- 1st Team

2005- Bob Geelan 1st Team

2012- John Burns 2nd Team 

Boys' Golf

1979- Jim Hamilton- State Champion

1981- Chris Winkel- 6th place

1984- Chris Winkel- State Champion

1995- Steve Froehlich

1999- Michael Bernhard

1999- P. J. Vaske  

2010- Jordan Springer

Boys' Track

1970- Chuck Cassel- State Champion

1971- Chuck Cassel- State Champion

1972- Ron Reding- State Champion

1992- Travis Rosenmeyer- 5th place

1992- Deon Wingert- State Champion

1993- Lance Hall- 2nd place

1993- Travis Kasch- 6th place

1994- Lance Hall- 3rd place, 6th place

1994- Travis Kasch- 3rd place

1998- Adam Sundall- 4th place, 5th place

2002- Lee Elbert- 3rd place

2002- Andy Kardoes- 5th place

2003- Lee  Elbert- State Champion  

2009- Brian Patterson, Brett Capesius 

2010- Jacob Behr, Brett Capesius

Cross Country

1971- Chuck Cassel - State Champion

1997 Adam Sundall- 2nd place

1998- Adam Sundall- State Champion  

2009- Erin Reedy


1967- Bill Reding- 2nd Team

1967- Dick Muller- 3rd Team

1967- Jack Muller- 3rd Team

1971- Dale Plathe- 4th Team

1976- Dale Salz- 2nd Team

1976- Dave Muller- 3rd Team

1977- Phil Reding- 1st Team

1980- Craig Kirschbaum- 1st Team

1982- Steve Kollasch- 1st Team

1984- Chuck Dodds- 1st Team

1985- Bob DeLange- 1st Team

1986- Rich Capesius- 1st Team

1986- Dan Winkel- 1st Team  

1989- Mark Ringsdorf- 1st Team

1991- Phil Nord- 1st Team

1994- Lance Hall- 2nd Team

1994- Tony Kisch- 2nd Team

1996- Ben DeWaard- 2nd Team

1996- Chris Eischen- 2nd Team

1997- Mike Cowan- 2nd Team

1997- Andy Peterson- 2nd Team

1998- Ben Studer- 2nd Team

1999- John Mosbach- 1st Team

1999- Eric Becker- 1st Team

2000- Hank (Greer) McCall- 1st Team

2000- Andy Pierson- 2nd Team

2001- Andy Kardoes- 1st Team

2003- Derek Tindall- 2nd Team

2003- Brian Marso- 3rd Team

2005- Dustin Tindall -1st Team

2005 - John Reding -2nd Team

2005 - Bob Geelan 2nd Team

2005- Nate Pierson - 2nd Team

2006 - Dustin Tindall - 1st Team

2006 - Ben Berte - 2nd Team

2007- Aj Doughan 

2008- Jack Bradley

2009-  Jacob Behr, Kevin Elbert

2010 - Mitch Rahm  

Girls' Basketball

1997-Jill Rosenmeyer- 1st Team

1998- Katie Vaske- 1st Team

2000- Angie Froehlich- 1st Team

2001- Ashley Arndorfer- 2nd Team

2002- Ashley Arndorfer- 1st Team  

2011 - Emily Bell - 1st Team

Girls' Golf

1989- Missy Berte- 6th place

1995- Sarah Thilges- 5th place

1996- Mindy Berte- 5th place

1997- Emily Muller- 9th place

2002- Andrea Schiltz- 4th place

2007- Andrea Richter, Alyssa Gish, Mandy Kohlhaas

2008- Mandy Kolhaas

2009- Mandy Kohlhaas, Kristina Schiltz 

Girls' Track

1993- Renetta Seiler- State Champion

1994- Renetta Seiler- State Champion

1995- Renetta Seiler- State Champion

1999- Angie Froehlich- State Champion  

2007- Macy Fickbomb

2008- Katrina Even 

2010- Erin Reedy, Addison Miller

2011- Erin Reedy, Addison Miller 


1997- Amy Schiltz- 2nd Team

1998- Lisa Boekelman- 1st Team  

2007- Maria Kohlhaas


1998- Katie Vaske- 2nd Team

Baseball Boys' Basketball Boys' Golf
Boys' Track Cross Country Football
Girls' Basketball Girls' Golf Girls' Track
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