Bishop Garrigan Activity Awards  

The BILL HIGGINS MEMORIAL AWARD was established by the Class of 1961 in memory of their classmate Bill Higgins who gave his life for his country in Vietnam.  In setting up this award, the Class of 1961 recalled the qualities of leadership, self-sacrifice, initiative and reliability of Bill Higgins; and desire that the award winner be a football player who has many of the same fine qualities.


The LARRY WEIER SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD goes to the football player who shows excellence in the classroom and on the field.


The DENNIS CRUISE MEMORIAL AWARD is for a senior who participates in football.


The BISHOP GARRIGAN CROSS COUNTRY AWARD recognizes members of the cross country team who were dedicated to the team for four years, worked hard in practice and strove for excellence in running.


The STEVE McCALL BASKETBALL AWARD goes to a senior boy player who excels in four areas: dedication, year-round effort to seek improvement; possession of an excellent attitude with fellow teammates, opposing players and coaches; leadership off and on the court; and sound abilities in the fundamental categories important in the game of basketball.


The RAY DORWEILLER TRACK AWARD goes to the students who practiced and were dedicated to the track team.


The Mason City Globe Gazette presents an annual MIKE BURFORD COURAGE AWARD.  The Burford Award is given to an athlete who has shown courage and dignity when overcoming an injury or sickness.


The Mason City Globe Gazette presents an annual ATHLETE OF THE YEAR to a senior boy and girl.  These athletes must be active in sports all four years and receive athletic honors or recognition, be involved in church and community, and be a credit to his or her family and school.


The OFFICIALS AWARD offers a $100 Scholarship for an outstanding boy and girl who excels in being coachable, who participates in two or more sports.


The G CLUB consists of all students who have earned their letter in any sport.  The coaching staff each year reviews the names of senior club members and selects an outstanding boy and girl athlete as winners of the G CLUB AWARD.


The PRIDE CLUB was presented to Bishop Garrigan High School by the Athletic Department of Algona Community High School over twenty years ago.  This award is to be given to a senior boy and girl who best exemplify the true meaning of the five letters that make up the word PRIDE; Practice, Running, Initiative, Desire, and Enthusiasm.


The OUTSTANDING MALE AND FEMALE ATHLETE AND STUDENT AWARD is made possible by an anonymous donor.  The winners of these awards are to be chosen by the entire Bishop Garrigan staff.  To be chosen for this award, the winners must be senior and outstanding athletes who display leadership and sportsmanship both on and off the athletic field or sport.  They must rank academically in the upper half of their class, participate in at least two sports, and be noted for respect to priests, sisters, teachers, coaches, and fellow students.


The BERNIE SAGGAU AWARD recipient is chosen for academics, citizenship, extracurricular activities, and achievement.  The recipient must achieve academically according to ability, demonstrate behavior and citizenship in a manner of high quality as to bring credit to the student, family, and school.  He or she must have respect for rules, laws, our country and its symbols as well as our constitution.  This recipient should be the kind of person who performs extracurricular activities in an extraordinary manner.


The ARMY RESERVE NATIONAL SCHOLAR/ATHLETE AWARD goes to one male athlete and one female athlete who have excelled in an organized sport during the school year, have demonstrated strong academic performance, and have been involved in community, school, and church activities.


The United States Marine Corps offers a SCHOLASTIC EXCELLENCE AWARD to a student who is an exemplary young citizen, a role model for younger students, and who is recognized for academic achievement and leadership as a high school scholar.


The United States Marine Corps offers a DISTINGUISHED ATHLETE AWARD to a male or female who is an exemplary young citizen and role model for younger students, and best exhibits the personal traits of courage, poise, self-confidence, and leadership.