Bishop Garrigan Virtual Tour

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Middle School

Room 9 - Mrs. Berte Room 10 - Mrs. Nelson
Room 11- Mrs. Kinseth Room 12- Mrs. Plathe
Room 13- Mrs. Foth Room 14- Ms. Seiler
Junior High
Room 15- Mrs. Murphy Room 16- Mrs. Kohlhaas
Mrs. Even Room 17- Mr. Wieland
Central Area
Main Office Principal/ Mrs. Peterson
President/ Mr. Miller Academic Achievement Center/ Mrs. Schiltz
Bussiness Office/ Mrs. Byrkeland Counselor/ Mr. Byrkeland
Speech Therapy/ Mrs. Capesius Resource/ Mrs. Illg
Chapel Library
Hallways Janitor's Room
Restrooms Activity Director's Office
High School
Room 20- Mr. Ahlers Room 21- Mr. Bode
Room 22- Mr. Rosenmeyer Room 23- Mr. Burrow
Room 38- Ms. McCall Room 39A- Mr. Meister
Room 37- Mr. Kohlhaas Room 39B- Mrs. Wichtendahl
Room 35- Mrs. Vaske Room 36- Mrs. Miller
Fine Arts
Room 34- Mrs. Weydert Teacher's Lounge
Room 40- Choir Room 31- Music Offices
Band Room Junior High Choir
South End
Cafeteria Friedmann Auditorium 
Coache's Office Development Office
Boy's Locker Rooms Girl's Locker Rooms
Gym Gym Lobby
South Classroom - Mr. Patterson / Mr. Wadle Board Room
Stage Ice Room
Main Entrance Football Field
Baseball Field Softball Field