Bishop Garrigan Schools A - Z
written by Charles Stillman


A is for the Academic Excellence that one finds at Bishop Garrigan Schools. National and State testing results rank us near the top.


B is for Baseball, Basketball, the BABES program and the Bear Facts. BGS excels when it comes to Baseball.  The team has been a yearly conference and state contender. Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball are two  areas where the Golden Bears excel.  Each year the teams ranks high in the North Central Conference standings.  Boys’ and girls’ basketball is open to students in grades 7-12.  The BABES program is offered  to Seton third graders and is a drug awareness program. The Bear Facts can be found on Saturday mornings on KLGA Radio bringing you up to date happenings at Bishop Garrigan.



C is for the Catholic Faith, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Christian Leadership in Action, and for our Cubbies program. Our Catholic Faith is the cornerstone on which Bishop Garrigan Schools exist.  Our faculty is dedicated to teaching as Jesus did, and our students prepare through religion classes held in grades Pre-K through 12 to follow in Jesus’ footsteps throughout their lives. The Garrigan Concert Band practices throughout the winter months.  Whether it is state solo contest or a live concert, the sounds of excellence can be heard. Members of the Concert Choir entertain at Garrigan throughout the school year.  Not only do we hear them in concert, but members also sing the “Star-Spangled Banner” before football and basketball games, The Cheerleaders at Garrigan take pride in their athletic lifts and precise moves to unite every crowd to support our teams on the field or the court. The Cross Country teams run their hearts out during the fall months of the year.  Over the hills and across the valleys they pace themselves to personal bests and team excellence. The Christian Leadership in Action group puts their faith to action as they carry out the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.  The Cubbies-3, Cubbies-4, Cubbies-5, and Cubbies Den pre-school programs at Seton provide nearly unlimited educational experiences for our youngest Garrigan students.



D is for Drama, Danz, DARTS, and the Dare program. Each year our Drama students perform in plays presented for contest and for the viewing public.  Who knows when we will discover our next Glenn Close or Matt Damon?  Our Danz students perform at home basketball games throughout the winter months. Their exceptional talent has taken them to state and national competitions.  DARTS is the Bishop Garrigan group that supports the drama and fine arts programs at Garrigan.  With their help we have seen new risers and new stage curtains during the passed few years.  The Dare program is offered to the Seton fifth graders and is a drug awareness program presented by Kossuth County law enforcement officials.



E is for the Education Fair held each February at Seton.  Students compete with science, history, speech, math, and computer projects.



F is for Friedman Auditorium, Football, and the Fall Festival. Friedman Auditorium housing the gymnasium and stage is named after Fr. Cecil Friedman, long time past president and special friend of Bishop Garrigan Schools. The Garrigan Football team can be proud of their accomplishments.  This past fall they made it to the quarterfinal round of the Iowa High School State Football Playoffs.  Football is available to students in grades 7-12.The Fall Festival is held each year in October in the Rochleau Center.  This is a Prideclub costume party with proceeds going to school improvements.




G is for Bishop Philip J. Garrigan, Golf, and GALA.Our school was named after Bishop Philip J. Garrigan, the first bishop of the diocese of Sioux City.The boys’ and girls’ Golf teams have truly had a run of excellence in the last few years.  This past spring, the girls’s team not only won the NCC Golf Championship, but they also repeated as four time State Golf Champions.GALA is a major fund-raising affair held in April of each year.  This GALA event is held  in the Friedman Auditorium.




H is for Homecoming, HOSA, and the Home and School Association. Homecoming with all of its many activities happens each fall at Garrigan—a fun-filled week of decorations, floats, queens, and a victory on the football field. HOSA is the professional health occupations organization at Garrigan. The Home and School Association of Seton is a parents group helping at school where needed.  Each year they provide healthy food for the faculty on the evening of parent-teacher conferences.




I is for Intramurals and the Individual. The Intramurals are held during the winter months at Bishop Garrigan.  They provide the student with additional time for sport and recreation.The Individual is the center of Bishop Garrigan Schools as he/she strives to improve spiritually, academically, and physically.


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